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  1. Hi BA Members! Update on the Fundraiser...we are REALLY close! Last year we finished it in 3 weeks, so lets get this over with by Wednesday, which will be three weeks. You can do it!!! Let's get that donation box down!
  2. The lady I mentioned in the last paragraph of my post, above, is Miriam Golden. She is the one who was in the very first performance ever of ABT, then Ballet Theatre, at the OLD Met, January, 1940.
  3. The woman in the black dress in front of Paul Sutherland (3rd photo), is Lupe Serrano. The lady in short pink behind Martine is Rachel Moore, the company Executive Director. To Lupe's right, the short lady in black with short black hair and pink roses in her hand is Glady Celeste, one of the company pianists who has been with the company since before I was there! Far right of photo in black, short black hair, is Maria Youskevitch. In the first and second photo, I am standing next to Bruce Marks. (My dress is really pink, but doesn't show up pink in those photos.) Right beside me on my right i
  4. Hello Sierra, welcome to Ballet Talk, and thank you for your lovely words about our site. I'm not sure about the moderators on Ballet Talk, but I know that Ballet Talk for Dancers consumes every bit of time that I have available online. I also don't think that we want to be sending our moderators and posters to another board, as of course we would prefer to have you all come here. Have you been to Ballet Talk for Dancers, which is the "sister board" to Ballet Talk? I really don't think that it is that big or confusing, and we have forums for Young Dancers in two different age groups, plus a
  5. Thank you, Old Fashioned! It's always very special for me to read such lovely things about "my child"! Both Barbara Bears and Dawn Scannell were like my own children, and now they both have babies of their own, so, that makes me a Grandmother! And I love it! They were both trained during the 6 years that I had my own school, with my partner, Jim Franklin, in Florida. We had Barbara from age 11 and Dawn from age 12. They both went into Houston Ballet at 16, Dawn as an apprentice and then into the company in three months, and Barbara with one year in the school and then directly to company
  6. Very impressed that he did that. Quite amazing for a ballet film, and well deserved. This film was groundbreaking and incredibly special, not only for it's time, but I think still. It certainly had a most profound influence on me as a child!
  7. Thank you for that information, Old Fashioned! Delighted to hear that Lisa K. is getting to do SPF. She is one of our former students and company apprentices here at WB.
  8. Yes, she had a lot of things to do last night, and she caught my attention every time she was onstage.
  9. I saw Saturday night's performance, and thought it was lovely! It's really a nice production, and I enjoyed the lovely sets and costumes and the livliness and energy throughout. Loved the ending with the balloon! Wonderful dancing by a number of soloists, particularly Julianne Kepley (Sugarplum), Masayoshi Onuki (Snow Prince), the dancers in the Arabian and Russian, April Daly and Masayoshi in Chinese, Maia Wilkins (Spanish), and Erika Edwards, a corps dancer who captivated me with her personality as well as strong dancing. The children in the producition were brilliantly rehearsed by Rho
  10. Jonathan Jordan with Laura in Peasant Pas
  11. During my years the staples of the ABT rep were Les Sylphides, Billy, Theme and Variations, Grand Pas Glazunov, and Etudes. Many programs on tour were either Sylphides or Theme or Glazunov, followed by Billy and Etudes.
  12. Some versions of Nutcracker use ribbons in the Chinese variation, and they are very effective. However, they are not used in the same way as in rhythmic gymnastics! There is also a ribbon pas de deux in La Fille Mal Gardée, however this is also quite far from rhythmic gymnastics, thank heavens! I have nothing against this sport, and it certainly is more artistic than many others, HOWEVER, it is NOT ballet, and never will be, I HOPE!
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