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  1. Bart - I adore MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS and don't give a damn about the wrong history. I watch it often. I would love to get my hands on the soundtrack. What about the operas? Maria Stuarda Anna Boleyna Sorry for my spelling. Anyone seen any of the operas?
  2. Though I have nothing against Blanchett, Robson, Worth and Mirren (kind of love Mirren), Glenda Jackson is my favorite Elizabeth I. I just adore ELIZABETH R. How about Mary Stuart? Katherine Hepurn? Vanessa Redgrave? Vivian Pickles? Barbara Fynn? or Samantha Morton?
  3. I think the 1st book was very negative but her 2nd book 'The Shape of Love' was extremely inspiring. I consider myself quite fortunate to have been living in NYC during her glory days. She was divine. I also had the good fortune of being invited to her apt for breakfast to discuss GISELLE last April. She seems to be in quite a good place. She was able to answer many of my questions very easily and clearly. I really floated the rest of the day.
  4. THE GREEN TABLE is one of the most fulfilling ballets I have viewed, rehearsed, performed and taken care of. I believe that any role in the cast brings maximum satisfaction to the artist. The choreography is very pure and simple to the eye. There is nothing fussy, nothing extra. The Joffrey Ballet presented a Jooss evening at City Center in the late 70s. The program consisted of: THE BIG CITY, A BALL IN OLD VIENNA, PAVANE ON THE DEATH OF AN INFANTA, and THE GREEN TABLE. All of the works were mounted by Anna Markard, (though THE GREEN TABLE still had many cast members whom had worked w
  5. glebb

    Alexandra Ansanelli

    I've not seen a lot of Ms Ansanelli, but I love what I have seen.
  6. Alexandra, were you thinking of Clara Webster?
  7. What a terrible day it was when I came home from work and saw the picture of Joe Duell on the news. He was a handsome, kind person who showed much promise as a choreographer. Stierle died of AIDS at 23 years of age. He too showed much promise as a choreographer. I did not know Zomosa, but I believe he stabbed himself to death, seeing no other way out of a love triangle.
  8. glebb

    Yuan Yuan Tan

    If I remember correctly a friend of mine from SFB told me (two years ago) that it is pronounced as it is spelled. Maybe Uwon Uwon Tan is easier to understand.
  9. Susan Freedman was stunning. I remember her elegant and fresh beauty especially in the ensemble of 'Serenade'. Gorgeous everything about her, attacking pique turns. Marjorie Spohn, another fair, beautiful, perfect Balanchine type body. Could it be Victoria Hall, liebs? Was she not part of that foursome in 'Mozartiana'. Those women had a sophistication that I miss.
  10. Me too Carbro! I couldn't agree with you more about Renee Estopinal. Do you know anything of what she is up to now?
  11. Gillian Murphys Odette/Odile, especially Odile.
  12. I'm with you Farrell Fan! I liked Delia Peters in Green.
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