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  1. They are, but as an alternative you can show a negative test. I already bought my fall tickets, so I'm glad to see this because I will not be getting the vaccine.
  2. I'm glad they're accepting a negative test and not just vaccine proof. Especially considering it's outside... socially distance...with masks, honestly that's overkill, there's no risk if you're not near anyone outside. But I know this will make people feel better (I'm not one of those people, ha! But I understand not everyone thinks like I do).
  3. Do you think they're going to happen? Do you think the performers will be wearing masks? The audience have to mask up/test before entrance? I'll be honest.. I don't watch performances with masks. I just don't enjoy it. And I have unpopular views on athletes wearing masks, but I have no desire to start a debate about that.
  4. “It’s been like a great reset.” Covid has led to "a reset" in regards to dancers bodies🤔?? How did it do that?
  5. Valcanohunter I enjoyed your analysis until the bit about a dancer showing ribs wishing they would eat cheesecake...it would be no different than saying to an overweight person that they should lay off the cheesecake (we've all agreed as a society a comment like that is "fat shaming" and unacceptable, I would point you to the Jennifer Ringer Sugarplum debacle). Somehow the opposite is acceptable? I thought it was deplorable how people attacked Wendy Whelan when she shared some behind the scenes photos of her in her dressing room. Her ribs were showing, how offensive! But why? Because we as
  6. Hi- parent of a dancer here. We, as parents, are fully aware of what we're doing when we're uploading. Some people choose public on purpose, they want views & comments. SAB by no means requires it. I personally have no desire to have strangers critique my daughter.
  7. How wonderful, congrats to her and her family!
  8. I don't think people are drawn to this because of gender, but simply because it's something "new", and media likes to make a big deal out of "innovation" in art. But really there's nothing special here (any more than any other talented dancer). If males wanted to train their bodies to have lean muscles to look more feminine, they could. But they're busy lifting weights to be able to gracefully lift females over their heads. Can they do both? Maybe...but focusing in on either traditional male or female roles exclusively will only make you better in those roles. Hope I didn't say anyth
  9. Ok thank you hopefully I get an email about this. After I saw her in Mozartiana I was looking forward to seeing her more; I'd love to see her last performance.
  10. Hi- maybe someone can answer this for me. How do I purchase a ticket to Maria Kowroski's farewell performance? It wasn't an option when I purchased a subscription. Will this only be available when single tickets go on sale? Or was it sold out already? Thank you.
  11. Too often, males do not report domestic violence simply because they are male, and can "take it". These new reports sadden me. The whole thing is a mess.
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