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  1. artist

    Henry Danton

    You're right. I was also comparing the head and arms between the two girls in the back. I'm more attracted to the second one because it seems more open. Although the first reminds me of Giselle or Swan Lake.
  2. This might be silly, but were wigs commonly used in ballets during this time? Doesn't the Mariinsky still use wigs in their ballets so that everyone is the same?
  3. artist

    Henry Danton

    He doesn't seem to have much turnout in his right leg, even compared to everyone else. What year was this photo taken?
  4. So I realize BT4D has the "zazzle" link to t-shirts, keychains, etc. Is Ballet Talk going to have its own line?
  5. what i'm really excited for is Lorin Johnson, one of the ballet masters there formally from ABT.
  6. just wanted to say i'm 'back' from a long break of reading posts here - ones of which i need to catch up on! I am now a freshman in college at California State University Long Beach and majoring in Dance
  7. I am reading Paradise Lost by John Milton. I've been wanting to read it for some time now and may I say it's incredibly amazing. This is the kind of stuff I love to read and I don't find myself stuck anywhere as I seem to breeze right through. Of course I am in deep thought when I read such work but it interests me; I seem to 'feel' and understand it. It's quite enjoyable and haven't found a book where I can feel like this. I seem to have gotten tired of the usual story books long ago and now I have found that I don't completely dislike reading. Does anyone know of any other works that are written like this?
  8. All I can say is that I always do what I feel. And I love nature, I feel most alive when I am surrounded by it. So when a beautful breeze kisses my cheek, I spread my arms up and out, lifting my ribs and just twirl around, or pretend I am flying with it; my hands and arms would be in ballet-related positions and movements. I know when I'm at the beach I would dance right by the shore, actually, moving to the flow of the water. I guess I might get the same feeling inside when I dance to a favorite piece as to when I view the sunset, my favorite nature scene. But when I am out in nature, I don't dance so structured. I won't hit a arabesque on the spot, I'm not going to just stand in a tight fifth position, and I surely wouldn't try my hardest on steps like I'm in class. Being out in nature is peaceful, so I will express that with movements and expressions that reflect my emotions. It's like it flows through me more. I just feel free and dance like I'm free. Why we don't do this on stage so much is probably because we have a reason to be there and we have to think! Out in nature you do what you want, and like you say, it's spontaneous! And that feels so good! When there's a breeze, I move like the wind. When I'm touching water, I reflect the flow of the waves. When I watch the sunset, I melt on the inside like I do when I dance to music. And on stage, it's choreographed. ---i mean, this is how i feel on the inside and how i feel when i move sometimes. I don't go to the beach and literally act like a wave, or run around pretending I'm air.-- (and of course there's artistic expression, etc. but it's definitely not the same to be under structure and conformity and doing as you please in the beauty of nature...) ... and at the disco it's all about the music and the beat, again, moving to how you feel; freedom of expression, i guess.
  9. maybe what i look for is to see the special aura emanate from the dancers as to how I would feel from the music. As music is an important factor of dance I want to be able to be moved by the dancers' 'aura' just as much as I would be when I would dance the same piece. I lost the ability to perform as I please but the passion grew stronger. So now when I attend performances that is pretty much all that matters to me - how well the dancers radiate their energy to me. I guess it's more of how much the dancers show me that they have that passion, too, and just want to perform the hell out of themselves like I do now. Maybe it's that I want to see what I feel because dancing was my only form of expression, and now that I can't do that to the extent I want I search for anything that will give me solace. Technique does not matter to me more than artistic quality does. Can you tell a story better with footsteps or free expression? I don't know, I guess to come into the theater with this mindset is unsuitable for any art, but inevitably I come back to having those same feelings that never got expressed. I just want to see that passion, the yearn for dance as I know yearn.
  10. yes, thank you for bringing me back into the wonder of performance, as I've have become a little detached from ballet nowadays. your reply made me feel a sense of awe and warmth rather than the usual melancholy and jealousy; it brought me back to remembering how I used to feel when i danced.
  11. wow, ms leigh, I truly admire all of the work you have acheived with so many famed artists. It's incredibly amazing what you've been able to accomplish and with whom. Such fun times it was, I presume, and it brings me to a smile the memories you've shared with us. Thank you and, btw, you are so beautiful! Oh, I never knew how lovely you were!
  12. My favourites are The Omen series (the old one), Child's Play, and Halloween.
  13. Now there are video clips of certain dancers within their 'page.' Just click on any dancer and there's a youtube video clip just waiting for you! It is very convenient when looking at dancers that you have not seen or even to compare.
  14. artist

    Deja Vu

    Oh how I love Italy. I absolutely adore the Tuscan hills. But I am a city girl at heart so I have a Florentine passion. Welcome.
  15. so, San Francisco Ballet isn't included? In what ways does ABT and NYCB dominate over SFB, for example? Is it the Balanchine influence/repertoire?
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