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  1. There is always NYCB which is doing Midsummer Night's Dream this spring and next spring. I've always loved their version.
  2. NY gives you the added advantage of seeing an additional ballet either before or after this new Ratmansky piece. But we'll have to wait until October/November for the detailed MET schedule.
  3. Yay! The last time I checked the website was yesterday, and he still wasn't listed! Welcome to Ballet Alert NYCgirl!
  4. I love Khachaturian! Looking forward to it's run in NY next year.
  5. Megan Fairchild has made it clear on social media (see link below) how painful it was to dance with her ex-husband. The point I am trying to make is that there are dancers who have difficulties/issues dancing with certain partners. With the exception of two “anonymous” women cited in the NYTimes, I am hoping that Ramasar is welcomed back with open arms. I honestly don’t believe that anyone is actually in fear of him. If so, I hope his “counseling” alleviates anyone’s concerns. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPtYeRQBUqp/?hl=en&taken-by=mfairchild17
  6. I think Catazaro did what is right for him. And for selfish reasons, I'm glad Ramasar chose to return to NYCB.
  7. I hope you're wrong. If so, the union accomplished nothing.
  8. I disagree. I can't imagine that they would have even considered reinstating him.
  9. WOW! I am so excited to hear that Ramasar will be returning to NYCB!
  10. I saw the Friday night and Saturday matinee performances. I’ll try not to repeat too much of what everyone else has been saying. While I enjoyed both performances , Friday night was the absolute highlight for me. It was my first time seeing Khoreva and she blew me away as Medora. Zverev was wonderful as Conrad, and as most have noted on here, Batoeva made for a gorgeous Gulnare. Needless to say, Kim's Ali was breathtaking. Not only does he get incredible height and hang time, but he has such beautiful and soft landings. They made a replacement announcement at the start of the performance, so I’m not sure who I saw as Lankedem. Saturday matinee was just as energetic with Chebykina as a lovely Medora, Parish made for a fine Conrad, as did Askerov’s Ali and Stepin’s Lankedem. And kudos to the rest of the cast and corps on both days. What a fun visit to DC!
  11. Congrats to Morgan! I loved her when she was with NYCB. MCB is lucky to have her!
  12. I just got into the casting the usual way (via KC main page), so any issues they were having are hopefully resolved.
  13. I noticed that Harrison Coll has been replaced all week and I'm hoping that he's not injured. Does anyone know why he's been out?
  14. I agree. Casting changes are made all the time, and this change was made before the announcement to the public. Martins has a history of casting those who more closely resemble the characters they're portraying. Is it such a surprise that he chose a younger looking set of dancers as he so often did with Romeo and Juliet? Ashley hasn't had the role pulled from her, nor was she asked to do a character role. She's still dancing Aurora. If you dance long enough, your roles change, and others move into your sought-after position. That’s ballet.
  15. What everyone seems to forgot is that the only reason NYCB has these full length/blockbuster/cash cow ballets is BECAUSE of Peter Martins. They do fill the house which brings in money. And from what I've read on here, these productions do not stop BA'ers from attending in order to see multiple casts. It is no different than most of us complaining about ABT's current Swan Lake, but still attending multiple times. So yes, new productions are always welcome, but I still enjoy the ones currently in rep. Anyway, that's my two cents.
  16. FauxPas - Thank you for your detailed review. I am so disappointed to hear that Maria is not dancing on Saturday as I already ordered tickets. I'm not sure if I'll bother to go after reading your description of a very lumbered pdd, and only partnering work for Amar. I can't make it Thursday or Friday. The press release I read said Amar and Maria were dancing together for this engagement. I assumed it was a short piece, but it was worth it to see them together again. False advertising not to have said that it was only some performances. I did wonder how Maria could be there all week, but I never checked the NYCB casting. At least I'll be seeing her next week at NYCB. It sounds like there are two intermissions with one right before Amar's pdd with Wiles? Thanks.
  17. Ditto on Khoreva, plus I added on a Tereshkina performance. I'm also very excited about seeing Kim's Ali!
  18. I hope he's okay. I saw him in rehearsal of "In the Night" last week Friday and he seemed just fine. But then it's not a full length ballet, and there were lots of the usual rehearsal breaks/pauses, so plenty of time for him to catch his breath.
  19. Very excited to see Sleeping Beauty with Lovette, and Gordon in his Prince Desire debut tomorrow!
  20. I've been wondering the same thing. I haven't seen him all season.
  21. I agree. While there are some performances important to me, it's personal preference, not star power like Bolle or Osipova.
  22. I can't access it either. The choose-3 link is still on ABT's site, but keeps taking me round in circles. I don't even see it on the MET ABT site. Perhaps the the choose-3 start at noon today?
  23. CTballetfan is correct about "early access to additional tickets". After you have purchased your create your own series, you can order additional single tickets online. You can do it right away and do not have to wait until tickets go on sale to the general public. Unfortunately you do not get to choose your seat. If you are planning to order them right away, you might do better to make it part of your create your own series. But if you are planning on waiting a bit for casting changes, it is a great benefit. I have a standard subscription, which allows me the same benefit, and have already ordered additional tickets. While I enjoy choosing my own seats, it helps in getting tickets to popular performances. I'm guessing that's how Osipova/Hallberg Giselle sold out so quickly last year.
  24. I was hoping that Bell would be doing Conrad TBAs.
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