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Natalia Makarova & Mikhail Baryshnikov

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this type wirephoto is of its time, it's something/somehow between a fax and a photocopy - that is, not a properly, or even improperly developed photo - i suppose an actual photographic print is fed into some 'transmission' machine and this sort of copy comes out at the other end.

something tells me if anyone here would know more, it would be Mel.

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to me, and i'm not botanist, i'd guess the flowers in the bouquet being held on the right, the groom's boutonniere, and those decorating the candle he's holding are lilies-of-the-valley? the leaves look right for that flower to me.

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i suspect your recall is confusing these individuals as a married couple with other Soviet Russians of this era.

i can think of no reliable source suggesting a marriage between Makarova and Baryshnikov.

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M.B. has never been married, has he?

When he was trying to sell that estate on the Hudson in recent years, Lisa Rinehart did an on-line video tour of the place and publications like the Wall Street Journal referred to her as his wife from "about four years ago". I assumed their agent thought it would be a little much for him to do the tour, so she did it.


But he certainly gave plenty of quotes over the years to interviewers that he did not believe in marriage, so that was a surprise. With three kids and well into his 60s, perhaps his attorney suggested that he needed to think ahead about such things.

I don't think I could track down a source, but I thought Makarova was briefly married in Russia to someone else and she broke it off with Baryshnikov partly because of that and because she was eight years older. Note in that interview about her San Francisco marriage that she considered it her first marriage.

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I have read in the past that Natalya Makarova was married first to a dancer, second husband was a film firector before she married Mr.Karkar.


On reflection I think the source may have got confused with the film director Bondarchuk who married Inna


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