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This or that

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Someone chooses from the above choice, and then comes up with a choice themselves. For example, suppose you were to pick "Who Cares?" You would then do a "this" or "that." Say you write, "Kirov or Bolshoi?" Someone would then have to choose, and then come up with a choice. And so on ...

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Sounds a bit like Stravinsky/Kandinsky, in which the first player names a prominent figure in one field, and the second player must name a prominent figure in another field which:

1 ) Rhymes with the first name

2 ) Is of a comparable outlook or values system as the first-named.

For example, the eponymous figures in music and art would be a good exchange. "Charles Wilson Peale" and "Eugene O'Neill" would not. Same last names are prohibited as, "Edward Hopper" and "Hedda Hopper", which would be a bad exchange anyway, but the debatability of the comparisons is where the interesting part of play comes in.

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In one very stressful job which was based on the telephone we used to sometimes call people up (businesses only, never people at home) and ask them 'Badger or Marmite?' .. that's all you were allowed to say - although you could keep repeating it until they understood they had to give an answer. Surprisingly, many people understood straight away and gave their answer without hesitation (we'd say 'thank you!' or ' good answer!' and hang up). Some would really weigh up the pros and cons of badgers and Marmite before answering. Hardly anyone got properly mad. :pinch:

I remember it seemed to work better on Friday afternoons than Monday mornings at 9:01am.

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