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  1. Just had the absolute pleasure of seeing Alvin Ailey's American Dance Theater perform at Purchase College last night - "Wow!" The 3 pieces were Love Stories (2004) choreographed by Judith jamson with Robert Battle and Rennie Harris to the music of Stevie Wonder), Shining Star (2004) by David Parsons with music by Earth, Wind and Fire and, finally Revelations (1960) an Alvin Ailey original with traditional gospel music. I wish I knew the individual dancers by name, but sadly I do not. The last time I saw this company perform was when they were at the New York State Theatre about 4 years ago
  2. lillianna, thank you for giving us the good with the bad on this one. It's good to know that even though you found Streetcar disturbing, you didn't let that stop you from attending again - you just excused yourself during that piece. Good for you! I noticed that there are a number of tall women dancers that you've mentioned - that's a nice thing to hear, especially for those of us with taller would be dancers coming along. If you see any news coverage, and it doesn't get posted, I hope you'll make sure to post the articles, OK? Interesting decision to show all in Streetcar Named Desire, I
  3. "Classical ballet is so unforgiving." Francis Patrelle ;)
  4. The best ballet for me was seeing Serenade at SPAC in Saratoga Springs this past summer. I think there is something magical about that place.
  5. I hadn't looked at this thread since our resident Saratogian - reporter at large - initially posted. I think that Allegro_brill has shown us an especially touching aspect of the life of a professional dancer. Many thanks.
  6. Yes, Estelle's right - and I'm certainly one of them! I loved reading about your experience too, lilliana - it's refreshing to hear about a perfromance without having it dissected, not that I don't find the dissections interesting - but I enjoyed imagining the Alice in Wonderland scenes and really felt your enjoyment in reading your post! Many thanks for sharing your experience- wish I'd been there too.
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