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  1. They could get away with not having social media self-marketing only because they are a generation behind Copeland; when it wasn't popular/necessary.
  2. Maybe she didn't want to fight it. Who wants to work somewhere when they know they're not wanted (by their employer).
  3. Imagine if they treat Copeland like this when she retires I imagine instead it will be the most spectacular send off in the history of ABT.
  4. Where is this Facebook post people keep referencing? Are you allowed to post the persons name on here?
  5. Buying a "meaningful relationship"? Sounds creepy.
  6. Ok, I'm no expert, so I appreciate everyone sharing their opinions about this, thanks!!
  7. I see discussed here sometimes ballet greats of "the past" and how no one compares anymore. Is it really that there aren't many great artists anymore, or was it the popularity of Balanchines choreography that *made* them great? I hope I'm explaining myself cleary enough. I guess what I'm asking is, will there be up and coming dancers who can be as great as the stars of the 70's and 80's, or do they require an emergence of a brilliant choreographer to make them great?
  8. This makes sense, thanks for the replies.
  9. Hi, I haven't been a ballet fan for a very long time, so I'm wondering: What is the strategy in ABT waiting a decade or more to promote dancers to Pricipal status vs. NYCB promoting within 5 year's or so? Do they think it means more if you have to wait? Aren't the Principal dancers very comparable between these two companies? Thank you for any explanation about this.
  10. I showed my dd Allegra in the 2nd movement before she watched the PBS showing of Symphony in C. She immediately noticed the difference. Allegra had that...something else.
  11. Hi all. I did not grow up knowing what ballet was other than a Nut performance on VHS. The last couple of years, due to my dd dancing, I've become a huge fan. I love this artform. I cry just watching youtube performances. I love buying out of print ballet books (especially fun when they come signed!!). I love the music. I've seen a few live performances but I'm on a limited budget. I've been a long time lurker, here; I love reading what seasoned balletomes have to say about individual dancers. My dream would be to have a time machine and go back to see Gelsey Kirkland live in Romeo and Juliet
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