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  1. Yes, I know the vast majority are complying. This kind of went down a rabbit trail...back to my original point (opinion), things will get back to "normal" whether or not we get to that 90% vaccine rate. Normal meaning: no mask mandates or having to show vaccine cards. The Covid vaccine being added onto the childhood vax schedule is a given, but even that I consider "normal", new vaccines are added every few years.
  2. Hundreds of patients trusted him, as did I, he was so busy that he couldn't accept new patients. Great guy. Private practice, we all knew he wasn't vaccinated... no one is forced to go to a chiropractor. Didn't accept insurance, so not a situation where you're given a referral and forced to go to someone unvaccinated.
  3. My chiropractor's office is shut down due to the mandate. He's selling his building and moving to New Hampshire where he's able to practice without getting it. Not everyone is complying, there are news stories every day about people quitting their jobs. Although, it goes without saying that not everyone is in such a financial position to be able to resist mandates.
  4. I said adults... (Flu vaccine rate). Millions of adults are not getting it (Covid vax) and nothing is going to change that. And not every state is the same in regards to children. Mine allows for religious exemption. We're never getting to a 90% vaccine rate, which I believe is the number I've been hearing that would make it almost a non-issue. I'm a pretty pessimistic person though, this is just my opinion.
  5. I'm talking about what history has taught us about pandemics...Half of adults don't get the flu vaccine. Can't force people. Again...just looking at the history of pandemics. I'm sticking with the word always.
  6. I doubt the booster will become a requirement to attend, some people got their vaccines later in the summer and 8 months out wouldn't be til Spring. At some point, the pandemic does actually have to end (all the "pre-cautions" cost businesses money). Things always go back to normal eventually, even when viruses continue to circulate (and it will). I expect the 2022-23 season to be normal. We'll see.
  7. Thank you for your kind comments- I write when I get overwhelming thoughts. I'm not sure if it helps at this point, but I've been told by so many people (with various struggles) that's journaling helps, so I'm trying it.
  8. I have an eating disorder. I've been to a treatment center. You could never guess by looking at someone who has an eating disorder (gender, weight, job). It's a debilitating mental illness.
  9. We're just so used to seeing underweight dancers that an average sized one appears, "fat". The confusion and ignorance is understandable.
  10. I neglected to mention Mejia. A highlight of the evening! I think I audibly gasped at his first solo portion, I was so blown away by his jumps.
  11. My first time seeing any of the ballets that were on the program last night. I was surprised at how much I loved La Valse- kept me entertained- but I didn't know the story, so to me it was very exciting and the costumes were gorgeous. I loved how Tiler danced effortlessy- and silently. I love pointe work, and she doesn't make a sound, which I know is extremely difficult. I love the nude look in After the Rain, the aesthetics of the piece were more interesting to me than the actual dancing. Agon...I expected more...energy? Chemistry between the dancers on stage? I don't know... I still enjoyed it and didn't want it to end.
  12. Tiler dancing tonight: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVA9PMiFdpy/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. Hey now, I've never seen After the Rain! Let us newbies enjoy it before suggesting they dump it 😆 I'll be seeing it Thursday (Unity debut I believe?)
  14. Just stick a sandwich in your purse, they're not checking! I'm bringing my own coffee this week. Their coffee is gross, and I can usually drink any black coffee.
  15. My first time seeing Serenade last night and I was sad that I wouldn't be seeing it again anytime soon. It was such a moving piece. I loved the chemistry between Sterling-Bouder-Lecrone. I'm glad they avoided intermission crowds at the bathrooms to have crowds at the bathrooms after the show, lol. Thanks to whomever politely told the person sitting next to me to stop recording the performance with her brightly lit phone. I was too chicken to say anything.
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