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  1. Do we know if she's resigned or it's a congé sans solde ? In any case, she has to look out for herself, though I'm sad to see her go. I also am saddened and frustrated at the lack of support for classical ballet here, since I have little to no interest in contemporary dance. It's interesting to contrast the dearth of classical ballet with the wealth of classical music we have. For example, when it comes to pianists everyone plays in Paris (or wants to), while many famous pianists no longer bother to play in NYC. I guess you can't have it all.
  2. Report on Froustey, mostly in French but some English.
  3. Too bad that those of us slightly over 28 but still way younger than the average don’t benefit from these discounts.
  4. What happened with the première danseuse concours; they couldn’t be separated? Nobody was à la hauteur ? I feel sad for some of these girls, like Héloïse Bourdon who seems to be a terminal sujet.
  5. Well maybe 'revolting' is too harsh, although the word I'd choose in French 'ignoble' is probably much the same. I can tolerate the more "minimalist" productions but I have a big problem with things like La Bohème in Space, which I refused to see. I saw Carmen last year, and it was painful. Given the ballet season we have here, I'm tempted to venture over the Channel at some point where at least I can some classical dance, but I guess I'll avoid the opera. I signed this already. I'm not sure it will achieve anything or that la directrice will even notice it, however.
  6. At least I'll save money on ballet tickets next season. The opera lineup looks better but there I'm scared of their revolting productions.
  7. I would've thought Marchand being in his 20s would be a good quality for playing Onegin, no? Since this is the character's age. I can't speak for his acting ability since I've never seen him. I like Ould-Braham, she's a doll (very mimi indeed!) and reminds me a bit of Kaptsova because of this quality. I haven't decided which casts I'm going to see yet, definitely Pagliero, who I see in everything, but I've started to take an interest in seeing multiple casts. I might see whichever has Marion Barbeau's Olga since I follow her too. I actually know nothing of this ballet, but Pushkin's novel is my absolute favourite and Tchaikovsky's opera too (which I saw Netrebko sing at Bastille last year). I've never actually seen Gillot dance, because I don't like contemporary dance.
  8. Does Gillot dance much classical ballet anymore? I don't remember her being cast in anything recently.
  9. My pleasure! I think she could be something very special, it will be interesting to see how she develops. If you have Spotify I highly recommend her recent recording of the Goldberg Variations. Incidentally, I've been duly informed that tonight's concert will be filmed and available on Medici.
  10. This is interesting to me. You don't find that you miss seeing part of the dancers' feet? I sat in the third row of Bastille a few weeks ago for one of Pagliero's Don Quixotes and I could not see the bottom half of her feet. I am fairly tall (1m82) and sat up as straight as I could.
  11. Well we had La Syphide last summer so not sure when we'll see that again. i really hope to see Giselle too.
  12. Even though this was not addressed to me, I'll chime in with my 2 cents. I've seen YW perform maybe 4-5 times in both recital and concerti. I think she tends to play all composers fairly evenly. The best performance I heard of hers was Schubert D959 at Salle Pleyel in 2014. She put me in a daze with her playing in the slow movement (that rarely happens). She plays Scriabin extremely well too as she has an unbelievable technical control which allows her to create an interesting soundworld. Although I have to admit I found her Chopin Preludes annoyingly willful. It's sad to say but I think her dresses and flashy encores automatically cause a section of pianophiles to write her off. It's amazing how passionately some people I know dislike her. For me, at her best, she is a tremendous musician and she's always a fantastic pianist. As for the other ladies DanielBenton mentioned I don't care for them, particularly Buniatishvili who's really not my kind of artist. I will see Beatrice Rana at Fondation Louis Vuitton this Saturday, now there's another young lady I have a lot of time for!
  13. It does indeed seem like we'll have to go abroad in order to see Giselle, Sylvia, Coppélia etc ! All the heritage of the company. Héloïse Bourdon has been stuck at Sujet for a long time now. Interesting that she was already at this level when Baulac was still a coryphée. One wonders how long she'll patiently wait for opportunities before taking a congé to dance elsewhere.
  14. Paquette's farewell is the only reason I'd go see Cendrillon. I presume this is the "classique" we get in December? Shame we couldn't see him in SL, he made a very great impression on me last time.
  15. She is such a beautiful woman. However, I had to turn the sound off.
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