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  1. I'm not really sure I understand how a company can monitor health? You need more than just a scale.
  2. The SAB kids were very dissapointed! I wish they could do something in studio to make up for it. They already had the drama of the blackout and now this... Oh well! A memorable summer for sure.
  3. Have they always charged for an online subscription? Maybe that has affected the "clicks".
  4. Just a note that Combs will be at *Festival*Ballet Providence. There is an entirely different school/company with the name Providence Ballet. Both in Providence RI, so the confusion is understandable!
  5. Does anyone else feel like this was a marketing ploy just to sell tickets...never heard of a dancer not showing up for work unless they were deathly ill or injured.
  6. I would refer you to his IG post from Sept. 17, 2018. In his own word he admits he had photos, received photo's (although did not circulate the photos) and in addition, refers to the "messages" between him and Finlay being private.
  7. That's why I'm interested to see if they dance together again.
  8. I found 3 articles referencing his age in past years; he's 37.
  9. He was most often partnered with Mearns, I think? It will be interesting to see if they end up on stage again. As far as I remember I don't believe she has shown him any public support.
  10. Depends on what you choose to care about. Some people seem to put ballet (art, entertainment) as the #1 priority and character #2.
  11. Facebook post from NYCB: "We are happy to announce that Jovani Furlan will join New York City Ballet as a soloist this fall. Originally from Brazil, Jovani comes to us from Miami City Ballet, where he is currently a principal dancer. Please join us in welcoming Jovani to the NYCB family."
  12. Thank you for this additional information fraildove; I appreciate the detailed explanation.
  13. Fraildoves post- her opinion that much of what he says is accurate. You and others disagree. That's ok, it's just interesting to me; the differing opinions.
  14. I'm reading this all with interest yet it's left more confused than ever as far as his teaching being correct or not. If Misty gets rave reviews for improvement in technique when she starts performing again; I'll be apt to believe those who say he teaching is good (but we all agree his presentation is horrible!). He actually says in one of his videos that he sells his DVD's because he can't "go around the world and re-train every single dancer" (paraphrasing). Ego, much?
  15. Ok, I hear what you're saying. The only reason his teaching interests me is because what he said about injuries. It's absolutely true that injuries are on the rise in young people. He really has no credibility though, so I can't make any judgement about his methods, yet. I'm interested to see if Misty improves.
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