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  1. I worked with Mr. Grant in the late seventies and in the eighties when Mr. Joffrey was alive. Mr. Grant coached me in the roles of Puck and Alain. He was a very kind teacher. He also created the role of Drosselmeyer in Mr. Joffrey's THE NUTCRACKER. Later as a ballet master for Joffrey in Chicago I was given the opportunity to accompany six dancers to Birmingham, England to perform Monotones as part of a BRB "Tribute to Sir Fred and Mr. B". Though I had rehearsed the dancers to bend like the Royal Ballet dancers, I warned them that his one criticism of our performance would be "They don't BEND" and when it happened I had to smile.
  2. Violette Verdy - The Miami (regional) Ballet circa 1969. I remember loving her farm girl disposition in ACT I and I swore at the time and for years that Edward Villella jeted over the heads of the Wilis to exit in Act II.
  3. Quite petite. I thought she was very lovely.
  4. Saw SB too. I think it was opening night. Again Seh Yun Kim replaced Julia Moon. I met Julia Moon a few years later in Helsinki and she told me that UB worked on Shim Chung for several years to get it right. What a luxury!
  5. Saw this ballet at the Chicago Lyric Opera House in 2000. Wonderful Seh Yun Kim stepped in to replace Julia Moon. It was a gorgeous production.
  6. For the 2010/2011 Season, Artistic Director Adam Sklute has promoted 13 dancers, welcomes 8 new company dancers and 4 new Ballet West II Dancers and we say goodbye and farewell to 7 company dancers and 3 Ballet West II dancers. Promotions: Annie Breneman - promoted to Senior Soloist Katherine Lawrence -promoted to Senior Soloist Thomas Mattingly - promoted to Soloist Elizabeth McGrath - promoted to Soloist Christopher Sellars - promoted to Soloist Jacqueline Straughan - promoted to Soloist Christopher Anderson - promoted to Demi-Soloist Beau Pearson - promoted to Demi-Soloist Rex Tilton - promoted to Demi-Soloist Arolyn Williams - promoted to Demi-Soloist Lindsey Duerfeldt - promoted from Apprentice to full Corps Artist Whitney Huell - promoted from Apprentice to full Corps Artist Alexander MacFarlan - promoted from Apprentice to full Corps Artist New Dancers: Haley Henderson - joins Ballet West as a Soloist Easton Smith - joins Ballet West as a Soloist Sayaka Ohtaki - joins Ballet West as a Demi-Soloist Adrian Fry - joins Ballet West as a Corps Artist Jenna Herrera - joins Ballet West as a Corps Artist Kuei-Hsien Chu - joins Ballet West as a Corps Artist Katherine Meeusen - joins Ballet West as an Apprentice Elizabeth Weldon - Joins Ballet West as an Apprentice Kathleen Martin - Joins Ballet West II Ryan Sargent - Joins Ballet West II Beckanne Sisk - joins Ballet West II Ronald Tilton - joins Ballet West II Departures Soloist -- Kate Crews retires Demi-Soloist-- Victoria Lock retires Senior Corps Artist -- Aaron Orlowski retires Senior Corps Artist -- Josey Silva retires Corps Artist -- Megan Furse retires Corps Artist -- John Frazer moves on Corps Artist -- David Kim moves on Ballet West II Dancer - Robert Goodman moves on Ballet West II Dancer - Stephen King moves on Balet West II Dancer Kaleigh Schock moves on Principal Guest Artist Sara Webb will return to Ballet West (courtesy of Houston Ballet) for The Sleeping Beauty in February.
  7. Though this may have already been posted in links, I thought Heather Thackeray deserved a thread of her own. http://www.sltrib.com/ci_14839273
  8. I can picture lots of dancing to his songs from 'A Little Night Music'. I'll double check my thoughts on that when I see it this Saturday night!
  9. We (Joffrey) recorded Sacre at DaneRadio in Aarhus, 1987 or 88, just before I left the company. Mr. Joffrey had already passed. Petrouchka with Nureyev was filmed many years earlier (I don't remember the year but it would have been the early 80s) in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry film studios. Mr. Joffrey was very much in charge of that one artistically.
  10. Is this the Taina Elg who played Guido's mother in the original Broadway cast of NINE? If so I saw her live on stage.
  11. I went to the art house movie theater to see it again on Valentine's Day.
  12. In Helsinki for the 2005 competition, I was able to see the Finnish National Ballet dance Patrice Bart's TCHAIKOVSKY. The full length and company were both very good. You should enjoy them in Cranko's TAMING. I was on stage at City Center for the Joffrey TAMING premiere. Dancing with Marcia Haydee and Richard Cragun was an inspiration and then a spiritual experience when they returned for Joffrey's opening night ROMEO AND JULIET.
  13. Thank you Leonid. Ulanova was the first great dancer I knew of. My first teacher Millenoff gave me a tiny paperback book about her when I was 9. She was very beautiful. I no longer have the book but the pictures are etched in my mind. In the book there is a photo of Ulanova taking a reverence efface pose from Les Sylphides and the image of her very turned out ankle and foot is still an inspiration to me. Often during my twenty five years with Joffrey Ballet I heard from Arpino that when the company toured to Russia in 1963 (the first American Ballet Company), Ulanova asked that Joffrey ballerina Lisa Bradley remain behind in the Soviet Union to be coached by her.
  14. "White Goddess" Korbes was flawless last year in Diamonds. I wish I could have gotten myself to Seattle to see her Anita.
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