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  1. I always thought Nick was a redhead. But here is his Instagram post:
  2. Dreamer

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    Lendorf also got replaced by Gonzalez in Harlequinade in the January 18 performance at SCFTA in Costa Mesa.
  3. I was nowhere near California during those times so I am not a witness to that era. But I envy people who have stories like these to tell. My hastily written unkind comment about LA referred to the orchestra of the time Salonen was Music Director. I had the impression that LA Philharmonic musicians did not really understand how Salonen wanted to interpret music or maybe did not respect him enough and sometimes disregarded his guidance to the point of sloppiness. I don’t think that Salonen was happy and felt fulfilled in that position either.
  4. Dreamer

    SFB 2018 Nutcracker

    He is in Amsterdam conducting Cinderella at Dutch National Ballet. If you scroll the link below to the info on Orchestra it shows that Martin West is one of the conductors for the run. https://www.operaballet.nl/en/ballet/2018-2019/show/cinderella
  5. This is a great choice for MTT replacement. I heard Salonen conduct the Los Angeles Philharmonic (when his was their Music Director), the Philharmonia Orchestra of London and San Francisco Symphony. I sometimes felt that LA did not deserve Salonen—he was too intelligent, refined and mild-mannered. They are now much better off with flamboyant, high-powered Dudamel. While SFS musicians seem to be on the same wave length with Salonen and I could always sense the respect they have for him.
  6. Dreamer

    Simone Messmer

    Froustey joined the company as a Principal so I can see why she would get more roles than Messmer. There was also, probably, a desire on Tomasson’s part to keep Froustey beyond the one year of sabbatical leave she took from POB. Inititally, I wasn’t swept off my feet by Froustey but she keeps getting better with every passing year. Messmer, on the other hand, is no longer a stand-out for me. There is some sort of disengagement in her dancing. But since I rarely get to see her maybe I simply caught her on her “bad” nights.
  7. Dreamer

    Simone Messmer

    I don’t seem to be the only one who heard about it. Quiggin mentioned it in her/his post as well. As I said earlier, I don’t recall all the details of that incident. It may have been that Kochetkova made a comment in private but it didn’t sit well with Messmer who decided to address it in public.
  8. Dreamer

    Simone Messmer

    For Messmer’s sake I hope she is happy at MCB as she seems to hold the same type of grievances against both ABT and SFB. I personally don’t see that working with López she has become much better artistically. But at least she seems to be dancing more. And she is a principal. On the lack of roles and insufficient rehearsals time at ABT (from her 2013 interview to Time Out New York): ”But it’s just not enough for me, and that soloist rank right now is such a difficult and unhappy place to be. We all want more. It’s the hardest place to be in a ballet company. So what do you do? You ask for more and you don’t get it”. ”I think our coaches at ABT put in everything they can, but there are a lot of ballerinas and a lot of guest artists. They’re working from noon to 7pm, every day. They can only do so much with the time they’re given, and I need more of a process than that”. After leaving SFB (from her 2015 interview to Dance Magazine): In leaving ABT, a company in which she felt she had little room to grow, her aim was obvious: more meaty dancing roles. When that didn’t seem to be happening in San Francisco, Messmer told artistic director Helgi Tomasson that the company wasn’t the right fit. According to Messmer, she asked him if he wanted her to remain for the Paris tour, and he told her that he was planning on having her dance Choleric in George Balanchine’s The Four Temperaments. Yet she never got to dance it. “I was never called to a rehearsal,” she says. After the Paris season, she left. “Very quickly.” “But in general I was floating on the ether because I wasn’t a focus of the staff, therefore my rehearsals were almost nonexistent”.
  9. Dreamer

    Simone Messmer

    You are absolutely right, Drew, in your assessment of gender inequality when it comes to such characteristics as a “team player”. But I really meant it in a completely gender neutral way when I chose those words. I believe there was a discussion on this forum around the time Messmer left SFB and links were provided about a dustup between her and Maria Kochetkova that played out in the open either on Twitter or Instagram. I can’t remember it now what the conflict was about and whether I felt inclined taking anyone’s side. But it did struck me as odd that Messmer decided to post her arguments in a public domain. I don’t think that an open conflict between company’s artists reflects well on that company and I would thinks that the Artistic Director is likely to take a note of it. During the recent Balanchine Festival at the NY City Center I got to see how dancers from various companies interacted with their fellow dancers, colleagues or former teachers. I don’t want to assume that their enthusiasm and excitement was always sincere and genuine but I noticed that Simone seemed to keep her distance. I must say, though, that offstage she is a strikingly beautiful woman with feline aloofness. So who knows, maybe it is the way she comports herself.
  10. Dreamer

    Simone Messmer

    I saw Simone Messmer with ABT and SFB on few occasions and loved her. When she left SFB I thought it was a big loss for the company so I started seeking her performances with MCB whenever I could. But every time I saw her perform with MCB I was less than impressed as she did not leave much of a memorable imprint on me like other dancers did (for example, Jeanette Delgado and Nathalia Arja). So maybe there was something Helgi saw in her to be a problem for the company rather than an asset. It was also my understanding that she didn’t get along with other dancers at SFB; she for sure is strong character and an independent mind but not necessarily a team player. Wish her best of luck nonetheless.
  11. Dreamer

    Kathryn Morgan

    I would love to see Kathy joining a company and performing. Her exercise videos on YouTube were so helpful for me in fighting my physical ailments and getting me in a better shape. Best of luck to her.
  12. Dreamer

    Dog at the ballet

    I can see how it can be a disastrous experience for people with allergies being seated next to a dog. I feel for them. Luckily I am not allergic to animal hair or smell but I am extremely sensitive to perfume and alcohol. Recent changes in many venues around the country allowing people to bring their alcoholic beverages inside the auditorium is more than annoying to me. A person reeking of beer can be just as bad a as a smelly dog. Adding to the insult is the proclivity of some folks to shaking their iced drinks every few minutes during the performance. And I will never understand why some patrons feel the need to douse themself with a strong, long lasting, suffocating perfume.
  13. Dreamer

    Bolshoi Ballet Summer 2019 ROH London Residency

    There’s been no plans announced so far but one can always dream, right? Based on the past frequenciy of US appearances the Bolshoi is due to be back in 2020. Should the company make its US tour ut would likely be at the Kennedy Center since the Lincoln Center does not have its summer festivals any longer. Maybe they can also extend the tour to Costa Mesa in Southern California. Segerstrom Center in Costa Mesa planned to bring A Hero of Our Time this past summer but, alas, this plan fell through.
  14. Dreamer

    Bolshoi Ballet Summer 2019 ROH London Residency

    For those of us who cannot make it to London in the middle of summer lets hope to see the Bolshoi during the 2019-2020 season at the Kennedy Center. I wonder what would they bring after Mariinsky's Raymonda, La Bayadere and Le Corsaire. A mixed bill? The Pharaoh's Daughter? Coppelia? Hopefully, no Anna Karenina and no Lady of the Camellias. The Winter's Tale would be a back draw for me.
  15. Dreamer

    Bolshoi Ballet Summer 2019 ROH London Residency

    The dismal ticket sale in Milan could be explained by the fact that in early September Milanese were still enjoying their summer vacation. And yet La Bayadere sold much better than the Shrew. Interesting that the proximity of Monte Carlo to Northern Italy didn’t make Maillot any more popular with Milanese. At each performance there was plenty of folks with free tickets. Students from La Scala school were given tickets in the Orchestra section.