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2013 Met Season--Pre-Season and General Info

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There are still plenty of TBAs to keep us speculating on casting. I'd be surprised if Vishneva isn't casted in A Month in the Country as she loves role debuts. Lane will probably be casted in Symphony in C 3rd or 4th movement, Part & Semionova the 2nd. Semionva/Gomes & Part/Bolle will probably repeat the City Center casting in one of the new Ratmansky pieces.

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The first couple of Symphony in C casts will be revealed when the Kennedy Center season casting is posted (usually just before tix are sold, in this case Feb. 6). I'm hoping for Hee Seo for 2nd mvmt and combos of Copeland, Boylson with Simkin, Cornejo for 3rd.

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I'm wondering if Vishneva is going to be cast in Month or Symphony in C. She is doing very little at ABT this season. 2 Onegins & 1 R&J. It would great if she was the SL TBA, but I seriously doubt that will happen. There are many roles that she no longer does at ABT. She did one performance of Sylvia a few years ago, but never returned to the role. She also did one performance of SB at ABT, and never did that role again at ABT.

Vishneva recently posted on her official website that she'll be dancing in the new Ratmansky ballet, in addition to Onegin and R&J.

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There is a lot of juicy casting info now on the Ardani website regarding Osipova and Vasiliev's upcoming ABT performances, as follows:


Apr 14 matinee of Corsaire in Washington DC

Symphony in C at the Met - May 22 matinee, May 23

Don Q at the Met- May 28

All Ratmansky Bill at the Met: May 31

Corsaire at the Met:- June 4 and 8

R&J at the Met - June 14

Syliva at the Met- June 27 and 29


Corsaire in DC:- Apr 13 matinee and 14 matinee

Symphony in C at the Met - May 22 matinee and May 23

Don Q at the Met - May 28

All Ratmansky at the Met - May 31

Corsaire at the Met- June 4, 5, 7 and 8

Swan Lake at the Met- June 18 and 22

Sylvia - June 27 and 29

The ABT website lists O/V doing Don Q on both 5/25 and 5/28, but the Ardani site lists only the 5/28 date.

So Vasiliev is doing Swan Lake at the Met, but Osipova is not?? I bet that will change. Also, the dates listed for Vasiliev in SL make no sense, since the ABT site lists 6/18 for Part/Stears and 6/22 evening for Herrera/Stearns.

No info on which movement in Symphony in C they will perform, but I would bet the 3rd.

Although Semionova is an Ardani artist,, there is no casting info for her on the Ardani site.

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Speaking of Misty, I read an interview that Herman recently gave regarding his injury. He mentioned that in the Ratmansky Symphony No. 9, he was originally supposed to have a partner, but Ratmansky changed Herman's part to solos because Herman's intended partner was injured. I'm guessing that Misty was supposed to be Herman's partner. She was conspicuously absent during the City Center season.

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With this information that Vasiliev is scheduled for dates when other dancers are listed as the leads, is it possible that he simply won't dance the lead, but another role, like von Rothbart? Or does the Ardani site only list lead appearances? In any case, I am still excited to see who will get that Swan Lake matinee.

And abatt, true, it indeed seems like Herman was talking about Misty when he mentioned the injured partner. At least I haven't heard of anyone else being injured and thus unable to dance during the City Center season. And Misty had been given a prominent role in Ratmansky's works before.

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It isn't a role I would imagine him in (having Gomes imprinted in my mind), but neither is Siegfried to be honest. However, I thought von Rothbart could be a possibility after seeing that Stearns would be cast as Siegfried both these evenings. Unless there will be changes of course which is still possible too.

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It isn't a role I would imagine him in (having Gomes imprinted in my mind), but neither is Siegfried to be honest. However, I thought von Rothbart could be a possibility after seeing that Stearns would be cast as Siegfried both these evenings. Unless there will be changes of course which is still possible too.

This makes sense. Isn't Part too tall for Vasiliev as Siegfried? It seemed Stearns was a good match for her physically (although I am not a fan of his).

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Yes, it does make perfect sense that he would be Rothbart. As to whether he is too short for Part, you should have seen Vasiliev lift Part in the Corsaire last summer, where Vasiliev was Ali and Part was Medora (Stearns was Conrad.). Vasiliev lifted Part with NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER. He is very strong. I felt more comfortable when Veronika was lifted by Vasiliev than I did when she was lifted by Stearns.

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Ardani updated its website re Semionova's schedule. In additon to the dates already announced on ABT's own website, she will be doing Symphony in C on May 22 matinee and May 23 evening. She will be performing in the Ratmansky triple bill on May 31 and June 1.

For anyone interested in ABT's performances in Hong Kong, she will also be making numerous appearances during that engagement. She is NOT listed for any appearances in Washington D.C.,

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More casting nuggets courtesy of the Ardani Artists website. Vasiliev is cast in Sleeping Beauty on July 1 and 3. I presume he is doing Bluebird. Osipova and Vasiliev are now listed for the Don Q on May 25, which corresponds to the info on the ABT website.

Vasiliev will tour with ABT to Los Angeles this summer, and he will appear in Corsaire in LA on July 12, 13 and 14.

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Abatt - Thanks for the heads up about the Ardani site - I'd long ago given it up as a site that would never be updated. You're right - it is a goldmine of info - am spinning around the room right now (clumsy, yes and wearing ugly Croc sandals, but still spinning!) having discovered that Osipova/Vasiliev are scheduled to dance Don Q in Melbourne with the Australian Ballet in March 2013, during the very week I'll be there.

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A few more tidbits about casting just appeared on the NYTimes Arts Blog:

. . . a Royal Ballet principal dancer, Stephen McRae, and a principal from the Danish company, Alban Lendorf, will dance in the 2013 spring season at American Ballet Theater. Mr. McRae will dance the role of Lankendem in “Le Corsaire” at the June 5 matinee and June 8 evening performances. Mr. Lendorf will dance the role of Prince Désiré in “The Sleeping Beauty” at the July 6 matinee.


Still no hints about those TBA Swan Lakes June 20 and 22. We do know that Osipova has posted her schedule through July 2013 and she doesn't list Swan Lake at ABT:


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Why does Kevin keep borrowing short male dancers?! He doesn't seem to like ABTs short girls or short guys (sans Danil). Mind boggling.

AT least ABTs dancers are getting something out of this, this time. Odd to borrow McRae for Lankendem, though I guess he probably wouldn't want the direct comparison to Vasiliev as Ali.

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According to his ABT bio,

At fifteen, he participated in the Youth America Grand Prix and was offered a full scholarship to the Royal Ballet School in London. During his training there, he performed in Madrid, Moscow, Milan and Germany. His principal roles included principal roles in Mark Annear's Mendelssohn Concerto, Kenneth Macmillan's Concerto, Kirk Peterson's Eyes That Gently Touch, Robert Hill's Piano Concerto #2, and Barry Moreland's Fearful Symmetries...Upon graduating from the Royal Ballet School with honors, he received, for the second year, the Dame Ruth Railton Award for excellence in dance.
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The official release:

Steven McRae of The Royal Ballet and Alban Lendorf of the Royal Danish Ballet

to Perform with American Ballet Theatre during 2013 Spring Season at

Metropolitan Opera House as Part of Artist Exchange Program

Principal Dancer Cory Stearns to Appear with The Royal Ballet and Soloist

Isabella Boylston to Perform with the Royal Danish Ballet as Exchange Artists

American Ballet Theatre has announced an exchange program that will bring

Steven McRae, a principal dancer with The Royal Ballet and Alban Lendorf, a

principal dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet, to perform as exchange artists during

ABT’s 2013 Spring Season at the Metropolitan Opera House. The exchange program

was announced today by Kevin McKenzie, ABT Artistic Director. McRae will dance

the role of Lankendem in Le Corsaire at the June 5 matinee and June 8 evening

performances. Lendorf will dance the role of Prince Désiré in The Sleeping Beauty at

the Saturday, July 6 matinee.

As part of the exchange program with The Royal Ballet and the Royal Danish

Ballet, American Ballet Theatre Principal Dancer Cory Stearns will appear with

The Royal Ballet in December 2013, and ABT Soloist Isabella Boylston will dance the

roles of Dew Drop and Sugarplum Fairy in the Royal Danish Ballet’s production of

The Nutcracker, also in December 2013.

Steven McRae was born in Sydney, Australia. He trained with Hilary Kaplan

and at The Royal Ballet School. He received the RAD Solo Seal Award and the

Adeline Genée Gold Medal, 2002, and the Prix de Lausanne, 2003. He joined

The Royal Ballet in 2004 and was promoted to principal in 2009. His repertory with

The Royal Ballet includes Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake, Lensky in Onegin, Romeo

in Romeo and Juliet, James in La Sylphide, Des Grieux in Manon, Prince Florimund in

The Sleeping Beauty, Colas in La Fille mal gardée, the Prince in The Nutcracker and

Cinderella, Blue Boy in Les Patineurs and The Chosen One in The Rite of Spring. He

created roles for choreographers including Kim Brandstrup, Christopher Bruce,

Johan Kobborg, Wayne McGregor, Alistair Marriott, Liam Scarlett, Jonathan Watkins

and Christopher Wheeldon. In 2007 he was nominated for an Olivier Award and

won Emerging Male Artist (Classical) at the Critics’ Circle Dance Awards. He is

currently studying for a degree in Business Management and Leadership.

Alban Lendorf was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and received his training

at the Royal Danish Ballet School. In 2006, he joined the Royal Danish Ballet as an

apprentice and became a member of its corps de ballet in 2008. He was promoted

to soloist in 2010 and to principal dancer in 2011. His repertoire with the Royal

Danish Ballet includes Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake, Prince Désiré in Christopher

Wheeldon’s The Sleeping Beauty, Gennaro in Napoli, James in La Sylphide, Armand

in Lady of the Camellias, the title role in Apollo and principal roles in Etudes, Other

Dances, Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux and Le Corsaire pas de deux. In 2009, Lendorf won

the Golden Ballet award and a D.A.N.C.E. Grant.

Subscriptions for American Ballet Theatre’s 2013 Spring season at the

Metropolitan Opera House are on sale now by phone at 212-362-6000, or online at

ABT's website www.abt.org.

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