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  1. Too often, males do not report domestic violence simply because they are male, and can "take it". These new reports sadden me. The whole thing is a mess.
  2. If you have a daughter who's a female ballet student you see Kathryn Morgan's video in a different light. These body conversations are 100% necessary. Never before have ballet students had to grow up with a constant barrage of images and videos on social media of "instafamous" young dancers who showcase everything they're not. If you could hear the chatter in ballet studios..these girls are never happy with themselves. Everything they do is not good enough (to them). Kathryn Morgan is a godsend for these girls.
  3. Interesting to read everyone's reviews; here and elsewhere: https://aballeteducation.com/2020/05/12/abts-together-tonight/
  4. Oops- I see this information was already posted on this thread (Pfizer vaccine) Deleting...
  5. What is Ramasar going to do about this, realistically? I don't think any of these details matter. What she said, what protesters say etc. He doesn't want the attention. If he makes a move it puts the old story back in the news. That's probably why Maxwell made a statement and he remained silent.
  6. I don't think she's making the distinction between revenge and justice. They're one in the same to her. I don't blame her. I would want the same.
  7. I'm so sorry. I have young children. I would be mortified if my kids were acting up and would leave immediately if they were causing a distraction. The worst thing I've done at the Koch is accidentally dropped an empty bottle of soda from the top row and it very loudly toppled down while the person sitting next to be started giggling. It was during a very quiet moment of the ballet and I was so embarrassed.
  8. Her IG: https://instagram.com/alexandra_waterbury?igshid=5qj7habr53r1 She received a positive comment on one of her posts from Natalie Portman! She must be loving that.
  9. She doesn't have to answer for it. She's not required to regulate other people's emotions.
  10. At our local company someone left the performance of The Little Mermaid because they thought it would be a musical based on the Disney movie 🙄. Some people are just completely clueless.
  11. Um, how cute is this human being. I want a leotard and I don't even dance.
  12. Reichlen was perfection when I saw her in Balanchine's Swan Lake. Would love to see her in Martin's to compare.
  13. Yes...and in fact she was quite vocal with several f-bombs in her Instagram story that she was happy he disappeared and lost his job. I didn't sense any forgiveness in her speech.
  14. Does that even mean anything? The 25K? I'm not sure how these online petitions work.
  15. I was thinking the same. Many other grown adults as well; politicians/celebrities, fight via Twitter.
  16. Call it whatever you want, she posted their IG names in her post. I have comments about this on the dedicated thread, so I won't go down this tangent.
  17. I don't think you quite understood what I meant because I probably wasn't clear- she's responding to comments because she wants to defend herself, which indicates to me that she's willing to have this conversation. It's not the same thing as the Copeland situation where minors were called out and didn't have the ability to control what was on Misty's IG. I'm not saying it's a comfortable situation, but I admire her for her bravery in opening herself up to criticism. It was more of an observation that she was choosing to keep comments open; not a judgement. Edit: I also admire Waterbury
  18. It's much easier than changing your number. And I never said it was acceptable.
  19. Maxwell is choosing to allow comments. If she really felt stressed out by the harassment, she has the option to stop it.
  20. Did you watch her latest IG story? She addressed both points you mentioned.
  21. I could just as easily say the same about Maxwell for staying with Amar... But I think both women deserve respect and neither are crazy. I can't pretend to know how I would feel in either of their situations.
  22. Waterbury has Instagram stories talking about Amar posted 4 hours ago.
  23. Which tweets led you to believe that they found it amusing? I'm not on Twitter. The tweet I qouted was from an article.
  24. She posted the girls IG name, along with a re-post of the original text, including 6 other Russian girls IG's, 5/6 which are now "not found". When you re-post, it is not necessary to post the text/names. You can easily just post the picture. It shows up on their end when their name is tagged. Misty knows that. And yet still, after all of the bullying, she doesn't delete the text and names? She could leave her original message and picture and delete their identities. Any reasonable person would do so upon hearing that children are getting death threats. She said this on Twitter: "B
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