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Ballet Time Travel

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If you could go back in time, what are the top 5 dancers and ballets you would most like to see in live performance? Mine are:

1) Vladimir Vasiliev, Ekaterina Maximova, Maris Liepa and Olga Temifeyeva in SPARTACUS

2) Natalia Makarova and Mikhail Baryshnikov in SWAN LAKE

3) Tanaquil LeClerq in LA VALSE

4) Olga Spessivtseva in GISELLE

5) Violette Verdy in EMERALDS

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Carlotta Grisi in the premiere of Giselle

Mathilda Kschessinskaya in Esmeralda, and I want to be able to try on all the precious jewelry her royal lovers gave her.

Fokine's Cleopatra with Ida Rubinstein, Anna Pavlova, Karsavina and Nijinsky.

Nijinsky in The Afternoon of a Faun

Premiere of Balanchine's The Prodigal Son.

Marie-Jeanne in Ballet Imperial.

Two lost Balanchine ballets when they were still being danced, Roma with Tanaquil LeClerq and The Seven Deadly Sins with Allegra Kent.

Margot Fonteyn in Ashton's Cinderella and Apparitions.

The premiere of Agon.

Gelsey Kirkland dancing Barocco.

Suzanne Farrell's return to NYCB in 1975, I think it was, dancing 2nd movement Symphony in C.

Suzanne Farrell dancing Sanquinic in The Four Temperments.

I could of course go on and on, but will stop here. :D

and I just realized that is way more than five, sorry!

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Karsavina in Firebird (or anything really)

Only five?


1 - Karsavina, definitely.

2 - Ballet Comique de la Reine, or any of the big court ballets.

3 - Laban's movement choir "Vom Tauwind und der Neuen Freude" (The Spring Wind and the New Joy) which was scheduled to be performed in conjunction with the 1936 Olympics but was cancelled by Goebbels after a dress rehearsal.

4- The premiere of Sacre du Printemps

5 - Hanya Holm's Trend or Doris Humphrey's complete New Dance (they were both Bennington events, so can I list them together?)

My personal view of the afterlife is that, if I'm a good girl in the here and now, later on I get to see anything I missed, and if I really like it, I get to learn to dance it!

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Oh, gosh! Having seen quite a few of those mentioned, I feel o-l-d!

Karsavina and Nijinsky in anything, but probably mostly Les Sylphides and Giselle.

LeClerq in Barocco and 4T's.

Taglioni's Sylph.

Kolpakova's Raymonda.

Fonteyn's Swan.

Plisetskaya's Kitri and Odette/Odile.

Danilova's Myrtha and Swanilda.

Lifar's Apollo (has anyone else seen the electrifying snippet of him in Faune?)

Pavel Gerdt, Russian hearthtrob.

Bournonville in . . . Bournonville.

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I have to cheat and divide it into two centuries:

19th Century:

Taglioni in La Sylphide

Pas de Quatre

Legnani in Swan Lake

Brianza in Sleeping Beauty

Virginia Zucchi in just about anything

20th Century:

Karsavina/Nijinsky in Les Sylphides and Le Spectre de la Rose

Sizova in the legendary Sleeping Beauty at the Met in the 60's

Kolpakova in Sleeping Beauty

Kirsten Simone and Henning Kronstam in just about anything

Kschessinskaya in her prime...I suppose in Swan Lake

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Straying from the topic a bit, I was surprised to find a video of Sleeping Beauty with Solovyov (same as "Soloviev, right?) as Desire. Bought it from Kultur. Sizova is Aurora; Dudinskaya (in her mid-50's and on pointe) is Carabosse; Makarova and Panov dance the Bluebird pdd. It was filmed in 1965.


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My top 5 (not in order):

Premiere of Liebeslieder Walzer, primarily for Verdi and Ludlow (Talk about greed!)

Tanaquil LeClerq in Symphony in C (2nd movement)

Lew Christensen in Apollo

Henning Kronstam in Apollo

Premiere of Agon (More greed!)

Next 5 (not in order):

Farell with Balanchine in Don Quixote

Tallchief with Moncion in Firebird

Plitsetskaya in Swan Lake

Bruhn -- I have to defer to people who saw him to tell me what role I should choose. I want the best one, because I'm greedy!

Marie-Jeanne in Ballet Imperial. (Hard choice between that and Concerto Barocco)

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My number one I think would be the original Sleeping Beauty.

And my number two is the 1949 Fonteyn Sleeping Beauty.

And my number three is the Diaghilev Sleeping Beauty.

My number 4 is the 1979 Bournonville Festival--I was there and I want to see it all over again with the same casts and productions.

If I have to limit it to 5, I guess my final one would be the original Bayadere. I would love to see what it looked like.

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Ulanova in anything, but especially Giselle

Tallchief in the 1949 premiere of Firebird

Nerina doing 32 entrechats-six in Swan Lake by way of a reply to Nureyev, was it?

The 1956 premiere of Divertimento no. 15 with Adams, Hayden, Kent, LeClercq, and Wilde

Giannina's production (but live) of Beauty with Soloviev and Sizova

one of the Royal's Beauties from the early sixties with Fonteyn and a galaxy of supporting ballerinas such as Seymour, Parkinson, Mason, etc. (this occurred...)

Verdy and Villella in La Source and of course Verdy in Tchaik pas, Emeralds, Liebeslieder, etc

McBride and Villella in the premiere of Tarantella

LeClercq in anything at all that she ever danced

Plisetskaya as Kitri

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