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Mathilde Froustey


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On 11/4/2016 at 5:22 PM, pherank said:

Some unfortunate news:
While attempting to travel to the Dominican Republic with Tit Helimets to dance in a gala, Mathilde reported online that she suffered a seizure (and whether she has ever experienced these before I don't know). She appears to have been injured as well, as she has a scary looking gash across her hairline. I won't point to the images she posted. It is of course unclear right now what this all means for the upcoming season. I'm sure she would appreciate hearing from well-wishers:



Best wishes of speedy recovery to Mathilde.  The photos she posted to her instagram account look scary but I hope it is not as bad as it looks.

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Mathilde showing that she is still in good shape, after her health scare:



Here's a link to her much repeated story - this is from the Huffington Post site - but I think it is an inspiring story for many dancers who feel stuck, and unable to move up the promotion ladder:


A Profile of Mathilde Froustey, Principal Dancer With San Francisco Ballet



"After fifteen years, having somebody going, ‘No, you have to change this, you have to change that’ - and to then hear, ‘Just be yourself.’ Oh! OK. Really? It was like opening a door. I discovered that Ballet is really joyful."


"Yes, I was shaking a little bit before my first entrance in Swan Lake. But I was excited to dance - because of Helgi, the atmosphere, my work with the ballet master, my partners. And I know the corps is reacting to everything I do. My first solo would set the mood for the whole night. If I was really energetic, if I’m relating to everyone around me - they will all be with me for the next two-and-a-half hours. You have this as a principal dancer, to take-in the people around you onstage and create a great show.”

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Short "documentary" video with Froustey by The Hive Studios


The video deals partly with the physical struggles of ballet and recovery from injury.

"This intimate portrait invites you into the life of ballerina Mathilde Froustey at the peak of her career. Not in the midst of a successful season, but a serious foot injury that has forced her off stage. She must overcome the expectation that she is finished, and focus simply on daily grind of patience and recovery. Created as a passion project."

[The trainer shown is Jaime Diaz former dancer with Boston Ballet, Ballet Nacional De Cuba and UBA personal trainer at The Garage SF. Teacher at San Francisco Ballet School.]


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