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ABT 2015 Season, Continued

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I don't know, if you look in Getty Images, Isabella Boylston also posed on the red carpet. So did Stephanie Williams, although I don't know if she performed. And Christine Shevchenko. Maybe it was something the company wanted.

Also James Whiteside posed and he did perform.

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Even though this was the 75th anniversary - one thing has not changed.

Best dressed - Dvorovenko

Worst dressed - Vishneva.

Diana is my favorite dancer but her stylist - eek!!

Well, Irina is gorgeous but discovering her gown is Reem Acra, all I can say is, of course! I love, love, love Reem Acra! That couture is just scrumptious.

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Also James Whiteside posed and he did perform.

I liked his suit until I got to the bottom. Not a fan of high waters...Yikes.

Well I guess some can stop the outrage over Misty getting her photo taken since other dancers whom also danced did the same.

Shevchenko's dress was gorgeous btw.

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I'm going to start individual ballet threads for reviews, leaving this one for the general discussion.

This is a very good idea, Helene, thank you. I hope to comment on the three ballets I'm seeing this season: Giselle, R&J and Bayadere.

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Here's Devon Teuscher & Alex Hammoudi

(I love this clip of her doing fouettes, posted only 2 weeks ago. Really hope to see more of her next time ABT returns to DC).

Thank you for this, she looks amazing !! ....and I loveddd Skylar Brandt comment !! lovely to see that they get alone so well.

I saw C. Trenary dancing in Pillar of Fire last week, next to Gillian. I was very, very impressed with her, I hope she gets more chances to develop soon, you can clearly tell that her potential is huge,..........same goes for Brandt, she is small but her proportions are great, she reminds me a bit to Alina C......

The one thing that I am very happy about abt artistic team this year is that finally J Gorak has been put on principal promotion track and has been given all the opportunities that his amazing talent deserves.

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I was not able to exchange any of my tickets yesterday at the box office. Apparently, exchange is now only available to subscribers. The agent was very sympathetic and indicated that this was a relatively new ABT policy, and there were numerous complaints about it.

Perhaps you can try another box office agent. Alternate idea is to find a friend who is a subscriber and have them present their subscriber card to the agent and do the exchange for you.

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Do they verify who purchased the tickets before they do exchanges? If I want to exchange a ticket to PNB or purchase using a subscriber discount, whether online, by phone, or in person, they bring up my account and log the sale against it.

In the future, given ABT's tract record, I'd try to find a subscriber friend to buy my tickets in the first place.

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Frankly, I think all tickets bought by a subscriber must have the person's subscriber number printed on the ticket. So yes, there is a likelihood that the agent will know that the tickets were not actually bought by the person trying to do the exchange. But it's worth a shot. The worst that can happen is that the agent will say no.

I guess they are trying to encourage people to become subscribers, but this new policy may end up having the exact opposite effect. It may encourage people to just wait until shortly before a performance to buy a ticket to make certain that no casting changes will occur. Better to risk having a poor seat to a show you really want to see than be stuck with a bunch of excellent seats for casts you have no interest in seeing. In fact, I have noticed that the best seats tend to open up in the Orchestra and Grand Tier a short time before the performance date, and if you check frequently and are willing to buy on the computer and pay the handling fee, you will often get a seat that is better than people who bought way in advance.

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Ha, I see some Ballet Alertniks in the background in the Diana and Irina pics but I won't point for privacy's sake. Congrats, guys! smile.png

jawdrop.gif LOL. My 15 minutes (2 minutes?) of fame. Mr. Abatt and I were playing a version of Where's Waldo (Where's Abatt and Mr. Abatt) last night upon reviewing gala red carpet photos from various news outlets.

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Referencing post #85 as the quoting function doesn't work on my tablet, heaven only knows why.

I tried to exchange tickets to one of my ABT three performances, explaining I travel 160 miles from Albany, but they (ticket agent and a manager) were inflexible. I made it clear how I felt about the inflexible policy. It is my experience that if you buy 3 open tickets to NYCB, they categorize it as a subscription. Now that may be because I already was a subscriber the previous year; I don't know, but it seems to me that if the company has the tickets available, they should allow exchanges. Also, when I purchased my ABT tickets, the agent advised me to NOT subscribe, as single tickets were at the time just made available for purchase, citing that I could choose my seats. I enjoy the benefits of subscribing, but it was important to me to be able to choose my seats, so I took her advice. Subsequently, I discovered a conflict, but, as I note, the box office would not allow me to exchange.

On another note, With these 3 performances, I'll know what I like for seating and will be able to choose a subscription package in the future, if I want, based on my experience at the Met this season.

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