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  1. Ilya, I could not agree more, we are very lucky. Ratmansky is innovative, elegant, his solutions are out of the box yet classical. He does not disappoint! Very much looking forward to see more of his work at ABT.
  2. New York Times published pictures from J&R, here is the one of opening of the balcony scene. Natialia Osipova is "feeling the moon" on her face. She is in the light, clearly visible. (And this is exactly how I remember seeing it.) http://www.nytimes.c...2_ABT_SS-5.html
  3. Yes, that laughter! It was coming from the older couple, sitting next to us in the orchestra. Actually, the whole ballet amused them very much, because they laughed at each movement. Pas de bourre couru seemed especially hilarious.. During the bedroom scene, when they started laughing, people in rows in front of them were turning heads to see what is wrong with them.
  4. I think you are right about intention to make Tatiana in Act I as provincial as possible.. However, children of wealthy landowners did not wear the same clothes as peasants, no matter how provincial. Also, Tatiana in Act I spends quite a bit of time with book in her hands. It is a bizarre combination: typical peasant's outfit, hairdo - and book, as peasants were illiterate. A book goes together with peasant's outfit as a shovel would go with a ball gown. Onegin - gay, what an interesting interpretation! I have never thought about it this way
  5. Absolutely agree. I went to see Kent/Bolle performance, and having never seen this ballet before, I wish I did not read (and love) the actual poem. I love the Pushkin's book, and it did not help me to enjoy performance at all.. I think if I did not read the poem, it would be easier to tolerate ridiculous ballet story. Also, costumes in Act I were laughable.. (why Tatiana and Olga are dressed as peasants??? Other girls of their circle are also dressed as peasants, while man are wearing proper evening attire. And vice versa during the peasant dance )
  6. I attended two performances - with Cujacaru and Osipova. It was a first time I saw Alina Cujacaru dance, and I loved, loved, loved her! Her 'failure to deliver' hops on point in Act I did not disappoint me at all - she was most innocent, delightful, fragile Giselle, deeply hurt and broken by Albreht's betrayal. Her mad scene scared me. For a split second I totally believed that she really gone mad... The Act II was the best I ever saw in my life.. It is still stands before my eyes... She truly was a spirit, not a human.. And her Love was so strong that even Myrtha was powerless.. It was like I was watching it for the very first time, the story of Giselle unfolded like a book which you are reading for the first time. Murphy was a spectacular Myrtha! Corps-de-ballet - amazing! Alina and Angel were very good together. I was laughing when I read the advertising for Giselle in New Yorker: "...and for those who wants Giselle who can fly, Natalia Osipova will do the honors on Sat matinee". I love Natalia Osipova, I watch her whenever I have a chance - but Alina's Giselle was better, IMO. For me there was no real tragedy in Osipova's Giselle. It was a pleasure to watch her dance, but the story was not that important..I am exaggerating now, but it was sort of like watching Balanchine's no-story choreography.. Why didn't she put her hair down during the mad scene? Why strange costume in Act I and Act II? I saw her Giselle 3 years ago, and it made somehow much stronger impression on me.. As we were walking out of the theater on Saturday aftenoon, we saw Alastair Macauly, slowly walking across the Plaza, he seemed to be deep into his thoughts.. He was smiling
  7. I loved Uliana Lopatkina’s Carmen! She is still dancing before my eyes.
  8. I went to see Anna Karenina yesterday, with Kondaurova/Yermakov. My expectations were very low, after all of the negative reviews. I was especially dreading the music. I started watching performance very carefully, preparing myself not to be too disappointed. Towards the end of the first act I realized that I like it very much! I find Ratmanskys choreography amazingly clean, every step was easy to read, despite of the very complicated emotions/events he had to describe. Sets were very innovative, beautiful, tasteful! Dancing was already described by previous posters. Just want to add that Svetlana Ivanova (Kitty) has most gorges feet! My problem with the music was that it failed to show WHY Anna left her husband, and son, and position in society. There was no part in Shedrins music, showing that Anna fall in love with Vronsky, that this love makes her happy, that it gives her so much pleasure, fuels her passion and mind, and this feeling is actually stronger than anything else! This problem is crucial to the whole ballet. It makes it, in my mind, incomplete.
  9. Thank you for the link! There are couple of pictures of Gabriel Prokofiev, the grandson of Sergei Prokofiev. Gabriel was a DJ at the Gala.
  10. Those who resell tickets in the Empire State must be licensed by the area in which they are reselling them in addition to posting a bond. If the venue of the event seats more than 6,000 people, ticket resellers can charge 45 percent more than the face value of the ticket, while tickets for venues with smaller capacities can be 20 percent higher than the ticket. These resellers must also guarantee refunds, along with a number of other provisions. http://nakedlaw.avvo.com/2011/06/is-scalping-tickets-illegal/
  11. If you have a problem with a post, please report this via the "Report" button in the bottom left corner of the post, and the Moderators will review it. That is our site policy. Will do. Thank you, Helene.
  12. I am extremely surprised that this offensive post has not been deleted or at least edited by moderators.
  13. What an entirely delightful, fun ballet! I went to see it yesterday evening, Part/Hammoudi/Abrera/Stearns cast. Ratmansky’s choreography is brilliant, eloquent, and so funny!! Jemma Bond was a standout as a School Girl. I really, really hope to see this ballet next season. Is it possible?
  14. I attended Osipova/Hallberg/Wiles performance. In my opinion, Natalia, although dazzling, is just not Aurora. This is not her role, and it was clear after few minutes of watching her dance. But I can not wait to see her Juliette. The rest of it has already been said - Hallberg was perfect Prince, Simkin and Lane were highlight of the evening, upgraded production is still painful to watch.
  15. I am ashamed on behalf of my city. Thank God Natalia is ok.
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