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  1. The post on Instagram clearly thanks Erica Fischbach former ABT and the Academy Director. His husband is also with him. Perhaps just a friendly visit.
  2. You are correct, Sam never promoted himself. There is so much he was behind. Hopefully there will be a more complete accounting of all of his projects. Sam was amazing.
  3. This article only mentions a few of Mr. Miller's accomplishments. Hopefully the NY Times will run an official obituary but right now, is not the time. May he rest in peace.
  4. https://www.artforum.com/news/sam-miller-1952-2018-75252 Very sad news. A magnificent man who was always there for the artists. May he rest in peace.
  5. Wishing Ms Hamrick and Mr. Jagger much happiness with the little one!
  6. vrsfanatic

    Miko Fogarty

    I have worked various Asian Competitions, as a judge where Ms. Forgarty was the leading guest artist. She was without her mother and handled herself quite well with the young children and the international panel of judges. She is still a youngster. She will develop personally and professionally. As for the private lessons, I have no idea. Really only she and her teacher know that answer. I am not a private lesson fan so it is best I not begin on that subject.
  7. Perhaps an injury may occur to a dancer who is unaccustomed to dancing on a rake. Having experienced taking class on the floors at Vaganova Academy for well over two years (as a teacher, studying to be a teacher), there is a difference indeed. Many non-Russian trained dancers have survived this adjustment without injury for centuries. It may be a personal issue. The rake in Rep Zal, the studio most often seen in photos and on video, is the same as Mariinsky. A few of the other studios are the same, while some are a bit less. Rep Zal has the biggest rake/inclination. It would be interesting to
  8. Yes there was an announcement that Mr. Gomes was to dance with Mikhailovsky Theatre a few years back. I do not know what happened, but outside of that one performance, I do not know of others in that Theatre.
  9. Thank you Natalia. How lovely!
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  11. Thank you very much for posting this. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful artist and very kind person.
  12. There was a small and very beautiful obituary in the Sunday NY Times written by I am assuming Eva's husband Michael. If any of you still have the paper it is in the first section of the paper on page 20. It is hard to believe that the NY Times has not written a wonderful article about her. This is an unhappy state of affairs.
  13. Very sad news indeed. Eva inspired many through her great artistry, kindness and gentle nature. Rest in peace Eva. May her husband find strength in knowing that Eva was loved worldwide and inspired many. Very, very sad indeed.
  14. Mr. Radetsky has joined the Dutch National Ballet not the Royal Ballet.
  15. vrsfanatic

    Veronika Part

    I did not mean to hijack this thread... Just my experience as a teacher and having "known/watched" Wiles, Part and Vishneva as students for years (not my students), they all had different excellent teachers, but the same Vaganova training. Wiles in the US and Part and Vishneva in Russia. Culture does make a difference. My teacher of methodology in Russia would always remind me that the training is the training but that each country should maintain its' cultural identity. Basically she was telling me that my goal to train dancers to look like dancers in Russia was not realistic. It has taken
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