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  1. Bell/Teuscher R&J - What a spectacular performance! Bell is a natural born Romeo with his boyish good looks, but that is just the icing on the cake. His dancing, emotion and acting were exquisite! I loved him from the moment he walked out on the stage to mess around with his two buddies. He has wonderful chemistry with Devon who was a glorious and very lovely Juliet. Like Bell, Devon shows great emotion in her acting. They were so convincing that I could not stop myself from crying during the last scene which was extremely heartbreaking and beautiful. Gabe Shayer was a superb Mercutio, as were Luis Ribagorda as Benvolio and Hammoudi as Tybalt . The entire supporting cast were really outstanding, which made for an exceptional performance. The audience gave an immediate standing ovation and I was hoarse from screaming by the time we left. The first time I saw Bell was when he guested in an Eglevsky Nutcracker when he was about 13 or 14. He danced a number of different roles, and at the end of the performance they had a Q&A with the dancers. My husband and I were able to move up to the front row for the Q&A. Aran seemed so shy! We knew he was going to become an extraordinary dancer someday, and feel privileged to have attended his first major role at ABT. We’re looking forward to his Von Rothbart next week, but really can’t wait to see him cast in more lead roles! I certainly hope Kevin promotes Aran and Gabe to soloist in the next few weeks. Gabe is way overdue, and Aran has already proven that he needs to be fast tracked.
  2. I’m looking forward to Bell's debut as Romeo tomorrow as well as his Von Rothbart next week. I saw him in both of his Harlequinade roles last week and like many others on BA, I have been watching him as a corps dancer since he was hired. He seems to have a lot of “front row” corps roles this season, and I was hoping that he was being groomed for larger roles. It never occurred to me that he’d get a Romeo. I wish Lendorf had not missed his Romeo along with the entire season, but at least Aran is getting a chance in a principal role. If Aran is anywhere near as good as corps dancer Harrison Coll's debut as Romeo (NYCB), then we've got a real up and comer in Aran.
  3. We only have tickets for Saturday, so it looks like we'll be seeing the "special" program. I agree that it would be nice if Graziano is arranging Ashton divertissements....but who knows.
  4. I saw yesterday’s matinee with Simkin and Brandt. I thought the ballet was very cute with the costumes and acting top notch. As already mentioned, there is not a lot of dancing in the first act, but they made up for it in the second act. The kids were cute, and danced well, but I thought they were used way too much. We came to see ABT professionals, not the school. There were loads of kids and school groups in the audience, so maybe this is a good introduction to ballet. All of the leads were great. Simkin was fabulous, funny, buoyant in his jumps, and he partnered Brandt well. Brandt was adorable, danced exquisitely, and her hops on pointe were terrific. It’s difficult to believe she learned the ballet on such short notice. Hee Seo danced well and Hammoudi was very funny. I would like to see him in some other funny character roles, such as Gamache. I’m looking forward to our second cast of Shayer, Trenary, Shevchenko and Hoven.
  5. Last night was absolutely spectacular. Kimin Kim has amazing spring, height and gorgeous soft landings. Hee Seo was quite lovely and very well suited for the role of Nikiya, and I thought they had very good chemistry. Gillian’s Gamzatti was terrific as always. The Kingdom of the shades was beautiful and the corps did themselves proud. I wasn’t able to stay for the third act, so I don’t know how Gorak did as the Bronze Idol. Did anyone see it?
  6. I would hope that they would let you exchange the ticket. I realize that casting and programs are subject to change, but this was only published a little over a month ago.
  7. NinaFan

    Allison DeBona

    Yes, the series focused quite a bit on their relationship
  8. nysusan and cobweb - I love Union Jack too, and I actually screamed when I saw it on the schedule. I was already planning out some of my ballets for next year, but couldn't find Union Jack on the online schedule. Since I sure it was mid May, I grabbed the hard copy of the schedule, and realized they'd pulled the ballet. I'm sure there are going to be many more people who are equally upset.
  9. I just noticed that Union Jack is no longer listed for Spring 2019! My 2018/2019 subscription book has Union Jack listed for four performances, but NYCB’s website has Tschaikovsky Suite No. 3 replacing all of the Union Jack performances.
  10. Wow, I can't imagine this being viewed as an awful mess, but to each his own. My husband and I loved "Something to Dance About"! This was not meant to be a complete set of numbers from each show, so omissions of favorite scenes was no surprise. We would have loved to have seen more too, but we thoroughly enjoyed what was presented. The dancing was spectacular, and they did Broadway proud with all the quick changes of the beautiful and colorful costumes!
  11. I agree and hope Coll is promoted ASAP. No matter what he's dancing, I can't keep my eyes off him. Also, loved his Romeo!
  12. Arghhhh! I received the e-mail with a "Mother's Day" discount code on Giselle as well! I wish I had waited on my Giselle tickets which were single ticket add ons. To be honest this has pretty much happened to me with NYCB where I am also a subscriber. Last summer, right after ordering a bunch of add on performances, I received a code for BOGO for specific performances, some of which were the ones I had just ordered online.
  13. Perhaps you're right. I just looked at ABT's website, and it does not mention Romeo as being one of his roles.
  14. I agree that Boylston may be more suited for Gamzatti (and which she performs beautifully), but I'd love to see her Nikiya opposite Lendorf's Solor. I just hope we get to see him this season. I find it odd that they removed Lendorf from R&J, but left him in Bayadere, which precedes R&J. Something doesn't make sense.
  15. I agree with everyone about Saturday's matinee being a wonderful performance. The dancing was all first rate from corps to principal roles. Concerto Barocco is one of my favorites, and it was danced superbly by principals and corps. Tess was perfection dancing with precision and musicality to this gorgeous piece of music. And it was no surprise that Ashley Laracey really held her own. Maria Kowroski was born to dance Agon. She was positively breathtaking. Balanchine would have had a field day choreographing for her. She was partnered by T. Angle who looked a little weightier than usual, especially next to the other male dancers. That being said, the performance was terrific. The 4 T's ended the program and was also danced to perfection, by a mixture of principal and corps dancers. I've still got Bach's Double Violin Concerto going through my head.....
  16. You could be right if Copeland's is not selling either. Funny thing is that La Bayadere is one of my favorites. I'd like to see Lendorf's Solor, but I'm waiting on those tickets to see if he is really dancing. I figured there was no way I'd get tickets since Copeland is dancing Gamzatti. Good to know there are plenty of tickets!
  17. I received the e-mail too, so I guess they're not selling tickets as well as they'd expected. LOL on Nikita! I just focused on Seo's name and didn't even notice the typo.
  18. Has anyone heard any rumblings as to who Teuscher's Romeo might be? Originally Lendorf was supposed to be her Romeo, but it's been changed to TBA for a while.
  19. Yes, it was lovely. The entire concert performance was broadcast live on PBS. Just found it on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Live-Lincoln-Center-Hammersteins-Carousel/dp/B01N1RNL6H
  20. Yes, I've seen the comments about Fancy Free on BA. It's a strange thing, but I never thought of the teasing as menacing until I read the comments on BA. I look at it as comic entertainment as opposed to a dramatic representation. I've seen Fancy Free countless times, and usually the audience just laughs. But yes, I certainly understand that someone could take it as threatening, especially if they've encountered bullying and intimidation in their lives. Enjoy the show!
  21. I saw Carousel yesterday and loved it! The place was packed, and the audience gave a standing ovation. Joshua Henry was absolutely brilliant as Billy Bigelow. It was a real kick to see Ramasar as a tough guy, plus it was fun to see him in a different style of theater. He danced marvelously and was a splendid Jigger. Pollack was a lovey Louise, and Salstein was terrific as he sang and danced his way through the performance. We got to see quite a bit of him. I hope that’s not the last time we see him, as he is no longer on ABT’s roster. Renee Fleming was a particular treat with that gorgeous voice. I also thought Justin Peck did a wonderful job with the choreography. Oh, and being a SYTYCD nut, I happened to spot a winner from a couple of seasons ago dancing in the corps. I’m not saying that I enjoy seeing abusive behavior of any type, but I am not sure why people are talking about the #metoo movement with respect to the show and how it should be changed. Why is it okay to show abusive behavior in a film, but not in other forms of entertainment? At the end of the day, this was how the play was originally written by Oscar Hammerstein. Yes, a different place and a different time, but an essential part of the story showing that the Billy Bigelow character was a deeply flawed individual which was portrayed superbly by Joshua Henry. The hitting of Julie was implied, and not actually seen (although we did see him almost strike her). His striking of Louise was a slap on the hand which drew gasps from the audience. I recommend this show to anyone who loves musical theater and dance. Also, seeing three ballet dancers who I happen to admire (especially Ramasar) was the icing on the cake.
  22. eduardo - I agree, the corps in the second act should be gorgeous as will Cornejo and Abrera. And as angelica says, maybe Copeland will surprise us all. It's wonderful that you are even able to fit a performance into your work schedule. Oh, and remember to watch those gorgeous chandeliers as they rise to the top right before the performance. The first time I saw it I was in awe. Have a great time!
  23. I guess I am in the minority here, but I would attend Boylston’s Giselle. In my opinion, Boylston is a far stronger and superior dancer with an incredible jump. I agree that seeing Cornejo would be the high point of the Copeland Giselle performance. However a Giselle who can’t do the choreography can ruin the entire performance, while an inferior Albrecht may only ruin half the performance. Whiteside may not project the emotion needed for the role, but he can dance. That being said, I am seeing a number of performances where I dislike half of my cast, but I’m in NY and I am able to see additional performances to make up for it. Whichever you see, I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing your first MET performance. Have great time!
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