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  1. Anyone interested in donating to the Mel A Tomlinson Scholarship for Dancers at North Carolina School of the Arts can use this link: https://uncsa.thankyou4caring.org/pages/donate?_ga=2.87030111.639257285.1549908004-478290361.1534445501). In the Designation box, choose other, then write in Mel Tomlinson scholarship.
  2. This is so sad. Mel was one of the most charming individuals I ever met. Sparkling, interested in people, alive. A great smile. Gone too soon.
  3. His MyLife page gives his age as 42. How old need one be before ageing out of "Junior" this and "Young" that?
  4. If I'm remembering correctly the Taylor company announced it about a year ago. They didn't make a significant point of it, especially considering there would be a year and a half gap between seasons. But apparently the weather had made a huge difference in their box office between the time they started using the "State" theater and 2017. There had been a lot of snow and transportation difficulties and apparently a lot of their audience was of the walk-up persuasion.
  5. The Taylor company has canceled its Spring season and switched to the Fall due to the recent increase in inclement weather with its consequent negative impact on the box office. They will now be performing : "The 2019 Paul Taylor American Modern Dance season at Lincoln Center will take place in the Fall of 2019: October 30 - November 17. " quoted from the Taylor website.
  6. I wonder if ABT will do Sunday matinées. Dark Mondays. Might be a good thing box office-wise.
  7. Yup, I loved her, too. So powerful. Too bad she didn't stay.
  8. Actually not. Sofiane Sylve refused to do it. She apparently found it vulgar. And she certainly could have done it. She was quite wonderful in the role.
  9. IMO the greatest ever Bizet second movement was Allegra Kent who was quite short. But speaking of "inner life" - GADZOOKS!
  10. From the NYTimes 12/6/92: TWO MONTHS AFTER THE DEVASTATING HEADlines, over lunch across the street from the New York State Theater in Lincoln Center, home of the City Ballet, Martins states matter-of-factly, "I know that my reputation is shattered." But Martins is still himself, determined to press ahead regardless of what people think of him. The only chink in his famously stoical front is that he is smoking heavily again, after a nearly yearlong effort to quit. He and Kistler are together, apparently happy and still committed to each other. He is in counseling, and the two are going for joint therapy.
  11. Tiler Peck replacing Boylston tonight.
  12. Kim is partnering Boylston in the YAGP gala tonight. I do not know what they're dancing.
  13. And the inebriated Basilio in the tavern scene of Baryshnikov's Don Quixote. And Lescaut's drunk scene in Manon.
  14. I wonder if Danny Ulbricht is being considered. He has run a small touring company for several years; attended and teaches at SAB; teaches at several other institutions; has taught company class at NYCB & has danced a good deal of the appropriate repertoire of Balanchine and Robbins. His (not very up to date) website: http://danielulbricht.com/
  15. Or perhaps she spelled it Shawn ...
  16. Sean, Gordon and Shannon Stevens
  17. I swear she is still in the State Theatre. I've seen her three times. Twice during CB seasons and once at Paul Taylor. I bumped into Michael P. shortly after the first visitation and told him I thought I'd seen her. He replied "you probably did". Something slid into place in my heart. It's not as if her ghost is haunting the place. More like a benevolent presence taking care of business. Saint Carley. God I miss her so much, too!
  18. UPDATED: Lopatkina has joined the list! Also Daniil Simkin. This is apparently not selling well, so spread the word:
  19. Yan Chen was a beautiful ballerina, Korean born, probably about the same age as Corella. She was a soloist. She gave up her career to marry and have children not too long after. A major loss, in my book. She did a gorgeous Sylphide Act II with the very young Cornejo which I still remember as a very special performance.
  20. ASFB are also having a gala (fundraiser) performance in Santa Fe on Sunday with guest artists Paloma Herrera and Gennadi Savaliev. 8 PM at the Lensic Theater in downtown Santa Fe.
  21. SML - the cast I am most looking forward to is Friday's; next most looking forward to is Thursday's. I doubt Stearns will be a soloist much longer nor Seo a corps member. They have both had outstanding seasons. And debut performances have a very special quality.
  22. Yes, that one is inevitable. Along with "Where were you?" "We thought you'd left" and the occasional assumption that, since we weren't there for some portion of the evening's offerings, we had lost our right to those seats. The old Finders Keepers syndrome.
  23. You are correct, abatt. With the deepest plies ever.
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