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  1. All we can do here is speculate as to what SFB knew and when. Only a handful of people in management and an attorney or two would have all information. I hope that I do not have to sit through Scotch Symphony on Feb. 11. I would expect that Scarlett would get paid his royalties despite the pulling of Hummingbird.
  2. It does not seem like a knee-jerk reaction to me. I was looking forward to seeing Hummingbird again, which I greatly liked, but I am not surprised at all by SFB's decision.
  3. I wonder if SFB will comment about the Liam Scarlett suspension pending an investigation at the Royal Ballet, given that Hummingbird is scheduled in less than two weeks.
  4. Thanks for quote above, pherank. I loved reading this testimonial to Van Patten's remarkable artistry.
  5. I have tickets for opening night and for the two Shevchenko/Forster performances.
  6. This may be posted elsewhere, but I received an email from the NBoC that Ratmansky's Of Love and Rage is a co-production of ABT and NBoC and that NBoC will be performing it in Toronto in the 2021/2022 season.
  7. This may be posted elsewhere, but I received an email from the NBoC that Ratmansky's Of Love and Rage is a co-production of ABT and NBoC and that NBoC will be performing it in Toronto in the 2021/2022 season.
  8. Sarah Van Patten stole the show, hands down.
  9. Well, now we know! Thanks, PeggyTulle.
  10. sf_herminator, thanks so much for your thoughts, and for the information about Ulrik Birkkjaer, one of my favorites.
  11. I am glad to hear that Dronina is improving to the point that she may dance in D.C. She is a beautiful dancer. Frola is known in London, due to ENB.
  12. I'm not suggesting that Froustey is injured or has "physical issues," but find it interesting that she is not dancing the Wheeldon Cinderella as she would be lovely in it. I thought she was outstanding as the Little Mermaid and Aurora last season. Many people do their jobs despite feeling sick, sad or in pain and don't advertise or romanticize that fact.
  13. Casting is also up for Cinderella through the weekend, showing no new casts, i.e., no Froustey or Mukhamedov.
  14. I am attending the Jan. 23 and 24 performances and am very happy that I will see Sasha De Sola's debut as Cinderella and to see Sarah Van Patten, who was a memorable Cinderella, on stage as the Stepmother. I hope to see another new cast the following night; I assume that Mathilde Froustey is dancing the role, as well as the already reported Misa Kuranaga and Sasha Mukhamedov. I also hope to see Ulrik Birkkjaer, a favorite of mine, who is not dancing in the gala. I just discovered the new photographs of the dancers on the SFB website.
  15. From photographs or video posted on the SFB website, it also shows that Mathilde Froustey and Ben Freemantle, and Dores Andre and Lonnie Weeks are rehearsing together as well in the Marston work.
  16. Thanks for posting this article about this outstanding and exquisite ballerina. I saw YY that season in Violin Concerto and also saw her dance the Blue Bird pas de deux in The Sleeping Beauty in her first season with SFB.
  17. I saw her dance Emeralds three times last fall when the Mariinsky was in Los Angeles and she won me over with her special, genuine personal quality and musicality. I sought her out at the reception after one of the performances to thank her, and she spoke with humility and gratitude about being given the opportunity to prepare and dance the role. Swan Lake requires lyricism, dynamic phrasing, and emotional content to give a meaningful performance, which are qualities which she has shown. I wish her all the best in her first performance in the dual role.
  18. Yes, I saw both of those performances. It was my first look at Misa Kuranaga, who is a gem! Sofiane and Tiit danced a majestic pas de deux and Sasha De Sola was radiant Sugar Plum Fairy last night. Altogether wonderful performances!
  19. I hope to see the dancers dancing their hearts out for the four performances that I am going to after Christmas - after all, they are in a profession that they love and are dancing for a highly enthusiastic audience.
  20. Hi, miliosr - I know, I have a friend who was in Paris with tickets for both Le Parc (with Ganio) and Raymonda. Dorothee Gilbert got great reviews for that one performance of Raymonda. I have tickets for Mayerling in May.
  21. I hope Eleonora Abbagnoto gets to dance her scheduled farewell performance on the 23rd, but . . .
  22. Yes, Forster had Shevchenko in beautiful position in the blink of an eye for both their shows last year! They were a joy to watch.
  23. Sarah Van Patten is dancing the Grand pas de deux during the first week, which is terrific news.
  24. I assume these wondrous stars will be coaching SFB principals in Jewels.
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