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  1. I love Illushkina, having seen her several times in Emeralds nearly two years ago and then talking with her at a reception, but the s--l--o--w tempo of the Symphony in C clip is excruciating to listen to and makes the choreography laborious. Compare the tempo with the version we have all probably watched numerous times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpg-BhbVaiU Nevertheless, I am overjoyed that she is being given roles and can't wait to see her on stage again.
  2. This is encouraging news!
  3. I've seen her as Odette-Odile, so I understand what you mean, PeggyR. It is curious how she can deliver a devastatingly emotional portrayal in The Little Mermaid and RAkU but then is cold in other works. I was disappointed in her Giselle; though it was danced beautifully from a technical standpoint, there was nothing human projected. I still want to see her Odette again because of her purity. From the digital performances this season, I am eager to see Sasha Mukhamedov dance next year, as she has a lush way of moving and a charming personality, and is very musical. Hopefully, she will recover fully for what we want to a full season for the company next year. I watched the program 5 earlier this evening and was delighted to see Domitro, Nedvegin, and Zajorian in Seven for Eight.
  4. Wow, this is great! And Taras Domitro as well!
  5. Add Ricardo Bustamante to the list. He is a brilliant coach and ballet master, has staged ballets around the globe, and been director of two ballet companies.
  6. Jasmine Jimison danced several solos in The Sleeping Beauty two seasons ago when she was an apprentice, including Princess Florine in the Bluebird pdd, and was outstanding, and was promoted into the company shortly after that. She was so beautiful and authoritative in those solos that I would not have blinked had she been promoted to soloist upon joining the company ranks. She was later cast in one of the principal/solo roles in Liam Scarlett's Hummingbird, which was ultimately withdrawn from the repertoire. I am glad that Helgi moved her up so she can benefit from his casting during his last season as director.
  7. The announcement has very loving and appreciative assessments of the dancers who are departing.
  8. I thought she was beautiful as Perdita in Christopher Wheeldon's Winter's Tale. I also met her when she was still a soloist at a reception when NB0C brought Wheeldon's Alice to L.A. My mother was with me and Elena was incredibly kind to my mother.
  9. I saw her give a glorious performance of Theme and Variations towards the end of her career. She had a radiant and positive presence on stage.
  10. Apropos of MCB, Elena Lobsanova and Hannah Fischer of the National Ballet of Canada are joining MCB as principal and soloist, respectively.
  11. BalanchineFan, my heart goes out to the very talented and accomplished Gabe Stone Thayer and I can understand his frustration as to his not being promoted, added to his being injured at at time when he was moving forward with more solo opportunities. I saw him in the audience at a performance that he was attending a few years ago in NY, and told him I hoped that he would be promoted to soloist. You certainly could have some insight to McKenzie's curious choice of words and Thayer's expressed unhappiness. I think dancers in a dance company look to the principals' conduct as an example, and maybe that is "leadership skills," i.e., being dedicated, seriously single-minded and focused, and I can think of a lot of soloists who were/are not single-minded and focused. I do know that if a dancer is yawning, rolling his/her eyes, checking the the clock or looking out the window during rehearsals, management will notice it and not like it, but I have no idea if anyone at ABT does that, not being personally on the scene.
  12. volcanohunter, thank you for the wonderful homage to her. Rest in peace, Zizi Jeanmaire.
  13. The day I see this in a stage performance is the day I stop going to the ballet.
  14. I wish McKenzie would elaborate on what he means by "leadership skills." I've never heard that as a required element for promotion to soloist.
  15. I like that the season is extending into June and that Program 3 has three ballets that I am eager to see multiple times. I just checked the SF Opera website and they have cancelled their fall season and have three productions from April 25 to May 2. SFO usually performs in the fall up to Nutcracker and then puts on three operas in June.
  16. Alexander Cagnot no longer on the roster! I will miss him. I wonder if he will become a professional photographer, as I have seen many photos credited to him on social media by the dancers.
  17. I am particularly happy for both Diego Cruz and Myles Thatcher, as they have put in their time and are always a joy to watch. And I love Max and have been wanting to see him in principal roles all season long. I found Park dull this season, both in her phrasing and, particularly, facially, though she is unfazed technically. For me, she is too classroom at this stage of her career, and I wonder what is on next season's horizon that she was promoted. It's an interesting decision, given Mukhamedov's former position as principal with the Dutch National, although Mukhamedov was injured and apparently only danced two performances, one of them being A Midsummer Night's Dream as a filmed, audienceless event.
  18. pherank, Aaron Robison will likely be back for next season and he's tall. Maybe SFB is still in the negotiating stage for a tall male principal. We shall see.
  19. I just got an email from SFB and it's also posted on the SFB FB page about the promotions and new dancers. Promoted to principal dancer: Max Cauthorn Wona Park Promoted to soloist: Ellen Rose Hummell Diego Cruz (a special yippee for Diego) Myles Thatcher Lucas Erni New dancers: Nikisha Fogo joins as principal; she was formerly with the Vienna State Opera Ballet Luca Ferro, SunMin Lee, Alexis Aiudi, Olivia Brothers, Pemberly Ann Olsen, Andris Kundzins, Gregory Myles, and ALexis Valdes join the corps de ballet
  20. I am watching it now a second time and I pretty much agree with what you say, Phrenshphry11! Mukhamedov is required to do some double sauts de basque, which are the tours you refer to, and she hops after landing, though I would like to see on video how others have managed such a difficult step. Double sauts de basque are rarely done by women, not even in class. I don't understand why Froustey was not cast as Titania (and I said the same thing about the casting for Cinderella). For me the highlight/revelation was Frances Chung. I was floored by her dancing and soulful presence. Impossible to criticize any of her past performances, but her every movement was infused with depth and expression. Her artistry has deepened. The dancers were so wonderful. Sasha de Sola Titania Esteban Hernandez Oberon Cavan Conley Puck Frances Chung, Ulrik Birkkjaer Act II Divertissement pas de deux Sarah Van Patton Helena Demetrius Luke Ingham Elizabeth Powell Hermia Myles Thatcher Lysander Julia Rowe Fairy Lucas Erni Bottom Vladislav Kozlov Titania's Cavalier pherank, I watched the 1935 MGM Midsummer Night's Dream on Wednesday. I have always enjoyed it!
  21. I also did not get an email allowing the choice of a donation/receiving credit for Program 6, as I have for four of the other programs.
  22. It's not surprising but very sad. I feel fortunate to have seen three performances before all this happened.
  23. Thamires Chuvas is working on the solo from the Diana and Acteon pas de deux.
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