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  1. Like many on BA, I'm sorry that Cornjeo has been out with injury as well. ABT still has him listed in Manon, so maybe he'll be recovered enough to dance next week? I've never seen Mack before and I'm looking forward to seeing him. I'm especially excited about seeing Simkin's Ali. Whether he does the triple saute de basque manège or not, he is always an exceptional Ali.
  2. OMG! Thank you for posting! I have three of his four Ali's, so hopefully he'll attempt it at one of the performances! Can't wait!
  3. JMcN - Thank you so much for all of the background information on this ballet. My husband and I are going to see it on Saturday. After reading your post, I'll be going with a different frame of mind (and reference!). Thanks again for weighing in on this.
  4. Good point. I just read several reviews, and yes, they are positive for the most part. I have to assume Marston was satisfied with ABT's interpretation and dancing. So what's changed?
  5. No, it's 24 hours in advance of the performance you're exchanging.
  6. I'd skip the ballet and save yourself a trip on Amtrak. But since I haven't seen it (yet), I can only go by the awful reviews. I went to DC for a couple of Corsaire's in April, but that was totally worth the trip on Amtrak. Jane Eyre hardly seems worth a big investment in time or money, especially since you can use your Amtrak points another weekend.
  7. Yes, they're subscription tickets which can be exchanged, and quite honestly I'd like to get rid of them. For some reason my husband seems to want to see the ballet, so we'll probably just leave it. It won't be the first ballet we've wasted our time and money on. If he changes his mind, I still have another day to exchange them. But hey, maybe we won't hate it.... I agree!
  8. I'd go with Lane/Cornejo, with my second choice being Boylston/Hallberg. Yes, Cornjeo may be replaced, but Lane should be absolutely gorgeous in the role. If Cornejo is replaced (hopefully not), perhaps a young dancer will be given a debut in the role (Bell would be nice).
  9. Ditto, thanks for everyone's reports. And like ABT Fan, I'm not looking forward to seeing it this weekend either, especially since I could have spent the money on a better ballet.
  10. Not me, I'll take the eight weeks. When they reduce performances to five MET weeks, it’s even more important for ABT not to waste any of the five weeks on mediocre or inferior ballets. But there is no guarantee. I’d like to see them do five weeks of ballet at the MET, and set up an additional season over at the Koch (maybe three weeks in March?) to do full lengths and mixed bills, plus keep the fall season at the Koch. Since Paul Taylor moved their three week season from March to November, it would be a perfect spot for ABT (assuming the Koch hasn’t rented it out already).
  11. IMO, this is a gorgeous ballet, with lots of great dancing. I've seen MacMillan's Manon many times with The Royal Ballet and ABT and have never been able to get enough of it. But like any ballet, it is important to get a good cast as that can make or break a performance. It's is a very dramatic ballet with a bit of comedy as well. The story line is completely different than Romeo and Juliet, however there are some gorgeous lifts reminiscent of MacMillan's lifts in Romeo and Juliet which fit and add to the drama. The final scene leaves me thoroughly drained. Don't miss it.
  12. They are still showing him in Manon, so maybe he'll be well enough to dance by then?
  13. ABT's site has been updated and now shows Cornejo replaced in both Corsaires. Mack replaces him as Conrad on Tuesday night, and Whiteside replaces him on Saturday matinee.
  14. Oh my.....with the exception of Arizona Native's exceptional review, the rest of the reviews don't sound very promising. I only have tickets for one cast, so as of now I'll probably just leave it that way. Hopefully I'll enjoy it.
  15. I agree, Whiteside should be terrific as Rochester. I can't make it tonight, but will try for his next Rochester which I believe is on Thursday. Have fun tonight!
  16. Twyla appeared for bows at the Saturday matinee as well. Loved the Brahms-Haydn and In the Upper Room, but was disappointed with Deuce Coupe. It's not that we didn't enjoy it, but more that we were disappointed in the choice of songs and terrible music quality. She used a few hits, but mostly it was their less popular songs. The dancing was good, and Katherine Williams was terrific as the ballerina doing the classical ballet, but I found it a distraction and felt it just didn't go with the rest of the dancing. Whiteside was an absolute scream in a sped up section of one of their songs.
  17. I'm looking forward to the Boylston/Forster cast in Jane Eyre, but I'm very happy to continue seeing Shevchenko/Whiteside in Swan Lake. They were marvelous together last year. That being said, the AD moves partners around a lot, so you may get your wish.
  18. I think Gorak is fine in the soloist roles at ABT, but I don’t think he’s really a match for NYCB. NYCB currently has an outstanding crop of men from the corps up through principal, so it’s probably unlikely they would hire him on the chance that he’d improve on the two deficiencies you’ve noted. Askegard was a superb partner, and de Luz one of the rare gems who come along every so often. And of course, let’s not forget the great Robert LaFosse. All three dancers were obviously very successful in adapting to Balanchine’s style etc. Gorak is likely to remain a soloist if he stays at ABT. That being said, I hope he continues to thrive and grow wherever he dances, and yes, perhaps San Francisco Ballet might be a good fit should he choose to leave ABT.
  19. Now that you mention it, I don't remember seeing her listed in Corsaire for months. Yes, it's in the old ABT brochure, but that's old.
  20. I think you're leaning in the right direction. Teuscher is a lovely O/O, and they were gorgeous together in Romeo and Juliet last year. I can't wait to see them in Swan Lane this June.
  21. I must have missed this about Justin Peck retiring. When was it announced?
  22. Loved Sunday's performance. Isaacs brought tears to my eyes during her performance. I was so pleased that the audience greeted her with such enthusiasm as she joined the rest of the dancers on stage. It would have been nice if they gave her a bouquet at the end, but she almost seemed shy to take a solo bow. As others have mentioned, her fellow dancers made a huge fuss as could be heard on the other side of the curtain when the house lights came on. I thought Pollack was great opposite Isaacs, but as someone else mentioned above, I kind of preferred the pairing of J. Peck with Isaacs. Wow on Tess in Slaughter! She was positively on fire! Veyette and rest of cast were terrific as well and Applebaum was hilarious. Bouder and Ball were marvelous in Stars and Stripes, and I second fondoffouettes shout out on Hoxha's outstanding performance in S&S and Slaughter! Ulbricht and Pereira were terrific in Tarantella and I found myself becoming almost breathless watching them. I've seen them dance Tarantella together before. Ulbricht is always exciting, and I thought Erica danced even better than usual this time around.
  23. It was six years ago and a different production, but Simkin made his debut as Prince Desire on July 3, 2013 with Sarah Lane as Princess Aurora. That’s one casting I will never forget as I had tickets for the performance, but wound up in the hospital having emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed. I’ve never seen him cast in the role again, but I’d love to see it.
  24. Me too.... And if he doesn't return, will they pull his partner too and replace the pair completely (especially concerned about my Lane performances)......
  25. Oh no! I hope it's not serious! So looking forward to seeing him, especially in the full length ballets.
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