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Ballet dancers in First Lady's Christmas video

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I am stunned that this was meant seriously. 

On another note: 

It is possible to put rubber onto strategic parts of the soles of the slippers or pointes; even so, it is still not fun dancing on super-slippery floors. 

Perhaps that is what was done for these brave dancers?


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There are several things that I find disturbing:

  • Melania Trump in a floaty white dress with the dancers facing her is, structurally, a Clara substitute.  Which is very Wendy-like.
  • Her facial expression is flat.
  • Her stillness, while it specifically does not distract the camera through motion, is such a contrast to the dancing
  • The dancing is secondary, shot from behind, with her smack in the middle..  Which, given the floors, which limits the dancers, might be a blessing in disguise.

Even the royalty in Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake are not seated centrally, and the kids in Nutcracker are often so far upstage and obscured by the dancers facing forward, that they are easily forgotten, unless the dancers are acknowledging them specifically, like the nod from the Cavalier before his variation that starts upstage.

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5 hours ago, Amy Reusch said:

The theme seems to be snowy white... yet it is Waltz of the Flowers we hear...  i wonder if there was a last minute change in plans...

I think that the people who organize these things for the White House holiday events don't really have much knowledge of the works they are sampling.

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1 hour ago, Amy Reusch said:

I don't know if it is refreshing that Nutcracker could be unfamiliar, or depressing!?

A little of both, depending on how you view the ballet yourself.  For many people, it's "a holiday show" -- more dancey than Christmas Carol, not as churchy as Messiah.

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