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  1. Moderators please feel free to delete this if it is not right for the forum! I'm located in the UK but I was having a look at the dancers page on the NYCB page and noticed Daniela Aldrich is not present on the page. I was wondering if anyone knew what happened as to why she did not progress to corp member? Her name seemed to pop up again and again as doing very well so I was surprised to not see her there. Hopefully she just decided to move in a different direction and it wasn't an injury or the like?
  2. Hello all, I was introduced to ballet on a trip to America the other year and got very much hooked, since then however I have only had youtube and performances on tv to keep me going until now. I have just learnt work will be transferring me to London next year so I can finally go see the royal ballet! My question is this, when I informed some more knowledgeable friends of my plans and the fact that I was planning on looking up more on the history/ techniques etc before I went, my friends told me not to. That I would get much more enjoyment if I keep my knowledge lower so that the little issu
  3. Thank you Diane! Put it down to newbie idiocy of not checking my facts!
  4. Well done to all! Was just looking at the list and spotted this "Hannah Bettes (2nd Year) – Boston Ballet". Would anyone know what the 2nd year bit refers to? I thought the school was just two years?
  5. how is she not a higher grade, she is an amazing dancer(to me anyway), well reviewed , big roles yet no promotion. What am I missing?
  6. So was introduced to ballet last year when I had the opportunity to see the sab showcase while in america- I was struck by how great a couple of the dancers were and was wondering how they did- I could only remember a couple of names and looked them up- meaghan dutton ohara peter walker and angelina generosa - I found that got apprenticeships in the new york city and san francisco ballet but was wondering when it will be announced if they are to become full company members- from what ive been reading it is not a guarantee?
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