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  1. The way her knees lock into her hyperextension is insane. Or maybe it appears that way because her calf muscles are so pronounced? Just an observation, not a criticism.
  2. Total lack of parenting in crucial years (age 13-adult) can really mess a person up 😕
  3. Who are some of today's dancers she trained?
  4. In regards to SAB, it might get a little tricky when it comes hiring new dancers. He's in charge, officially. Yet she's teaching...I can imagine some clash of opinions.
  5. Are there any ballet fans that are also Office fans? This made me chuckle.
  6. This is wonderful news!! I love this team concept💕
  7. Do choreographers have the right to be physically present during performances?
  8. Ok, it must show up differently on mine. Didn't see anybody I recognized scrolling down for a while.
  9. It's interesting to note (from what I've seen last I checked), that not even ONE NYCB dancer has even "liked" Bouder's IG post. If I'm wrong please correct me.
  10. Being the "outspoken feminist" is part of how she chooses to brand/market herself. This was an opportunity to appeal to her fan base who loves her for that. Just my opinion, of course.
  11. I'm don't know a lot about ballet. I thought Friday night was a popular night. I would never have known, along with most ballet goers (guessing) that she had been "demoted". I don't understand what she's trying to accomplish with this article. Seems like an internal matter that should have been handled privately.
  12. Tyrannical? In US companies? Do you have first hand knowledge of this? I'll certainly believe you if you do.
  13. Sad that frustrations have to printed publicly. He sounds like a possessive person. Hope they can get over this hump and drop all of his ballets. No reason they can't do a new version of SB (but that's me being selfish- I didn't enjoy most of his SB).
  14. They weren't portraying humans so it didn't bother me; their mannerisms the whole dance were cat-like.
  15. Tonight- I loved King as Lilac. Bouder was on point(e)... however this being my first time ever seeing SB, her character is total bore. We don't get to know her...Happy girl has a party-falls asleep- wakes up happy, marries stranger. Okey dokey! I guess I'm just not a lover of full length story ballets at NYCB; all of the shorter works by Balanchine I'm in love with.
  16. That's really sad that she wasn't cast for a whole month. Seems like a failure on the part of the interim team.
  17. Please move this link if it doesn't belong on this thread; wasn't sure where to post it: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/02/18/what-went-wrong-at-new-york-city-ballet/amp
  18. Oh I didn't realize she was tall. I'm seeing her dance for the first time on the 15th (courage fairy I think?). Looking forward to it!
  19. If Mira Nadon is as talented as people say...why don't they give her a crack at Aurora? Didn't most of these now 30-somethings dance Aurora in their teens?
  20. Ok, sorry about that. I'll try and find an official source.
  21. Could she come back as a soloist with NYCB?
  22. For the record...I think all of those relationships were "bizarre". He didn't love them in the way we understand love. The master-muse relationship in various art fields has always been a bit bizarre.
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