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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/st-louis-ballet-dancer-vanishes-car-found-abandoned/story%3fid=59189589
  2. A non-apology apology. Yup, that's a thing. I've gotten them.
  3. I realize it's a turn off that's he's all me me me I did this and that all the time...but that seemed like a great coaching session none the less. Even if he was "only" with NYCB for 7 years; that's still a long time for a ballet dancer. He has coaching value.
  4. The more I read about ABT the more I wonder why any dancer would want to work for them. You dance very little, and only if you're very very lucky will you ever dance a lead role. What is the draw to this company? Don't dancers join companies because they want to, you know, dance!?
  5. The board is delusional based on the qoutes in this article. Wake up...you're broke. Time to switch things up.
  6. Crazy thought...maybe they'll decide in the end to just keep the interim team in place. Why ruin a good thing just because it's not traditional.
  7. Yikes...so he clearly can't run a company. Thanks for this info.
  8. I didn't realize he was that old! He looks good for his age.
  9. I'm curious as to the reasons why he's an obvious no? Obviously he has a huge ego. But so did Balanchine. He thought his choreography was so brilliant (it was, to be fair) that individual dancers shouldn't think of themselves as stars. His choreography was the star. Talk about ego... To be honest...I really liked his idea that he presented in his last videos (ballet to Broadway as a way to bring in more $$).
  10. Do you work for NYCB? I don't know why you would assume it's "likely" the dancers don't care, or that they're overestimating the effect of the lawsuit (do you know how many letters they've received from donors withdrawing support?), unless you work for NYCB.
  11. How do you know they don't know the facts? If Ramasar admitted to the existence of the texts publicly, I would think the dancers would know even more, privately (Sterling H. has said there is more the public doesn't know). With the texts alone however, that's enough to justify any female dancers discomfort.
  12. To be fair though, we have no idea what each NYCB dancer thinks about what was said; they have no choice but to stand there and clap.
  13. They have some updating to do..still lists Martin's, and the State Theater instead of Koch. But maybe that one was on purpose? Ha.
  14. So again about the hotel room...if this is true, NYCB has some 'splainin to do. They should have fired him then. How does destroying a hotel room not violate the code of conduct??
  15. I could be wrong. I thought he said it in a dance video I was watching.. can't recall which one. I wonder why they don't list apprentices on the "dancers" NYCB webpage?
  16. I thought I remembered Martin's saying you could do a max of 2 years as an apprentice.
  17. Very disturbing. Citing specific ranks and relationships... I feel very bad for the women involved in this mess that might just be finding out now. *Alleged* mess.
  18. I'm curious to hear an explanation of the "culture" at NYCB. Taking into consideration that the 3 men are gone, along with Martins. Is there someone specifically that you (collectively on this thread) want to call out? It takes PEOPLE to create a culture. Are you worried about a ballet master? Donor? (The one in the lawsuit?) Board member(s)? Dancer(s)? Are audience members objectifying/flirting with dancers at donor events? What specifically, is still worrying? I'm 100% on Waterbury's side, yet I don't quite understand, practically, what else NYCB is expected to do here.
  19. Ok I see. So they really have no obligation to promote anybody to fill a qouta... they could save some $ this way, I suppose.
  20. Do they need to promote some men to principal ASAP or can the current soloists just fill in? Wondering how this works with pay- if you can expect soloists to work in a principal role while still paying a soloist wage?
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