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  1. @MadameP you are so fortunate to have seen her in such roles! How wonderful that must have been. This fall I will see Mariinsky perform Jewels in Los Angeles and I hope that Ivanova will be on that tour. I personally think she would be divine as a principal in Emeralds.
  2. Thank you for sharing all of these gems of Ivanova. I especially enjoy her Princess Aurora. Her epaulment, characterization, and supple back are sublime to watch. I was fortunate enough to see the Mariinsky perform La Bayadère at the Kennedy Center a couple of years ago and she completely stood out from the corps in the shades section. She was also one of the pas de quatre dancers in the grand pas. It is a shame she doesn't get the opportunities for larger roles.
  3. Wow! @meunier fan thank you for sharing that stunning video of Joseph! Such a clean, precise, and lovely dancer!
  4. Went to the performance last night and was blown away! My love for The Royal Ballet has been reinvigorated! The casting for this performance was brilliant. IMO Matthew Ball will be the next great English Danseur Noble. He handled that difficult role with aplomb. He never seemed to tire during his many variations and pas de deux. His was very moving and beautifully showed the tragic arc of Crown Prince Rudolf. Sarah Lamb as Baroness Mary Vetsera was so sensual and passionate. Not only is she a beautiful dancer but also a great actress. Laura Morera as Marie Larisch did not disappoint either. Another strong dancer/actress all around. Itziar Mendizabal as the cold Empress Elisabeth was quite dazzling as well. My favorite scene was in Act II at the "notorious tavern". It is so lively and I especially love the variation for Bratfisch who was lively performed by James Hay. His variations were so clean and crisp. The 4 Hungarian Officers were fantastic - Luca Acri, Benjamin Ella, Tomas Mock, and the especially fantastic Marcelino Sambe. I wish I could find the words to express how much I enjoyed this performance - the dancers, the choreography, the lush sets and costumes, and dark brooding score.
  5. Thank you @ksk04 for starting this topic. Tonight I will be at the performance and will report back.
  6. Thank you for the information! This is very exciting news for Los Angeles!
  7. Thank you so much @Drew I'm new to this forum an dstill figuring it out. Appreciate your help!
  8. https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-2019-20-season-announced Manon - Oct 2-Nov 6, 2019 Cross Currents / Monotones II / New Tanowitz - Oct 10-11, 2019 Concerto / Enigma Variations / Raymonda Act III - Oct 22-Dec 20, 2019 The Sleeping Beauty - Nov 7-Jan 16, 2020 Coppélia - Nov 28-Jan 7, 2020 Onegin - Jan 18-Feb 29, 2020 New Marston / New Scarlett - Feb 17 - March 4, 2020 Swan Lake - Mar 5-May 16, 2020 Live Fire Exercise / TBC / Corybantic GamesLive Fire Exercise / TBC / Corybantic GamesThe Dante Project - May 6-June 1, 2020 Tombeaux / Preludes / Symphonic Dances - June 3-13, 2020
  9. Thank you all for such insightful information on this topic. I am appalled and highly disappointed by the actions of Chase Finlay and the other people who took part in this. Please how can I read the entire complaint?
  10. Thank you Helene! Looking forward to seeing Program B. Just got my tickets. I have only seen PNB once when they were touring though DC back in the late 80's/early 90's Fabulous company of dancers!
  11. Thank you so much Drew!!! I'm new here and still trying to figure out how to use the website!
  12. https://www.dancemagazine.com/american-ballet-theatre-promotions-2582402676.html
  13. https://www.ballet.org.uk/blog-detail/promotions-new-dancers-joining-company-2018-19-season/
  14. Hello My Fellow ballet Lovers! I am an ex-dancer, current avid ballet enthusiast, and actress. I look forward to being a part of these interesting discussions.
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