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Mathilde Froustey


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SFB does not have a Fall season.

What's to stop Millepied from allowing Froustey to guest with POB? The new era has begun and there is certainly some excitement around the coming 'changes'.

Interesting that it would be "Theme and Variations" which SFB will dance later in their 2016 season - I don't know that she has danced Themes before, and hasn't been trained yet for the lead roles.

What's it all mean? Not much, yet. ;)

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Available today, Feb. 2 online: Mathilde Froustey, Étoile Vagabonde


(Produced for French TV. I'm not sure how long this program will be available online...)

It's a great little documentary, and includes interview shots of Helgi Tomasson, and a fun segment in the Mission District of San Francisco. And, as this segment is French-centric, we are treated to footage of Muriel Maffre, Sofiane Sylve and Pascal Molat coaching Froustey (dancing with Tiit Helimets and Carlo Di Lano).

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Thanks, pherank, for posting this. Having lived in San Francisco this also brings back many nice memories. In this documentary she walks down to the ocean, she says, to be with her roots. I recall Simone Messmer, when she was with the company, saying that she enjoyed the same sort of thing.

There's about 15 seconds at 16:10 where she dances 'ballerina free style with nature' along the beach. I love this kind of dance and wish that there was much more of it.

She seems lovely and shows some beautiful artistic qualities in this documentary that I hope to see on stage some day.

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Thanks, pherank, for posting this. Having lived in San Francisco this also brings back many nice memories. In this documentary she walks down to the ocean, she says, to be with her roots.

Yes, if you've lived in SF and the Bay Area it is always fun to see shots of the city neighborhoods and coastline. Froustey is from the Vieux Boucau-les-Bains area of France, which is fairly similar looking to the Northern Cal coast. Once an ocean person, always an ocean person.

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Once an ocean person, always an ocean person.

Thanks again, pherank. I was just about to watch some Disney teenage surf movies (with some darn good dancing) that I love. I now live in Palm Springs, the beach without an ocean, but I can still dream.

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This is fun to see, thanks for the link! Unfortunately, I do not understand any French besides "ballet-ish", but ohe can get the gist - I think.

And, I agree, having once-upon-a-time lived in the SF-Bay Area, it is really cool to see the various signts again .... and the OCEAN!


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[i fixed the video link - sorry about that]

Her control, fluidity, quick and precise footwork, and those liquid arms, it's all quite impressive - especially for someone feeling sick with nerves. Obviously the judges were not looking for those things. ;)

The Manon solo is challenging for the way that it weaves together both brusque movements and languid, coquettish and proud. I think she chose well, even if it didn't achieve the desired result with the judges.

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I checked online and learned that no female dancer was promoted from sujet to premiere danseuse that year, which I believe means that no one dancer got a majority of points from the judges to be promoted. Two of the other female sujets that year who were competing, Laura Hecquet and Alice Renavand, were later promoted to premiere danseuse in other concours and then named etoiles.

There is so much talent and accomplishment among the dancers at POB.

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Blogger interview with Froustey on the Huffington Post:


'She [brigitte Lefèvre] proposed that if I danced less, then I might be promoted. I said - ‘No.’ I did Carmen for my last contest. I didn’t even get ranked! The first in the rank is the one who gets promoted - and I wasn’t even good enough to be ranked! That didn’t make sense to me, because two days later I was dancing Kitri in Don Q. The other people who got ranked were in the corps. ‘Wait! You give me a principal role and yet I’m not good enough to be ranked even fifth, sixth or seventh?’ It just didn’t make sense anymore.”'

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After SFB's short tour to Iceland, Mathilde Froustey and Carlo Di Lanno have gone off to Hanoi, Vietnam, to take part in the "Paris Ballet" gala (with Agnes Letestu headlining).

Here's a nice video short from their Don Quichotte PDD.

I think Mathilde and Carlo also danced a Casse-Noisette (Nutcracker) PDD, and possibly were one of the couples in Robbin's In the Night. As usual, Mathilde posted some great photographs from Vietnam on her Instagram page.



After traveling from SF to Iceland, and then to Vietnam, I have to think she is really tired. My body could not switch time zones like that without imploding. ;)

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Some unfortunate news:
While attempting to travel to the Dominican Republic with Tit Helimets to dance in a gala, Mathilde reported online that she suffered a seizure (and whether she has ever experienced these before I don't know). She appears to have been injured as well, as she has a scary looking gash across her hairline. I won't point to the images she posted. It is of course unclear right now what this all means for the upcoming season. I'm sure she would appreciate hearing from well-wishers:


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