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  1. I am glad you too enjoy it. I thought it was an epic night. I personally dont remember a Juliet irradiating so much happiness for being in love, particularly in the balcony pdd, her variation was a celebration of love, she seemed flying all over the stage, I got chills through out the entire performance......and her acting before surrendering to dance with Paris, after begging to her parents was so moving, followed by that gorgeously emotional and heartbreaking pdd, my god, it was sensational. ...I also loveedddd the way she used her bourees to express emotions, in different moments, and how e
  2. I went last night, and I am so happy that I did. I thought Boylston completely knocked the ball out of the park. My expectations were low, however, I can certainly say she stunned me, to the point that I rank her performance in my all time top 3-5 for this role. Her technical brilliance brought the choreography to life, better than ever. She made everything look so easy, yet so beautiful, and used it as a perfect vehicle to tell the story, as I have rarely seen before. Literally every phrase made sense for me last night. I remember reading somewhere that she have been taking acting clas
  3. are you sure about this ? I checked, Teuscher got 2 Bayaderes, I believe, as did Seo and Boyslton. Teuscher seems to be the new AD favorite, KM has a clear tendency to "fall in love" for a dancer and then he will just have her/him do everything, like nothing would be enough, no matter how ready or how good or not so good she/he performs the roles given.... We had Seo ballet theater season a coupe of years ago, and she was clearly not ready for that, still nothing stopped him. The casting this week is a good example of how bringing 1-2 world class dancers could help to lift the quali
  4. Kim owned the met tonight, the house was very well sold. His jump are just priceless, what an elevation, he devoured the met stage with those jetes !. To me he has it all, he projects big, he is elegant, a superb partner and his technique is just amazing. I wish they could bring him full time for the met season at least ! He brought the house down with all his solos. Seo danced beautifully, her lines are to die for, those arabesques, my gosh, her upper body and port de bra are just gorgeous. Now, after she has clearly worked on her technique, her dancing in coming along together much bet
  5. I agree with your post completely, to me one potential solution is "balance". Bring 2-3 big stars, and combine that with opportunities to in house dancers. Having 1-2 shows per week with a world-class casting won't hurt the growing opportunities for the home dancers. In fact, I think it would be a great experience for Trenary and Brandt, for example, to dance next to Smirnova, Nuñez, etc., . I dont understand why does it have to be all or nothing, before we had a constellation of stars to the point that the season looked like a ballet festival more than anything else, and now we went 180 degr
  6. Regarding the empty seats in this round of La Bayadere....Years ago ABT threw an all star week of La Bayadere, which included: Smirnova, Terechkina, Cojocaru, Vishneva and Part.....I personally, went and saw pretty much all the shows....This year I havent attended to even one....and many abt long time fans feel the same, I am sure. The met is a huge theater to fill, no question about it, but when the casting has been of star quality people have consistently attended, for sure...once again, compare the selling of Osipova/Hallberg's Giselle versus the rest...... I dont think that ABT proble
  7. I was highly disappointed when I saw that neither of them got an opportunity at a major classical role this year. I am terrified about Trenary particularly, since I remember she was given the opening night in their SB tour in Paris. I really hope she did well bc if by any chance the artistic team of abt was not pleased, I am quite sure that it will take years for her to get another shot. For references, Wiles was given opening night in SL in London, it didn't go well, and from there on was a downfall that did not stop until she left.....Lane was given a shot also with the old SB production, t
  8. Great news, for all of us, veronica's admirers http://rnzb.org.nz/news/rnzb-welcomes-international-guest-artist-veronika-part-for-dancing-with-mozart-season/
  9. I agree completely with nysusan. ABT had golden years, I remember seasons that I could barely skip a show, it was literally a star couple dancing after the next. The level of mediocrity that has taken over the principal roster is frankly devastating, never in my life I thought I would witness such an awful time in this beloved company of mine.....Facts speak by themselves, Osipova/Hallberg's Giselle is being sold out for months, and tickets has been sold at skyrocketing prices...the rest of the shows, half empty house at their best......nothing else need to be said. I understand that ha
  10. I was at today's matinee. I thought Lane had a truly spectacular first act, both technically and artistically. Her madness scene was brutal, and her Act 1 variation very impressive. There is an elegance, an expansiveness in her dancing that is absolutely magnificent, the way she finishes every phrase is remarkable and so tasteful ! C. Hurlin danced peasant pdd and she stood out too, pristine clear technique, clean, refined and musical....I was much less impressed by her partner though. Act 2, however, felt a bit underwhelming for me. Lane was still technically very, very strong, with som
  11. This is very true. Recently, Lehna Dunham had to apologize for initially supporting a writer of her show, Girls, apparently a friend of her, who had been accused of Sexual Assault. ......It could also be the case here, but I find Vishneva, Ratmasky and Kent statements quite strong, although I agree with your point that believing that someone close has done something really bad its not easy. ...On the other hand, Vishneva did label the incident to have "dubious intentions" and the critic's tweet as a "small indiscretion", I would say these two statements are more indicative of having some degr
  12. I hope that Marcelo gets proper legal advice and that they make a public statement with clear specifics to the case, sooner than later. If what happened or what he is been accused of doing its not that "horrendous", the lack of information is and will only do harm to him. For many people his resignation is an indication of accepting responsibility and he hasn't denied that the allegations occurred either (as opposite to Martins). The only public statement made so far by "an spokeswoman for Marcelo said "This is a time of reflection for Marcelo. He is gratified and strengthened by the supp
  13. I am absolutely heartbroken by this news: http://www.dancemagazine.com/marcelo-gomes-just-resigned-from-abt-2519159661.html I wish this wasn't true, we love you Marcelo and we will miss you very very badly on the met stage.
  14. It seems that there are pretty divided opinions about her here. I am personally a fan, she is small but I found her to be beautifully proportionated and musical. She is technically very strong, I think we all agree on this. I saw her Sylvia and loved it. Her personality off stage seems hilarious to me, there are plenty of videos on her Instagram rehearsing SL with Kolpakova...... This is one from the golden cockerel that I found hilariously funny https://www.instagram.com/p/BGanvyLEUeE/?taken-by=balletrusse&hl=en
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