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  1. For Jeannie:You once posted on ballet.co about your impressions about the POB school "demonstrations" and you especially liked a girl with black hair who reminded you Margot Fonteyn.Well she has the same initials as her and her name is Mathilde Froustey.She will dance principal roles in New York , in Péchés de jeunesse and Dessins pour six.
  2. Hello Sylvia.I don't agree with you about the ice-dancing.I thought Anissina/Peizerat were by far the best .They made a complete change of image , they broke their image of romantic couple.This program is much more "modern" than what they used to do in the past:the movements , the costumes , etc...Marina changed her hair style.I think this change is due to last year's lost of europe and world champions title when they did their program on Beethoven which was considered too repetitive and not enough innovative. It's not the french judge who gave them 6.0 , it's the azebaidjan judge. I though
  3. Thank you Alexandra but I already checked. Thank you NO7!I'm really stupid!I checked again the website and yes it was all there but I didn't notice it at first.
  4. Does somebody know where I can find the casting of the Mariinsky Theatre for october and november?There is not much on the official website.
  5. Interestingly, I think of "poets" as not being "dark", but "fair" (I actually don't mean skin tone at all here, but something more metaphysical) Like Arthur Rimbaud?
  6. Thank you Jeannie for your report and have a nice trip!Are you going to attend the next Varna , Paris IBC?
  7. Gallica

    David Hallberg

    He is a new corps member.He is blonde , strong classical dancer.He did one year at Studio ABT.Before that , he did one year at POB school , last division , like Marcelo Gomes.It's a very good reference and surely helped him to be hired by ABT.He's probably the next soloist.
  8. . and Clemence var. from the Raymonda, Is it from act 2? I didn't know Susan Alexander was a POB teacher.Does she teach classical or contemporary?I thought all the teachers were french!
  9. QB]Sophie Parcen POB competitor (senior) danced on the first day of Shanghai IBC. She will dance in the Round 2 today evening. She to feel well, the audience is lovely.[/QB] Joseph , do you know what variations she presented?
  10. Than you Jeannie for your always-so-delightful reviews! As Hu Xinxin mentioned in another thread, most of the 107 competitiors at the Shanghai IBC come from the host country. JUNIOR GIRLS: YAO Wei (China, Shanghai) I missed her rnd 1 performances but she is no surprise. Recent gold medalist at the Helsinki IBC. Said to be the hands-down gold-medal choice here...no contest...especially since POB's Aurore Cordellier dropped out of the competition (did not 'show' - neither did POB's sr lady competitor, Sophie Parczen...quelle mystere... ;) ) Well , it seems like it's becoming the LBC(L for
  11. Jeannie , Helen , Hu ? Does anyone have more information? Jeannie , we are all waiting for you! :rolleyes:
  12. Jeannie , where are you? Are you going to review the Shanghai IBC? Your coverage of Varna IBC was a real delight to read! By the way , do you know who participates to the Shanghai IBC? Thank you.
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