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  1. I love Larissa. It's a shame she left the Mariinsky. Dutch National Ballet gained a gem of a dancer.
  2. Mariinsky casting, when it does come out, is notorious for changing, When I went to London in August 2014 they kept changing the casting until the day of performance, But at a minimum, it would be nice to know what dancers are coming on the tour.
  3. Amour

    Yulia Stepanova

    I must be blind because I scoured the website and did not see Yulia. There was one girl's picture without a name attached but it wasn't Yulia. BTW, to my surprise, David Hallberg is still listed as a principal.
  4. Amour

    David Hallberg

    I agree. My understanding is that David only studied 1 summer at the POB.
  5. Amour

    Yulia Stepanova

    How about her husband, Kamil? Did he join the Bolshoi as well? At this point, a good percentage of Bolshoi dancers are Vaganova trained and fleeing the Mariinsky:(
  6. Amour

    Miko Fogarty

    I couldn't find the section about "whatever happened to" the dancers on the First Position documentary but there was a nice segment on Miko Fogarty on tonight's Newshour. She's joined the Royal Birmingham Ballet. Here's the segment: http://youtu.be/-D3xhTYcBKY.
  7. BTW, I bought 3 Blu-Rays of Ballet 422. Each one was defective and I had to send it back and would get a new one. I could never get a working copy, so I gave up and bought the DVD (which worked, thank God). What's up with Magnolia making such a poor product?
  8. I think you might like the movie better if you saw it on DVD/Blu-Ray because it has a commentary by director Lipes (who still never mentions he's married to Ellen Bar, head of NYCB's media operations) and Justin Peck. It's a pretty interesting commentary and helps make more sense of the movie. Also, the main costume designer, Reid Bartelme (the blond guy with glasses) was a dancer and only recently retired. He apparently met Harriet Jung (the frazzled woman) at FIT. They explain this was Reid's biggest commission as a costume designer but he has done the costumes for several ballets. But he d
  9. Geez! What a gushing piece of crap article. I like Sara but WTH.
  10. Wow, Igor Kolb! It's been ages since I've seen him dance:( He's a true Mariinsky dancer with such gorgeous epaulement and such refinement. But Bravo to all 3 men: Korsuntsev, Kolb and Ivanchenko!!!
  11. The live stream is still up in archived form until June 18.
  12. When I had friends in ABT in the 1980's they brought me to watch performances, not in the wings, but above them, a bit below where the lights are. I'd get my own chair and everything. (There's a wooden platform up there) But, frankly, the view stinks. I'd much rather watch from out front.
  13. What does that even mean? "Curated". I'm confused. I know what a curator does in an art museum, but ballet? I don't get it.
  14. OMG, you have got to be kidding me. Wow, that PR machine Misty has is working triple overtime!P.S. Just looked up the offer on the Smyth website. The offer also includes 2 complimentary drinks. There is a disclaimer that not all performances feature Misty. The offer on the hotel website says nothing about a stage door meeting. Still, what a PR stunt:((
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