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  1. Here in the SF/Bay area, advanced notice of casting is happening (well at SFB) but it doesn't really figure in to the scheme of things the way it does in NYC!
  2. Thanks Gina! Other faves of mine: Gina Ness, Lynda Meyer, (who were the men Gina? Zoltan and Attila?) in the first performance of Smuin's Quattro a Verdi at SFB in the late 70's. An electric evening for this young dancer. The next one is legendary already - Kristin Long, Tina Le Blanc, Katita Waldo (all moms) Gonzalo Garcia, Parrish Maynard (those legs - both of em) In Forsythe's The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude..........did I get that right? LOL I was so happy to have seen that cast do that wonderful work. Wow! Ann Jenner. I wish there was more of her on videotape. B
  3. 1978 - San Francisco - ABT - Waited in line for 8+ hours (it was fun actually) Giselle - Kirkland, Baryshnikov, Van Hamel........ Memorable to say the least!
  4. Yep, that's just about what she had.
  5. I wish my students had that "problem."
  6. I have all of the "making of" Nureyev full lengths at POB and I really enjoy them. Raymonda is my favorite - and Hilaire is featured on it as well AND it's really the only one in the series that has a lot of Nureyev footage - in rehearsals, interviews, etc. I just aqquired the POB Nutcracker. Wow, an interesting version by Nureyev, I don't love it, but to see a young Hilaire and Elizabeth Maurin dancing up a storm is quite something. To say the least - THEY ARE AMAZING IN IT!
  7. Interesting comment about Lacarra. A side of her I never really saw when she was here in San Francisco.
  8. Good point Mme. Hermine. Elizabeth Loscavio is barely over 5'1" and she had a rather large repertoire - classics and contemporary.
  9. I believe it's Valses Poeticos. I have a wonderful recording of it by the one and only Alicia De Larrocha on the RCA label. Gorgeous playing of wonderful music ( I love Remanso too.) B
  10. From David Wiegand's columi in the November 3 San Francsico Chronicle:
  11. I saw them dance Swan Lake in San Francisco in the late 1970's. Dowell was out sick - Makarova was feuding with Bujones - so ABT flew Nureyev in from some God forsaken place overnight to dance. Makarova danced the best I'd ever seen her dance at that point. She loves drama and can always rise to the occasion. B
  12. Just what we need, one more art org struggling to get funding and survive. Perhaps they have an angel(s)? Best, B
  13. I would think (or hope anyway) that a "Bad Girls" ballet them would be Carmen (she's not bad, just misunderstood, heh heh) Black Swan Pas de Deux and The Cage ........or something similiar. B) Best regards, Bri
  14. Go to Amazon.com - through the link here and search for the Andrew Mogrelia recording. I just did and you can listen to samples of the tracks!! Mr. Mogrelia is now the 'house' conductor at SFB. I purchased his recording of Coppelia to use for a class demo and the tempi were perfect. I hope this helps. B
  15. Florine's are Elizabeth Loscavio and Joanna Berman (SFB) Still thinking about my fave Bluebirds. B
  16. RG - Those are fantastic. Many thanks, B
  17. Great information all! Sometimes information is right under our noses and we (or I ) don't even realize it. I asked our Co-artistic Director here at Diablo Ballet - Nikolai Kabaniaev (a Vaganova Grad and former Kirov member) if he knew of Bragvadze. Not only did he know of him but he knows him!!! Nikolai (and his twin brother) are from the same city in Russia (which I never can remember the name) as Bragvadze and Bragvadze would return on a regular basis to teach and coach. Nikolai learned many roles from him and described him as very tough and demanding, but intelligent, talented and very, very nice. Nikolai will be happy to know that Bragvadze is teaching again at the Vaganova school. Does anyone know the best way to contact the staff at the school? Best, Brioche
  18. I would also love to know more about Bregvadze. The video clip of him and Kurgapkina in the "Viennese Waltz" by Jakobson is incredibly charming. I've watched it a number of times and discover wonderful little nuances that both dancers bring to a seemingly "fluffy" pas. Bregvadze reminds me a little of Robert Helpman in the way that he appears to be a man of the theatre. I did a Google search and it appears he has taught in a number of places as well as at the Vaganova School. Is that correct? Best, B
  19. A couple of quotes (paraphrased) from one the Hamburg newspapers regarding Elizabeth's retirement on Sunday (June 27): "Elizabeth Loscavio leaves Hamburg ballet, to which she belonged since 1998 as a first Soloist(principal.) The open and warm American formed herself in many roles. For seven years Loscavio danced in the company of John Neumeier, and celebrated large successes as "Giselle" and Natalia in "Illusions - like Swan Lake". "After 18 years of a wonderful dance career I would like to begin a new life with my fiance Carsten Jung (a newly appointed principal at Hamburg)and am very happy with my decision to retire now. I would like to coach and teach and pass on what I experienced."
  20. On the Hamburg Ballet Site - Click on the Nijinksy Gala - scroll down a bit......made me sad to read it...... Loscavio's Farewell
  21. In the May 2004 edition of Dance Magazine, page 22 - Names in the News: "Hamburg Ballet principal dancer Elizabeth Loscavio retires this summer."
  22. An incredible website to say the least AND photos of himself will all of his partners -that's nice! Best, B
  23. Well we ordered the other recording of Le Corsaire - not the Bonynge - and it isn't really right for us. I'm hoping Sissone(I PM'd you) or someone else can help with a copy of the Bonynge version. HELP!!! David Hicks Marketing Manager Diablo Ballet Diablo Ballet Web Page
  24. Hamburg Ballet premiered last Sunday John Neumeier's latest piece "Death in Venice". Photos are now up on their website. Anyone out there have a report? Here's a link to picture of the production: Hamburg Ballet Photographs
  25. In my opinion The Nutcracker at SFB has not looked as good as when the late Bob Gladstein and Virginia Johnson were involved in it's staging/rehearsal process. Helgi has managed to alter the current production in ways that make it just like so many others. Too fast and too square. Paul, Il Distratto is the "blacklight" ballet. B) B
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