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  1. I love Larissa. It's a shame she left the Mariinsky. Dutch National Ballet gained a gem of a dancer.
  2. Fateyev demoted a blond girl who was a corpheé (I think her name is Elena Androsova) back to corps status.
  3. Mariinsky casting, when it does come out, is notorious for changing, When I went to London in August 2014 they kept changing the casting until the day of performance, But at a minimum, it would be nice to know what dancers are coming on the tour.
  4. Yes, it is called a Trios subscription because you have to select at least 3 performances (but can choose many more). They go on sale just after the regular series subscriptions have ended. You still get all the benefits of being a subscriber (free exchanges). This year because I REALLY wanted to see Ferri do R&J, I just decided to subscribe to that series and figure out whether I want to see the other 3 performances in that series later.
  5. There is a sign in the Koch, going from the orchestra to the promenade, saying food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium.
  6. The beginning of the livestream had terrible quality. Very jerky, went off transmission at one point (this was during the showing of a film about Lopatkina). Once they reached the Q&A part transmission was fine.
  7. Yesterday I saw both the matinee and evening (same casts for both) performances of the Balanchine black and white leotard ballets: Concerto Barocco, Monumentum pro Gesualdo, Movements for Piano and Orchestra, Episodes and the 4Ts. I have to say these were all impeccably performed! I think they were danced as well or better than in Balanchine's day. Because I sat in 2 different seats, (first row of First Ring afternoon, row F orchestra evening) they looked slightly different. In the afternoon, the program had seemed like a little too much of the same thing; in the evening, all the differences i
  8. I guess I am an outlier in kind of liking the new ballet night (except for Brandstrup's Jeux). In fact I saw the evening 3 times. I did feel the Thatcher work Polaris was dull and a real waste of Tilet Peck's talents. But Binet's The Blue of Distance was well danced (everyone was a principal except Harrison Ball). And it really showcased Harrison Ball as the outsider in this group. Sporting a new, very blond crew cut, I didn't even recognize him the first time I saw the piece. But boy can he dance! Jumps and turns galore. So good for him. I believe I'm probably alone in liking Troy Schumacher
  9. Amour

    Yulia Stepanova

    I must be blind because I scoured the website and did not see Yulia. There was one girl's picture without a name attached but it wasn't Yulia. BTW, to my surprise, David Hallberg is still listed as a principal.
  10. I don't see Veronika much but IMO Skorik is, at this point, technically stronger (I never thought I'd be saying that) and definitely has a much nicer line. Skorik still needs to build up her confidence, though, and begin to learn how to act. Still her improvement over the past years is remarkable. And because of these things and her training, yes, I think she's probably better than Veronika.
  11. It's a shame. Not that Skorik is bad. Now that she's gained some confidence, she's really improved and I would say she's better than any ABT ballerina except Gillian. Still Osmolkina, Novikova and Kolegova are much stronger, more compelling dancers. It's clear that, for some reason, Fataeyev just hates Vaganova trained dancers. He is doing everything to keep them in the corps (except for Shapran and Batoeva). I'm hoping hard working Ermakov gets promoted soon.
  12. I have the Works and Process pamphlet and I don't believe they are streaming anything this fall/winter season.
  13. I purchased the DVD from Arte France. It's called Les Graines D'Etoiles.
  14. Amour

    David Hallberg

    I agree. My understanding is that David only studied 1 summer at the POB.
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