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  1. I think Diana's comments just about confirm it. Art076 had the same idea, too, based on the fact that ABT and the Royal Ballet shared Sylvia in the same way, and that we'll be seeing the beloved Farmer designs from RB's recent SB production back with ABT next season. I think the Kirov is touring with just Swan Lake and R&J next season, and it would be unusual for Malakhov to dance with them. --Andre
  2. I've seen her in many ballets, and she is always amazing, even when she's having an off night. Memorable ones include the first time I ever saw her, which was Nikiya in La Bayadere: amazing range of movement and contrast of speeds as well as an emotional complexity in her character. She's also done the only perfect Rose Adagio I've ever seen. It looked almost too easy. Her Rubies is fantastic, too. She has an incredible stage presence. When she comes out, it's almost like someone turned on some extra lights. --Andre
  3. Art, I believe that is the correct ballet. There's also a short excerpt from it in Sylve's 7-turn fouette video from the Dutch National Ballet website. The dancing and music in it are so exciting that I'm looking forward to the day I can watch it in its entirety. --Andre
  4. There is a lot of mime (more than the Lezhina/Kirov, and the Durante/RB productions, I believe), but I don't think they have completely restored all of the mime, though it's the most I've seen on video. The scene I use to judge this is mainly the first Carabosse scene. I liked Princess Florine, but Bluebird did not have enough ballon and ease (compare to the dancer on Lezhina/Kirov), and looked like he was getting really tired at the end of his entrechet-six series. It's also the shorter male variation. --Andre
  5. That is rather odd. It looks like the clip crops off parts of the full image, since the full image is letterboxed, and the clip appears to be the standard TV 4x3 ratio. The DVD doesn't look like that, but instead has a wide shot of the whole stage. --Andre
  6. I received my copy of this DVD from Amazon UK yesterday, and had a chance to watch parts of it last night. Good news: the DVD is region free, and in NTSC format, so people in the US can get this DVD a couple of weeks earlier if desired without owning a hacked DVD player and PAL converter. It took about a week to reach me, and cost 22.22 GBP total (including shipping), so it's not really more expensive than ordering it from the Amazon US. The packaging is very nice, and the ballet is on 2 DVDs: Prologue and Act 1 on one disk, Act 2, 3, and extras on the second disk. Video quality is good,
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