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  1. Yes, it was very funny. He had this huge bowl and just couldn't get enough of the whipped cream!
  2. Anyone still undecided about going to Sarasota Ballet's Program 2 - Saturday performances at the Joyce (with Gomes guesting) had better act fast. Orchestra is sold out for both performances, but there are some Loge tickets (side) still available.
  3. I enjoyed Whipped Cream last year, and again this year. I saw the Simkin and Shayer casts this year. No, the dancing is not exceptional, but there are some nice moments, especially with The Boy and Princess Praline. And the dancing whipped cream at the end of the first act is lovely. The sets are clever, the costumes ingenious, and the ballet itself is fun and adorable. This very light comical ballet was a nice way to close out the MET season. A little girl sitting nearby in a tutu and ballet shoes really seemed to love it. Before the ballet started her dad even walked her over to look at the orchestra. During the performance another little girl screamed out something that sounded like “ I WANT A CANDY CANE!” at which point the audience laughed. The ballet was well received by the audience, which included many children. As I also said about Harlequinade, this may be an introduction to ballet for some of these kids. I’ve had a very busy ABT season (minus the Firebird/Afterite week which I spent that at the Koch). So now for a small break with a smattering of ballet (like Sarasota Ballet next month) before NYCB’s fall season in September!
  4. The only time I saw ABT dance La Sonnambula was a pre-recorded performance on PBS with Baryshnikov and when he was still AD. I don't recall ever seeing ABT dance La Sonnamula in performance. As far as Prodigal Son, Apollo, Mozartiana etc, I would much prefer to watch NYCB where Balanchine is performed with the solid integrity it deserves.
  5. Thanks for the review. I’m looking forward to seeing the same Simkin Whipped Cream cast, as well as Shayer and cast. What a shame that you had such a horrible season at ABT. I'm not sure what set your teeth on edge, but I’ve had a very exciting season attending the full length ballets with multiple casts. However I did skip the Firebird/Afterite performances. What a shame that the eight week spring season has to come to an end. I wish they could perform all year long alternating ballet and opera as is often done in Europe and elsewhere.
  6. I love your detailed review of the the three Don Q's. I was at these performances as well, and agree with everything you wrote!
  7. I had trouble seeing Part dance Swan Lake with anyone other than Gomes, so I do understand. But Whiteside did an excellent job in Swan Lake with Shevchenko this year. You may want to give him another try rather than missing out of on some pretty exciting debuts/performances.
  8. I agree. I saw Whiteside in several ballets this year, and he danced and partnered well, just as he has done in previous years.
  9. I saw four Don Q’s this week (Boylson/Simkin, Shevchenko/Whiteside, Boylston/Simkin, and Lane/Cornejo). All were excellent and well danced. My favorite was Monday night’s performance with Boylston/Simkin, however all of the Kitri’s and Basilio’s were sensational. We had some pretty great supporting casts which have already been mentioned in previous posts. Gabe Shayer was the Lead Gypsy at all four of our performances and he danced brilliantly. It just breaks my heart that he wasn’t promoted to soloist this season. I also wanted to give a particular shout out for Luis Ribagorda who made an impressive Gamache. He was extremely funny, and must have had a ball playing Gamache opposite his wife on Saturday.
  10. I agree with abatt. If it was me, and I was innocent, I would probably get so angry that I would just quit on the spot. And since nothing seems to have come of this, I believe that’s just what happened. Sure, I understand that ABT felt it was necessary to investigate the “allegation”. But what l can’t understand is why they announced it to the world before they knew if the “allegation” was true.
  11. Wonderful news and well deserved. Congrats to all of them. But can this be all of the promotions? In other words, are they releasing the promotions for men in a separate announcement??????? Exactly. Gabe is well overdue for promotion to soloist!
  12. I just got it too. Members and subscribers got advance notice to purchase tickets via mail or fax with the additional information below. Due to expected high ticket demand, seating will be assigned based on availability on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot guarantee seat locations comparable to, or located with, any subscription seats or your usual house seats. We have reserved extra seats to accommodate as many donors as possible. In addition, please note that we will not be able to exchange any tickets into this performance. Offer available by fax and mail order. Tickets $75-$195. The preferred subscriber rate is not applicable for priority orders. Offer non-transferrable and the per ticket facility ($4) and service ($8) fees apply. No refunds or exchanges. Priority tickets for this farewell performance will be mailed in August, separate from any other ticket orders. Program subject to change.
  13. I agree about Lane and her depth as an actor. Like others who stagnated at ABT, Lane was not able to show off her dramatic skills until she performed her first Giselle last year. While they are completely different dancers, I feel the same way about Shevchenko who was also stuck in the same type roles for years. Flower girls etc. cannot even begin to show off the complete artistry of a dancer.
  14. I can't find it anywhere. I had looked at their "Master Calendar" but October was blank except for one unrelated event.
  15. I almost changed my subscription package based on the ballets. Now, I'm glad I left it alone. If they've already changed three ballets, how many others will change. I always map out my additional tickets well in advance. I love most of the ballets anyway, but I almost revolved something very important around the Union Jack dates! Anyway, like everyone on here, I'll keep checking NYCB for updates.
  16. I'm always excited to see IN THE UPPER ROOM, but I can see most of the other ballets danced to perfection across the plaza. I haven't found ABT fall seasons very exciting in a number of years, and this year doesn't appear to be any better. And the last thing I want to see is Afterite.
  17. The performance keeps going round and round in my head. I'm a huge Osipova/Vasiliev fan, and I believe your comparison to them is very accurate.
  18. I second that! I was at the Boylston/Simkin performance last night and it absolutely spectacular! It was perfection in every role. I gave myself a sore throat from screaming so much. Looking forward to Shevchenko /Whiteside tonight!
  19. Welcome to Ballet Alert Amicos, and thank you for your insightful review. I missed Devon’s O/O this year, but I did get to see her debut last year. It is so difficult to choose just one performance from an eight week season, but it sounds like chose carefully and enjoyed the performance.
  20. I agree, and doubt he will ever make it past soloist. I think he shows great promise for character actor roles so sorely needed at ABT. Someone has to fill the shoes of Salstein, Barbee, and Julio Bragado-Young to name a few. I thought Hammoudi was very funny in Harlequinade, and was also a great Tybalt this year. Anyway, I hope he isn't injured.
  21. I just see the Tuesday on the casting sheet.
  22. Me too! And yes, they were magnificent!
  23. Wow that's three Swan Lakes, with two of them two days in a row!
  24. I saw Swan Lake on Tuesday night with Boylston/Simkin, and yesterday afternoon with Shevchenko/Whiteside. Both were SPECTACULAR and the house was packed at both performances. I've seen most of Boylston's Swan Lakes (starting with her debut with Simkin about six years ago) and she just keeps getting better and better. Her Odile has always been terrific, but now her Odette has become so polished, that she is starting to remind me a bit of Ananiashvili. Simkin was exciting as always, and is a perfect match for Bella. His leap at the end always takes my breath away with his amazing height and deep arch of his back. Shevchenko was.....OMG gorgeous! She was brilliant as both Odette and Odile. She had exquisite swan like arms the likes of which I haven’t seen in quite a while, and simply put she was born to dance this role. Whiteside danced well, and did an admirable job of partnering Christine. I'm not sure why some posters on BA feel the need to avoid him so much that they wind up missing out on some pretty spectacular performances. I don't seek him out, but I never let him stand in the way of seeing a particular dancer. IMO, he always partners and dances well. Aran Bell made a terrific debut as Von Rothbart. Yes, Gomes is the real benchmark, but Aran made an incredible impression his first time out. Great acting and strength, and I loved his smug smirk which was performed to perfection.
  25. Thank you so much for all of the information! I am looking forward to seeing The Sarasota Ballet, and also delighted that I will also be seeing Marcelo!
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