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  1. Coincidentally, I just saw Jared perform Siegfried in Houston this weekend. I was really disappointed. Yuriko Kajiya seems to have maintained her classical techniques after leaving ABT, but I am not sure about her fiancee.
  2. Texan

    Gomes and ABT

    Whatever the allegation may be, I will always remember Gomes and Vishneva standing together, supporting each other, during curtain call of her farewell night with ABT.
  3. I only see ABT several times per year, and I did not know about Stearns/Veyette in Theme at ABT until I read this post. I just wanted to note here that, after Jared Matthews arrived at Houston Ballet, he was still passed over in Ballo della Regina . Two different artistic directors (McKenzie at ABT and Welch at Houston Ballet) might have a similar view on Matthews in Balanchine. I saw two different casts of Onegin at ABT last week; I wonder whether Matthews would ever be given Onegin if Houston Ballet were to revive it, of if he had stayed with ABT. I know he is becoming a mature dancer, but I am not sure if he would grow out of Lensky-type roles into Onegin-type roles. So far in Houston, he has been passed over for Des Grieux, Prospero, and Oberon. Maybe I am discounting him too much for his boyish good looks.
  4. Charles Louis Yoshiyama was promoted to Principal after Giselle performance on June 11, 2016. Well done and congratulations.
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