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  1. Agreed I've never attended a performance where a dancer was sick before the performance and chose which sections to dance. They withdraw completely.
  2. They gave her a shot at SL two years ago and she was positively gorgeous. Why she hasn't been cast again is an absolute mystery.
  3. I imagine it's difficult when things go awry since it's all happening so quickly. Here's hoping Seo and LaMarche gets this resolved before her next performance. By the way, thank you for your detailed review of last night.
  4. I would find it strange if the conductor did not work with Seo prior to her performance. I've attended many rehearsals where the conductor works with the ballerina to get the timing just right. Some want slower, some want faster.... I wasn't at her performance, but it sounds like she had an off night, even with an awkwardly timed bow. Is it possible that she planned to do the fouettes at a different speed, but wasn't able to manage them in performance?
  5. I saw Shevchenko/Whiteside's Swan Lake last year and Whiteside was wonderful, plus they have great chemistry. Have fun tonight. I can't wait!
  6. canbelto - I attend NYCB frequently, as well as the Joyce, but I think I've only seen her at ABT performances. She stands out as she is just as gorgeous as when she was dancing with ABT.
  7. CTballetfan and Canbelto - So that makes at least three Manon's for Irina. Speaking of Simkin, I hope he is well enough to dance on Thursday. ABT still has him listed.......
  8. I saw yesterday’s matinee with Boylston/Hallberg. I thought Bolyston was positively stunning as Manon. Her dancing and portrayal were superb. Hallberg is still a terrific partner, but his solos were not especially exciting, nor was there much elevation. I found Cornjeo far better, even coming off his injury. As we know, Hallberg is just not the same dancer since being sidelined some years ago. That being said, he still partnered Boylston beautifully. As some others have mentioned on BA, he had some peculiar facial expressions throughout the performance. I really loved Hoven yesterday. While he was good in his debut Tuesday night, yesterday was even better. He has definitely become more comfortable in the role. Shevchenkco was priceless as Lescaut’s mistress, and a particular shout out to Hammoudi who was marvelous as Monsieur GM! The audience gave an immediate, and well deserved standing ovation. As an aside, Irina Dvorovenko was at the performance yesterday. Next on to my three Swan Lakes!
  9. Totally agree on both counts! Shevchenko is by far the best O/O, and I would love to see Lane given another chance. That being said, I am still seeing three SL's.
  10. I thought Lane was gorgeous as Manon on Tuesday night, and Cornejo made for a superb Des Grieux. Lane was absolutely stunning and she hit every dramatic nuance and gesture. By the last scene I was totally exhausted and my heart was breaking for them both. The audience went absolutely wild which was well deserved.
  11. As we all know, sometimes one dancer brings out the best in another. IMO Bell brings out the best in Teuscher. But that's my opinion of course.
  12. I have the same three SL casts. Based on their chemistry in R&J, I think Bell is going to be a great Siegfried for Teuscher.
  13. I thought the same thing. I can't make any sense of it since the program information is so nebulous. My guess is that the Joyce wasn't provided with very much information. I've noticed that they sometimes add information details as received.
  14. Can't wait for Shevchenko's Swan Lake. Last year was incredible, but if she can beat that, then more power to her. And yes, I think she should have two O/O performances.
  15. Sleeping Beauty change - I just noticed that a few performances have Craig Salstein listed as Carabosse!
  16. And here's the thing.... Just three days ago they posted the casting for the last two weeks which included Simkin in Swan Lake. They could have just as easily put TBA. I wonder if there is any chance that he'll be well enough to perform.
  17. Soooo upset about Simkin........
  18. I saw both casts and thought Scott and Shayer both came across as men. The drama seemed the same to me either way, however, I found Shayer's dancing much more exciting.
  19. I hope so! Fingers crossed for both of them!
  20. I don't remember him being replaced for injury either, just reshuffling by ABT. I'm thinking about trading in my Saturday night Corsaire for another Manon. Guess I'll make my mind up in a couple of hours....
  21. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Loved Loved Loved Tuesday night’s performance! Simkin was so amazing that I could not contain myself. Looking forward to his Ali again tonight and Saturday night, with Shevchenko and Shayer plus Bell’s debut as Lankendem.
  23. fondoffouettes - Thanks for this too!
  24. ABT typically revives a ballet for two years, so hopefully he'll make his debut next Tuesday and then get to see him as des Grieux again next year.
  25. NinaFan

    Maria Kochetkova

    Very funny! Looking forward to seeing her next month.
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