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  1. So I was looking in the right place but it's just not there yet. Weird. So late!
  2. Am I not finding a hew casting place on the cb website or is it not up yet? It's overdue.
  3. Or Alain in Fille mal gardée - so heartbreakingly funny.
  4. Jorge Donn danced Bugaku during his short sojourn with NYCB. With Farrell, shortly after her return.
  5. Thanks fo this. I guess I remember Bart and Sally so well because they were so very funny. And did it for years. No one else, IMO, has ever lived up to their performances.
  6. I remember seeing Baryshnikov do the role, with McBride I think, but weren't Sarah Leland and Bart Cook the creators of the roles? And, yes, they were hilarious. Even the 9th or 10th time.
  7. Martine's Giselle also crossed my mind when reading these later posts. Like Murphy, Martine had some difficulty persuading that she might be in fragile health. Nevertheless I wouldn't have missed her Giselle for the world. So beautifully danced; so exquisitely musical; so steeped in the style. Gorgeous.
  8. I seem to remember Forster doing Lilac Garden yonks ago. At City Center. He was fairly new to the company at the time.
  9. Princes all. Peter was also a great James, which he did at the Met when the Danes guested. Also a dazzling Albrecht in a Giselle he did in Toronto with Makarova. Amazing entrechats. This was during Erik Bruhn's tenure at National Ballet of Canada.
  10. Martins was a magnificent dancer, wonderful in a wide variety of roles including, much to my surprise, the Rhumba Boy in On the Town. Very amusing. Nicolaj Hubbe was also wonderful in T&V, after a disastrous first performance. As was Ib Andersen. Great Danish training?
  11. Ah Krammy! A very funny man. Dancing with the angels.
  12. Anyone interested in donating to the Mel A Tomlinson Scholarship for Dancers at North Carolina School of the Arts can use this link: https://uncsa.thankyou4caring.org/pages/donate?_ga=2.87030111.639257285.1549908004-478290361.1534445501). In the Designation box, choose other, then write in Mel Tomlinson scholarship.
  13. This is so sad. Mel was one of the most charming individuals I ever met. Sparkling, interested in people, alive. A great smile. Gone too soon.
  14. His MyLife page gives his age as 42. How old need one be before ageing out of "Junior" this and "Young" that?
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