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  1. Spokesperson or not, I don't care for the them.
  2. I also loved Gillian Murphy this afternoon. She danced beautifully!!! However, one little thing bothered me (and this is VERY little), she was wearing Gaynor Mindens! The shoes don't continue the line of the leg and foot. Instead, the shoes become the focus of my attention. They didn't "mold" to her feet, and it became a distraction to me. However, put the shoes aside, she had a wonderful performance.
  3. I wish I could go this weekend, but I have to run a rehearsal. So, I have two seats I need to get rid of. If anyone is interested in.... two center orchestra seats for The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago at The Kennedy Center March 2, 2002 2:00pm $27.00 each (that's half the reg. price) please contact me asap at laurelmarsh@hotmail.com
  4. Hello AGAIN! I am wondering if there is anyone out there who might be willing to make a copy of this CD for me. The CD is no longer available and I can't find it at a second hand store either. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Another shoe note.... I found it very distracting that some of the dancers wearing either blue or black pointe shoes did not have the bottom of the block colored as well. I hated looking at a dancer in blue tights and blue shoes, with the very tip white. It really stood out! The small things really make a difference. (Only some dancers had this problem)
  6. Hello again, I am now hoping that someone can give me an idea of where to find this cd. I can't find a place that sells it, even good old Amazon.
  7. I really enjoyed his solo in thrid act. I wish I could have seen more of him dancing! Sometimes I thought the two seemed a little off in the partnering. But, his solo definately made up for it. His solo seemed to get the most applause from the audience. It really was gorgeous! How old is he? He looks very young on stage. My only complaint was that I didn't get any feel for his character. I'm not sure if that was his fault though. He had so little to do where he stood out. Most of the time he just blended in with the rest of the dancers. I actually found this true throughout most of the ballet. At time I thought the stage was way too crowded, especially in the prologue. Oh, and how could I forget, at the end of the ballet....the stage was crowded on both sides with all of the various third act dancers, fairy tales in the front row down stage, and Sologub & Korsakov were center stage depth wise, but one was somewhat stage left and the other stage right. They should have been center stage. If you were not sitting in the left or right orchestra, theres not way you could have seen both of them clearly.
  8. Overall, I enjoyed the performance. I found the costumes to be a little too bright at times. In my opinion, too many primary colors. LOVED the "singing fairy." I'm not sure if I can explain what it was, there was just something about her that I really liked. On the other hand, I was not that impressed with the Lilac Fairy (Veronika Part). I guess I expected her to really make an impression on me and she didn't. A few specific things I noticed/questioned..... First, I did not like the preparation Sologub took when doing pirouettes in the pas de deux. After her bouree forward she would come down on the front foot first, leaving an akward moment when her whole block of the back foot was on the floor and the back leg bent, before putting her entire back foot on the floor for her preparation. Is this common for Kirov dancers? Maybe I'm being picky, but I did not like it. Second, in the Wedding pas de deux, when they run upstage left, for what I consider the most exciting part of the music, I did not like the simple choreography. They did the standard turn sequence (whip from arabesque), but all she did was open to an arapesque after the turn. I've seen different versions of this sequence and they always having something exciting after the pirouette...not today. The choreography did not fit the excitement in the music. I also found the same problem in her 3rd act solo. Her last sequence of turns seemed too slow for the music. The develope ecarte part was fine, but then after that the turns that followed were blah! Again, didn't fit the excitement of the music.
  9. Thank you! I found that on Amazon, but was not sure if it was the entire recording. I also wasn't sure if it had the solo I wanted. Now that I know I will go ahead and get it. Thanks again!
  10. Hello, I am looking for a recording of the Grand Pas de Deux from Le Corsaire. I need a recording that has the Pas, both solos, and coda. Also, I need the ladie's variation that has more of an adagio feeling (not the one Julie Kent does in ABT's version). Any suggestions would be wonderful!!! Thank you.
  11. I saw Giselle, danced by Galina Alvarez, on Saturday Matinee. I was extremely dissapointed! First, I wasn't particuarly fond of Alverez. While she did do an amazing tripple pirouette in her variation (perfectly controlled) that was the only thing about her that really impressed me during her performance. I know she can not help her costume (1st act), but I think it had an effect on how I viewed her during the performance. She looked heavy in her uppper body. This doesn't usually bother me about dancers, but she had no waist. I can't help but wonder if a better costume could have fixed this. Maybe I shouldn't be paying attention to this, but Giselle is my FAVORITE ballet, and she did not "look" the part. I think of Giselle as younger and a little more frail. I'm not sure how old she is but she looked old on stage. Maybe it was the make-up, I'm not sure. Costumes and body aren't all that bothered me. I did not like the peasant pas de deux being danced by 6 girls and 4 boys. Technically I have to say they did a good job. However, the four men were not always together. The six girls did do a nice job. Actually, I enjoyed watching them more than I enjoyed watching Giselle. But, overally I didn't like the change. I would much rather see the pas. As for second act....AHHH. With the exception of a few moments that were impressive, overall I was dissapointed again. I did not like Myrta. I thought that she, along with the corps, looked like robots. Everything was so angular. And the romantic style was not soft. All the did was a pose in a romantic style position and then the next moment the arms were straight as an arrow. Somehow along the way it must have been decided that to be cold you had to be harsh in the movement. As for the wilis, I was extremely dissapointed in the "hops." The corps thuded across the stage! I wanted to cover my ears. But, they did do a nice job on the timing of the diagonal as many have already pointed out. But again, even in the diagonal I couldn't stand looking at their arms. If they weren't posing in romantic style (which I found to be done with no feeling) they had their elbows locked and their fingers glued together. Again, their timing was beautiful, they were definately together. I just didn't like the style. However, judging from the audience's reaction, I think I was alone. The audience seemed to love it! It surprised me for sure. All I could think about was the audience's reaction to ABT's performance of Giselle last spring, compared to their reaction to this performance. In my eyes ABT far exceeded Cuba. I saw Ashley Tuttle perform Giselle (not the best I've ever seen but much better than yesterday) and Stella Abrera peform Myrtha (absolutely gorgeous!!!) However, looking at the audiences reaction, I'm not sure they would agree. I wish I could say I enjoyed it more. But, being my favorite ballet I had high expectations. Unfortunately they were not met.
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