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  1. Arghhhhhhhhhhh! I have tickets for Oct 6, and Concerto DSCH was definitely the draw for me on that program. I have never seen so many program changes. Yes, it does happen once in a long while, but not on this scale.
  2. I saw the same cast on Saturday and thought the performance was danced beautifully. My only complaint is the height issue you mentioned. I thought King did a great job as Effie, but it looked odd to have her towering over the two men. And that little heel on her shoes didn't help.
  3. It looks like they meant to say October 3, not October 7.
  4. I haven't seen Harrison Coll cast in anything this season. Has anyone seen him dance?
  5. I love the MET for it's spectacular ambience. But as you say, the Koch is better in so many ways, the most important being the sight lines. I'd hate ABT to leave the MET entirely, but that uninterrupted eight week extravaganza at the MET appears to be out of ABT's hands. We can only hope that they pick up the other three weeks at the Koch, which in my opinion is the next best option.
  6. I agree. And now that Paul Taylor has moved to the Fall, perhaps ABT can take their three week slot at the Koch, take a 2 month break (sounds like NYCB, no?), and then resume at the MET in June for another five weeks. Thank you for posting this! Here I am watching the Koch website for tickets and not even realizing that they moved to the Fall.
  7. I certainly hope that ABT can somehow manage to perform an 8 week season in NY. I'd like to see them start at the MET, and transfer to the Koch for the last three weeks of the season. While the Koch sight lines are significantly better than the MET, the MET's large stage allows them to perform the full lengths without cramming the dancers or staging. That being said the Koch has a big enough stage so that they could still perform some of the full lengths. Of course the Koch has to be available as they do have some guest companies throughout the year.
  8. Ditto. I've been trying to figure out how to squeeze in one decent performance, but it doesn't seem to be working for me either. This is the most lackluster programming I've ever seen. As you say, TG for NYCB.
  9. I would have thought you'd have them by now. I would call the subscription office, and if necessary they can always resend.
  10. OMG! I just saw this topic! As noted, this is a huge blow for the male principals. I was very excited that Ramasar was returning from his stint on Broadway. Fingers crossed that we still see him this coming Winter season.
  11. I'm in total agreement. I used to try to avoid the ballet at ABT, but Sarasota Ballet really did the ballet justice. I can't remember if it's usually done with full orchestra, but I loved it with the piano.
  12. I received my subscription tickets today!
  13. Goodness, she must have been pretty wobbly on opening night if what I saw was an improvement. I found her to be very wobbly Saturday afternoon. No doubt that the balances are difficult, but it did take away from the performance. Everything else was a pure joy to watch.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one still waiting for subscription tickets!
  15. I was also hoping for more when they finished and ran off stage. ABT revived Les Patineurs a while back with a young Angel Corella. Angel really looked as though he was skating on ice with his gorgeous spins. I ran into a couple of friends at the performance yesterday, and one of them also remembered Les Patineurs at ABT. She said that Angel AND Stiefel both danced the role. While it could have been the Joffrey, could it have been ABT that you remember?
  16. Just got back from today’s matinee. It was a wonderful performance, especially Monotones and the third act which included Gomes in the very last pdd. What a joy to see Marcelo. It’s clear that New York audiences miss him!
  17. Thanks for the review! I saw Sarasota Ballet a few years ago, and they were lovely. I'm looking forward to Monotones I and II and the Wheeldon ballet. I only have the other program with pdd for the third act.
  18. This happens every year. Like you, I received my single tickets yesterday, but have still not received my subscription tickets.
  19. Sure, that's true about lackluster casts making or breaking any performance. I was lucky as I had great casts both years they performed the ballet. Ah, I had no idea!
  20. Yes to Bright Stream! Why on earth hasn't ABT brought that ballet back? It's so much fun!
  21. NinaFan

    Kathryn Morgan

    I am so happy to hear that Kathryn has responded well to thyroid treatment and is back to dancing weight! She looks gorgeous in the photo. I was a huge fan when she was at NYCB. Perhaps the interim team or new AD will manage to find a place for at NYCB now that she appears to have her condition and weight under control. Just because she was turned away a few years ago doesn't mean it has to be permanent.
  22. I agree that the scores for Glass Pieces and In the Upper Room are not the same. Like you, I'm a huge fan of both ballets and can never get enough of either of them. The only thing I'd say they have in common is the fantastic energy level which gets increasingly more exciting as the dancing becomes one with the music.
  23. I guess that's really true. I've had the same NYCB subscription for years. I came close to changing our subscription this year as I preferred a different series. In the end, since they could not promise me the same seats I decided exchanging tickets worked best for me. Since programming has already been changed, it's just as well I left things alone. As with ABT, most of our tickets are purchased as single tickets anyway.
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