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  1. Balletwannabe

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I could be wrong. I thought he said it in a dance video I was watching.. can't recall which one. I wonder why they don't list apprentices on the "dancers" NYCB webpage?
  2. Balletwannabe

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I thought I remembered Martin's saying you could do a max of 2 years as an apprentice.
  3. Did someone already post this? Apologies if it's a duplicate.
  4. Very disturbing. Citing specific ranks and relationships... I feel very bad for the women involved in this mess that might just be finding out now. *Alleged* mess.
  5. I'm curious to hear an explanation of the "culture" at NYCB. Taking into consideration that the 3 men are gone, along with Martins. Is there someone specifically that you (collectively on this thread) want to call out? It takes PEOPLE to create a culture. Are you worried about a ballet master? Donor? (The one in the lawsuit?) Board member(s)? Dancer(s)? Are audience members objectifying/flirting with dancers at donor events? What specifically, is still worrying? I'm 100% on Waterbury's side, yet I don't quite understand, practically, what else NYCB is expected to do here.
  6. Ok I see. So they really have no obligation to promote anybody to fill a qouta... they could save some $ this way, I suppose.
  7. Do they need to promote some men to principal ASAP or can the current soloists just fill in? Wondering how this works with pay- if you can expect soloists to work in a principal role while still paying a soloist wage?
  8. Balletwannabe

    Joy Womack

    Thank you for clarifying that makes a little more sense. She does look very thin.
  9. Balletwannabe

    Joy Womack

    I don't understand her comment about burning out "in 6 months". If she's figured out how her body works, so much so that it's now her "passion" to help other dancers... How would she help other dancers avoid burnout if she's unable to avoid it herself?
  10. I can't stand Clifford's comments on all of Kirkland's YouTube videos. "That's not how it happened- I was there!!". Really? You were in all of her conversations with Balanchine? All of their interactions? Give me a break.
  11. Honestly I wonder if she read the posts here questioning her mental health and this is her response.