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Ekaterina Maximova passed away this night

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There don’t seem to have been any updates regarding the cause of death, which was not reported. I do recall reading years ago an article that said Maximova had once attempted suicide. I hope that did not happen here. (Not intended to encourage speculation, please note, just a comment.)

Lovely dancer. Rest in peace.

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There was a short obituary for Maximova in the July 2009 (print) edition of Opera News, noting that "Maximova was one of the Bolshoi stars who danced in the last program presented at the old Metropolitan Opera House on Thirty-ninth Street and Broadway."

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this undated press photo from the UK notes in some captioning on the back that it was run as in advance of the Bolshoi Ballet's appearances at the London Coliseum for a 6-week season.

perhaps UK BT members can thus date the photo.

the dancers deplaning are led by Maksimova, with, i assume, V. Vasliev behind her and perhaps B. Akimov in lighter color suit behind Vasliev.


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Great pic...!

(Notice the old Aeroflot logo on the left upper side. The next text is from Wikipedia)

"Plans were afoot to replace the old Soviet-era hammer and sickle logo, which some people in the West treat as a reminder of Soviet communism. However, as it was for over 70 years the most recognisable symbol of the company, the logo was, in the end, retained".

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