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  1. Hippolyta - Thank you so much for the detailed reviews from Wolf Trap! Loved reading your posts.
  2. That's right, I had forgotten. On to some of the other dream casts....
  3. Yes, that makes sense. My guess is that they danced together at the MET. My brain was working on fall seasons....
  4. Yes, I loved Redhead! Aside from gobbling up the stage with his presence, he gobbles it up with his jumps. I literally thought he was going to run out of stage a few times. I also enjoyed Marcin Kupinski as James, as well as his second act divertissements (The playbill said he's originally from Poland).
  5. Are you sure that it wasn't Reyes/Corella? Or another possibility Herrera? Not that I doubt your memories, but I don't remember Vishneva dancing at any of ABT's Fall seasons. But someone please correct me if I'm wrong about any of this. Guess I could start going through my playbills but it's not worth it.....
  6. NinaFan

    Kathryn Morgan

    But Lopez did! That's good enough for me! Quote from CNN article link above- "I don't want to say she got her talent back, because I don't think she ever lost it," Lopez said. I'm with Josette on this one. I can't wait to see this beautiful ballerina dance again.
  7. Thanks for posting canbelto. I always enjoyed Faye's dancing, and am so pleased to read her reviews. I agree with everyone that it was excellently written and very insightful. I found it particularly interesting to be "seeing" ABT's ballets through the eyes of a City Ballet dancer.
  8. So happy for Bell and Ahn. I was secretly hoping that Bell would be promoted directly to principal. Soloist is a time to prove yourself worthy of principal roles, and he has already more than done that. With that in mind, perhaps he'll just have to wait six months for principal? Anyway...just thinking out loud.
  9. I hope Bell doesn't run out of steam dancing Sleeping Beauty tonight and then again tomorrow's matinee. Fingers crossed that he still makes it to Saturday as that's his only performance I can make this week.
  10. The Joyce has much more specific information than the article. See below: Program A: Tues, Aug 6 – Fri, Aug 9 Program B: Sat, Aug 10 – Sun, Aug 11 Program C: Tues, Aug 13 – Thurs, Aug 15 Program D: Fri, Aug 16 – Sun, Aug 18 Program A – August 6-9 Curated by Kevin O’Hare Featuring: Artists of The Royal Ballet Lauren Cuthbertson, Nicol Edmonds, Sarah Lamb, Romany Pajdak, Calvin Richardson, Marcelino Sambé, Joseph Sissens, Beatriz Stix-Brunell and Edward Watson Works by Frederick Ashton, Kenneth MacMillan, Wayne McGregor, Christopher Wheeldon, Liam Scarlett, Calvin Richardson, Charlotte Edmonds Program B – August 10-11 Curated by Lauren Cuthbertson Featuring: Artists of The Royal Ballet Lauren Cuthbertson, Nicol Edmonds, and Marcelino Sambé Artists of the National Ballet of Canada Skylar Campbell, Hannah Fischer, Spencer Hack, and Xiao Nan Yu Artists of the American Ballet Theatre Aran Bell and Devon Teuscher Two Sides by Juliano Nunes New Work by Stina Quagebeur New Work by Gemma Bond Darl by Jonathan Watkins Dialogue Dances by Robert Binet Program C – August 13-15 Curated by Jean-Marc Puissant Featuring: Artists of The Royal Ballet Sarah Lamb, Romany Pajdak, Calvin Richardson, Marcelino Sambé, Joseph Sissens, and Beatriz Stix-Brunell Artists of American Ballet Theatre Zimmi Coker, Thomas Forster, Anabel Katsnelson, Betsy McBride, Courtney Shealy, Cassandra Trenary, and Stephanie Williams Special Guests: Joseph Gordon (New York City Ballet) David Hallberg (American Ballet Theatre) Erez Milatin (New York Theatre Ballet) Then and Again by Gemma Bond Song of a Wayfarer by Maurice Bejart Elite Syncopations divertissement by Kenneth MacMillan Program D – August 16-18 Curated by Edward Watson Featuring: Artists of The Royal Ballet Edward Watson and Sarah Lamb; Special Guests: Robert Fairchild (formerly of New York City Ballet) Maria Kowroski (New York City Ballet) 3 with D by Javier de Frutos New Work by Mauro Bigonzetti New Work by Laila Diallo TBD Solo Cristaux by Arthur Pita
  11. Just noticed that Whiteside has been replaced by Bell tonight. So tonight is his debut, and he has a total of three SB performances. I hope Whiteside is okay. He's still listed for his other SB.
  12. I agree. He is quite amazing for his age. He was gorgeous as Romeo last year, and he just keeps getting better. Looking forward to his Sleeping Beauty. As far as Shevchenko, Wow! And to think, we could have been seeing these gorgeous performances with her instead of a her being wasted as a flower girl year after year.... I also loved Boylston/Simkin's SL, and was so happy to see him back on the stage!
  13. Looks like they made more changes to the casting. I haven't checked anything else, but I see that Vasiliev is no longer listed for Spartacus.
  14. IMO Whiteside was an ideal and handsome prince. He partnered beautifully and danced his solos with clarity and finesse.
  15. I found him lacking in Manon as well. He just isn't the dancer he was pre-injury. That being said, he's still a wonderful and caring partner.
  16. Spectacular in every way! Just coming off three days of Swan Lakes (Shevchenko/Whiteside, Teuscher/Bell and Boylston/Simkin), and trying to catch up on non ballet related stuff, so I'm keeping this short and sweet. Boylston and Simkin have a wonderful rapport, and they performed Swan Lake ballet beautifully. I've seen all of their Swan Lakes over the years, and they continue to outdo themselves. Boylston is a very strong dancer, and both her Odette and Odile were stunning as were her thrilling fouettes. You'd never have known Simkin was coming off an injury as he danced exquisitely. I was so happy to see him back after his injury. BTW- Hammoudi was out again, this time with Sebastian subbing for his Von Rothbart (Royal subbed on Tuesday night). Sebastian appears to be getting more comfortable with the role. It was a gorgeous performance by the leads and supporting cast.
  17. Yes. I've turned in seats for sold out performances which then re-appear on the seat map.
  18. Let's hope not. But you have to wonder why ABT would expose so many dancers and stagehands to the flu when all they had to do was have Lane dance the entire ballet.
  19. Whether they speak up or not, it's selfish to put your fellow dancers in jeopardy. The flu is contagious and the last thing Cornejo needs is to get sick after coming back from injury.
  20. NinaFan

    Maria Kochetkova

    Thank you for posting!
  21. No one wants it, but it happens to dancers, opera singers etc. who withdraw from performances more than the norm. Vishneva seemed to cancel a lot, but I would have been upset if she chose to dance half a performance. Just like opera goers who would have been upset if Pavarotti sang half of an opera.
  22. Guess I'm confused by the point you are making.
  23. That's right...it was Kochetkova! I had forgotten that!
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