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Favorite Bluebirds

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Which dancers are your favorite Bluebirds????? From the ones I have seen live, Fernando Bujones is my personal favorite. Others I have enjoyed are: John Renvall, and Frank Augustin (my very first one, with the National Ballet of Canada). Fernando had the stretch and elevation, and best represented what the Bluebird is to me!!!!! :wink:

People have told me that Nureyev and Yuri Soloviev were among the greatest of all time! Any opinions?

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I haven't been fortunate enough to see any noteworthy Bluebirds but how about a short list of guys who I'd love to see.

Herman Cornejo-ABT

Ivan Putrov & Carlos Acosta-RB

Emmanual Thibault-POB

Daniel Ulbricht-NYCB

Some high flyin' dudes there! :wink:

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Kevin Pugh (National Ballet of Canada)! He was one of the world's highest ballet jumpers. (He can still shoot straight up like a rocket, despite the foot injury that ended his performing career early.) From his bio:

In 1981, he won the silver medal in the Senior Men's category at the 4th International Ballet Competition in Moscow. In 1979, Pugh danced so brilliantly as the Bluebird in THE SLEEPING BEAUTY at the New York State Theatre that Rudolf Nureyev presented him with his bouquet during the curtain calls.

Bluebird was one of the roles he danced in Moscow in 1981 that led to his medal win.

Here's the link to his bio on Kevin's "DanceTeq" site:

Kevin Pugh

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There's a broadcast of Tetsuya Kumakawa performing Bluebird, which would seem to a role made just for him. This was when the Royal Ballet were visiting Washington DC in the late 90s. Darcey Bussell was dancing Aurora, and one amusing moment is a shot of Anthony Dowell muttering under his breath, "That's not musical!" when Bussell was trying to get some section down during a dress rehearsal. Unfortunately, I don't have the tape of it.


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I would have loved Panov if his variation would have been included in the Kirov film of the 60s; why it wasn't included in the film ?

I would say it was one more victim of the massive cuts made for the film.

Using a hatchet, the filmers got the running length of the film down to 90 minutes. So much of the ballet didn't make it to film. Possibly Act 3 suffered the most.

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sorry that the attached scan is so cropped.

if it proves more frustrating than worthwhile this way, i can take it down; it's as much of the cover of a Sept. 3, 1966 issue of THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS as could fit my scanner.

the photo is duly identified as: Alla Sizova and Yuri Soloviev in the BLUEBIRD PAS DE DEUX from THE SLEEPING BEAUTY.

the related article in the issue is entitled "The Kirov Ballet returns to Covent Garden" and the 2-page spread announces that "The Leningrad State Kirov Ballet begin thier second visit to England on September 5. The will be giving 28 perfomances, mainly of classical ballets."

the smaller photos for the spread are all black and white.


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When ABT last did Aurora's Wedding on its e-n-d-l-e-s-s Tchaikovsky bill, Herman Cornejo brought even the most somnolent audience members to full attention. I would be surprised if he were not first cast Bluebird.

I'd love to see what Kajiya and Lane do as Florine -- two sure bets (I hope) :beg: .

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Dale has posted expanded casting for the Beauties. Here are the Florines and Bluebirds only.

Fri. Eve., June 1, 8 P.M. Reyes, Cornejo

Sat. Mat., June 2, 2 P.M. Lane*, Lopez*

Sat. Eve., June 2, 8 P.M. Riccetto*, Radetsky*

Mon. Eve., June 4, 8 P.M. Reyes, Cornejo

Tues. Eve., June 5, 8 P.M. Lane, Lopez

Wed. Mat., June 6, 2 P.M. Abrera*, Saveliev*

Wed. Eve., June 6, 8 P.M. Reyes, Cornejo

Thurs. Eve., June 7, 8 P.M. Riccetto, Radetsky

Fri. Eve., June 8, 8 P.M. Abrera, Saveliev

Sat. Mat., June 9, 2 P.M. Seo*, Radetsky

Sat. Eve., June 9, 8 P.M. Reyes, Cornejo

*First Time in Role

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On some other thread, probably on Soloviev, I mentioned that Yuri Soloviev was an amazing "Bluebird". I was very young when I saw him perform this role, but it lives in my memory as one of the most exciting performances I've ever seen. rq...thank you, as always, for the photo of Soloviev and Sizova...I have a pair of Soloviev's "Bluebird" shoes that my then 10-year-old brother, Tony, "lifted" from a box at the SF Opera House when he was appearing as a "Grasshopper" in the Kirov's "Cinderella"! By the way, the costume designer for ABT's new "Sleeping Beauty" is octogenerian Willa Kim. Isn't this just remarkable! Willa and Tony Walton are an amazing team of designers, and ABT is so lucky to have their talent gracing the production. I can't wait to see it whenever I have a chance....

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