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  1. His brother is/was at ABT - see link: Zolymosi's Brother at ABT
  2. Any update on where this all stands?
  3. Great post Amy! The technique level didn't bother me in the least because of the glamour, the devotion and the passion for what they were doing. In my mind and eyes it's a real love letter to a great art form. I'm hoping to catch it again this weekend. Happy New Year all.
  4. Brioche

    Rudolf Nureyev

    I would've loved to have been that so-so.
  5. It is a six CD Set by PILZ - made in West Germany it says on the box. #441 002-2 The title is "Orginal Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra" Digitally recorded in Moscow. 1989 PILZ GMBH & Co Music KG, Hamburg - Made in West Germany I hope this helps.
  6. Brioche

    Rudolf Nureyev

    I always wonder about the pronunciation of his last name as well. The Russian dancers in our company pronounce it Nour-eev (long e)
  7. Walboi, Patrice Bart is male. He's a ballet master at the Paris Opera Ballet. Best!
  8. I saw this wonderful film recently at the Albany 2 in Albany, Calif. I have to say RUN don't walk to a theater near you to see this film. A remarkable achievement for Dayna and Dan and everyone involved in its making. I was lucky enough to be at a screening that Dayna Goldfine and Dan Geller hosted a post film Q & A chat. They are delightful couple and shared many interesting and funny ancedotes about the making of Ballet Russe. The did mention that the DVD (with extras) will be released in late 2006. They also remarked that they are almost completely dependent on word of mouth to keep this film running in theaters. Best!
  9. I can't wait to read this book. I am really hoping it tells us WHY Volkova was such a wonderful teacher. I don't know that I've ever read anything that explained her gifts as a teacher.
  10. So sad, so very sad. I have so many memories of his performances here in San Francicso. One was the Third Act - Shades scene - from La Bayadere - in the days when only that act was done. He partnered Gelsey Kirkland that afternoon. Can you imagine? I don't recall him partnering her in anything else while they were here - we knew at the time how lucky we were. And I'm reminded again in this time of sadness. My heart and prayers go out to his family.
  11. Living in the San Fran/Bay Area and able to see SFB on a regular basis, I will say that the talent in the men is quite deep. IMHO opinion more so then with the women. It wasn't always that way. A well known arts administrator in the US suggests that companys start featuring the men on posters, etc. due to the fact that the majority of ticket buyers for ballet are women. I like that idea. I work for a company where primarily we feature both on all printed material. We've got some hot men right now, and I am going to experiement and send out there pictures first to editors, etc. Cheers, B
  12. Hmmmm....because of her age and experience AND talent I would highly recommend the Ferri/Corella La Scala Romeo..... DVD. As we know many female dancers of an "advanced" age have had great success in this role. And I too will hightly recommend the POB "making of" Nureyev's Romeo.........all the DVD's in that series are interesting and fun. Best, B
  13. Thanks Carbro and many apologies. SharonF is new here and can't be PM'd. Can't that "rule" be modified? I
  14. SharonF are you formely SharonD? You contact me through the Diablo Ballet website, I am the marketing manager. Oh, I forgot to mention about Shannon that she is remarried and has a daughter who is, hmmmmm 7 or 8 by now. Elizabeth was married to Carsten Jung on July 4th in Hamburg. Cindy Giannini is married and lives in Denver I believe. Had a nice career with the Joffrey and then married and retired. Krista is till a mystery. Mike Rios lives in Portland, Oregon.
  15. Hello All - Shannon is living in the north of England (for now) as she retired last summer - at Ballet du Rhin in France. I believe she and Elizabeth Loscavio (in Hamburg) both, by chance, retired on the same day. Whacky huh? I see Shannon's mom from time to time, I'll ask for an address next time. Although I may have an email address buried somewhere. Best, David
  16. Brioche

    Locating dancers

    Hello! I danced with Krista too, in Walnut Creek. Many of us here in the Bay Area have had a heck of a time getting any concrete info. Best, David
  17. Really? I think it expresses nothing but. Nothing but a revenge tome in my mind. I hate that thing. But that's just me. B
  18. DIABLO BALLET FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE U.S Embassy to Sponsor Diablo Ballet's Debut Appearance at International Arts Festival in Bangkok, Thailand Diablo Ballet is pleased to announce that the United States Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand is the official sponsor of their debut appearance at the Seventh Annual International Festival of Dance and Music, under the Royal Patronage, organized by Mr. J.S. Oberoi. This event is a major international cultural event of the year in Thailand, to be held at the Thailand Cultural Center. Diablo Ballet will perform a mixed repertory program in the first week of October. This generous financial sponsorship from the U.S. Embassy will help defray the Ballet's touring expenses to Thailand. David Hicks Marketing Manager Diablo Ballet diabloballet.org 925-943-1775
  19. It's a good week for babies in the dance world. Former San Francisco and Hamburg Ballet principal dancer Elizabeth Loscavio gave birth to Angelina Marie on March 22, 2005 6.5 pounds and 18.5 inches in length Congratulations to Elizabeth and Carsten Jung!
  20. It's a girl!! Angelina Marie was born on March 22, 2005 6.5 pounds and 18.5 inches in length Congratulations to Elizabeth and Carsten!
  21. What loss? I don't see her name at the Universal school site.
  22. Thanks Gina - I do remember you were a mom then. At the time in SFB's "souvenir" program there was, as I recall, a pick of you and Gardner and your son. Is that right.? Another exciting night for me in the late 70's - Cynthia Gregory and Fernando Bujones in the Diana/Acteon pas de deux. Whoa! Best, B
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