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  1. I went to a donor brunch in September and we were told that Nunez and Halburg were dancing two performances. It is fairly obvious that they would be dancing on opening night, but L.A. is slow to state the casting. In contrast, Orange County's Segerstrom Performing Arts Center states on line and/or in their season brochure that Nunez and Bolle are performing Onegin on Friday, Saturday evening, and the Sunday matinee.
  2. On Oct. 29, I tried accessing the website through an email I received about advance purchase and got nowhere. On Wednesday, I got an email giving me an access code that did not work. I finally called the box office about two hours ago and bought the tickets that I wanted.
  3. Thanks so much for posting the beautiful rehearsal by Vienna State Ballet of Emeralds, Naomikage.
  4. Marcela Marcela, I just saw your post. At a donor's brunch that I attended, it was announced that Nunez and Hallburg were dancing two performances. It's a pretty good guess that they will dance opening night. I would assume that they would also dance Saturday evening.
  5. Xiomara Reyes was still dancing as if it were the first day of spring when she was forced out by Kevin McKenzie. It was not her choice to retire, as was apparent from her interviews at the time.
  6. I'm thrilled to hear of Kristina Lind's promotion. She was dancing with such beauty in her last season wih San Francisco Ballet several years ago - I remember her lyricism in the Nutcracker Snow pas de deux and as one of the Serenade leads - and she was able to find her right place and continue to progress.
  7. I'm trying to delete a repeat post. Helene, can you help?
  8. Interesting about Kuranaga dancing Juliet in Denmark. Froustey posted that she was dancing two performances of Juliet including opening night, and Dores Andre has also danced Juliet.
  9. Sasha Mukhamedov has already danced Cinderella in Wheeldon's production with The Dutch National Ballet. It is not a role debut for her.
  10. I wonder why they left out the other principals in Emeralds, especially the second female lead who dances the beautiful solo and walking pas de deux - two of the most meaningful (to me) moments of Jewels. Kondaurova should be lustrous in Diamonds and I am happy to watch Batoeva in Rubies and anything she dances. She was my favorite Cinderella (Ratmansky) the last time the Mariinsky was in L.A., which she danced with the handsome and charismatic Shklyarkov in an altogether memorable, electric performance from everyone on stage.
  11. Fantastic! I've been waiting for the casting and will buy my tickets to the Schevchenko-Forster performances tomorrow. They were terrific last year.
  12. When I think back on David Lean's films, stillness is typical of his film "epics," as is character development.
  13. I just came across the news here about Vitor Luiz's marriage last evening, though I had previously seen on his FB page that he had recently married with a lovely photo of them. On August 16, 2019, I saw Vitor and his wife, Tara Luiz Ghassemieh, dance Scheherazade pas de deux, stated in the program as choreographed by the two of them, at the 12th Annual Gala of The Stars put on by Festival Ballet Theatre at Segerstrom Concert Hall. I could see them in the wings afterwards and they looked overjoyed. Vitor also danced with more-beautiful-than-ever Yuan Yuan Tan in a pas de deux from the Rachmananov-Tomasson On A Theme of Paganini (breathtaking) and in a pas de deux from the Davis-Liang Infinite Ocean.
  14. What part did Trenary dance in Elite Syncopations? Was it a pas de deux or what was originally Monica Mason's role dancing the Calliope Rag?
  15. Kathleen O'Connell, you expressed what I've been thinking about as to the opera administrators, staff, management, conductors.
  16. Domingo is (or at least up till now) respected professionally here in L.A. He is supposed to sing in Roberto Devereux in the coming season. I can imagine that the L.A. Opera Board is reeling from the news.
  17. I found the program online for the coming season, and it shows the Mariinsky performing The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, and Jewels during the week of Christmas. Also, Hamburg Ballet is performing in late September and early October of 2019.
  18. What month is the Mariinsky there annually? Sounds like a nice trip.
  19. Josette

    Maria Kochetkova

    My understanding, including at the time she was there, was that Sofiane Sylve was extremely well-regarded in NY and as a dancer with NYC. Ditto when she was with the Dutch National Ballet.
  20. I agree as well, annaewgn. I don't find Khoreva interesting to watch at the present, but that is only from what I have seen posted online. I've seen ballerinas with artistry who were technically stunning and it was their artistry that infused their performances with substance and meaning. I am dreading seeing Khoreva in Diamonds, having watched a clip from her initial performance, and I hope that she has some charm, mystery, musical sensitivity or quality that comes across in person that I couldn't perceive from a filmed clip. I am delighted that Kondaurova, Batoeva, and Shklyarkov are performing. Kondaurova danced one of the best Swan Lakes I've seen, differentiating between the two roles beautifully, and dancing luxuriously. I adore Shklyarkov, who has great charisma. Batoeva is a personal favorite of mine. I haven't seen Somova dance since she did an empty , technically efficient, unmusical Odette-Odile several years ago in O.C. (she was alternating the role with Vishneva and Lopatkina, so deficiencies were striking), but I saw one of her first Auroras and liked her very much.
  21. I was there for both performances in the front row and could watch Thomas Ades conducting the L.A. Philharmonic with great ebullience (I am a big Ades fan). For me, this evening of Ades-McGregor works was enthralling with exceptional dancing/performances from all the dancers. As for Inferno, let me just say that I am now planning a trip to see the whole of The Dante Project next season in London, and am now reading Dante's The Divine Comedy. I was thrilled with the work as it progressively unfolded, and the end was beautiful. I do not want to cut any of the work into little pieces because it progresses as a whole, despite there being moments which are extraordinary - such as that mentioned by Buddy above, and an incredible solo section by Calvin Richardson, after both of which the audience exploded into applause, as the audience did as well at the end. I have not seen The Royal Ballet live in performance in too, too long a time - the dancers are exceptional. The expressive, great Edward Watson dances the Poet, and Gary Avis is Virgil - each giving meaningful performances. Brilliant music, brilliant production values, brilliant dancing of brilliant choreography.
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