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  1. This is not a small regional company. This is one of the major regional ballet companies. I have not seen it lately but it was normally considered one of the top 8 companies. This is an AGMA contract company. I would perhsps rank American companies as follows: NYCB ABT SFB BB, PNB, PAB, MCB. These three have shifting budget rankings depending on local financial help...BB is doing well right now) Joffrey (used to be same or above SFB), BW, KCB, TBT, HB, OBT, LAB, BA, MB coming in a little lower... Still reasonable contracts... Then there are the smaller regional balle
  2. There is something to be said for dancers knowing Balanchine style as home turf from company class as opposed to trying to pick it up during rehearsals from a regisseur... Will Corella replace the current ballet masters/mistresses with his own people? The current ones have very strong connections having risen through the ranks to principal and then on retirement kept the company tuned to it's repertoire. Pennsylvania ballet has also been cultivating home grown choreographers. It sounds like Corella might continue that (one would certainly hope!). Taking over a company is a different an
  3. He has been generally well liked other places he has worked... more so than is typical... one never knows how a new situation will go but the past history has been good.
  4. Wonderful! May the celebratory dancing begin! (And may whomever else was on the shortlist grace the helm of another company soon.)
  5. Looking forward to the end product!!!
  6. It would be very interesting if Hallberg spent a couple years at the Royal... His POB training is apparent in his dancing... Is there evidence of the Bolshoi influence yet? If he were to turn teacher/ballet master in his later years, he would have an amazing background to draw on...
  7. "a fouetté girl"... Thank you, I have not seen the dancer in question and so have no idea if she qualifies, but this is a very handy expression... Now that you say it, I certainly know the type... and am glad to now have a name for it.
  8. It leaves a gap in the Lifar years... i thought this was the short time that Balanchine was there... It is confusing... In what capacity was Balanchine at the POB? Was it no more than any other choreographer invited to mount a single piece on the POB? Had thought it was a more significant position... I see here http://balanchine.com/george-balanchine/. He was ballet master there for 6 months... But what does that mean? Was that not his official job title at NYCB even though we think of him as artistic director? It seems like we had this discussion once before on ballet alert...
  9. I don't see how learning more of the history and background wouldn't enhance your experience... However, there is a tendency of serious ballet students to be hypersensitve to every technical flaw and miss the larger picture... and I think that might be what your friends are warning you of. In a ballet class so much is focused on error correction that it can train the eye so that these jump out at one. While you might enjoy dancing in ballet class yourself, it might change your impression of what you are seeing... On the other hand, assuming you are starting as an adult, it may even increa
  10. "He repeatedly declares that he knew he was not in the same league as some of his peers, both from America-(Villella)-or abroad-(Vasiliev, Bruhn).". It is hard to evaluate one's own stage presence... His was, at the very least, in the same league...
  11. Good for Platel... for all we know, the Millepied era might be brief... the school should not change direction whichever way the latest breeze blows... I applaud the French for trying to keep alive their style... one of the side effects of the modern global village is that regional influence and development are much diminished. (Sometimes I actually wish choreographers and companies were more isolated!)
  12. NYCB has a tradition of running a lot of rep simultaneously rather than a week of this two weeks of that... But they train for their repertoire and it is more similar perhaps than the breadth of the POB repertoire. Living in the US, it is harder for me to see enough POB on video to have a sense of what repertoire is at risk. Could you give examples? Is it the Lifar work? Lacotte? Is there older rep? (except for the Lacotte Sylphide, isn't the older rep a come-back from Russia?) . Is it the style that is at risk? Wouldn't the school protect that? What is Legitimist?
  13. Miliosr, don't you think his Balanchine repertoire connections were part of his appeal to whomever chose him?
  14. That is unfortunate because back under Lou Conte they were superbly suited to it... The rep seems to be getting performed elsewhere, but it is nice when there is a "home company" for a particular set of dances, and the company certainly performed the rep frequently enough to keep it present in their bodies... The big ballet companies may do adequate performances of it, but it is not the same thing as when a company keeps it in constant performance.
  15. I would like to see a choreographer immersed in the company they are resident in... at least for half the year... Teaching company class regularly, cultivating muse relationships with the artists who bring the ideas to life... Not hampered by administrative or fundraising... But developing a style. This constant flitting here and there from company to company seems like a recipe for superficial. Having a choreographer in longterm residence surely shaped the major companies... What effect did Petipa, Balanchine, Ashton, Tudor, Kylian, Grigorivitch... even Nureyev....have on the companies they
  16. Why on earth are they doing Sinatra Suite in Chicago? Hasn't Hubbard Street done that to death yet? (or has it been out of rep for a while now?)
  17. Thank you! I've seen some black & white footage (and have shot a reconstruction of that piece on several occaisions), but I wasn't expecting her skirt to move quite like that, and the "speaking" was interesting to see as well.
  18. Not the Don Q Ratmansky set on Het Nationale & PNB?
  19. It does sound as if the tickets were snapped up so quickly that the gala was not done at a loss... Weren't the retiring dancers of Tsarist Russia granted "benefit" galas at their retirement, with the house proceeds going into the dancer's pocket?
  20. Super! It is always fascinating to see a teacher as they were in their dancing days!
  21. I asked someone who danced with Jeanne... She said it "certainly looked like Jeanne" but that Jeanne joined ABT in the summer of '65, in which case the filming would have needed to be done earlier... Interestingly, the sidebar in youtube is full of hurricane videos. I would like to attribute that to the turns, but I assume there was a hurricane Camille in '65? [yes, but in 69]
  22. He will be in Hartford, CT for the month of July, directing Hartt's summer intemsive. Perhaps we will hear something.
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