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  1. Would anyone have an idea of the casting for La Bayadère in Ottawa February 24-27?
  2. The opening night was yesterday, I hope that someone attended and will post here!
  3. In preparation for the 2010 Olympics, Igor Markov is working with Mariinsky Theater's Ulyana Lopatkina; would any of you have information on this choreographer and his works?
  4. Would anyone know about the recent premiere of the ballet Fadette/Fadetta in Perm by Boyarchnikov? Is it based on Lavrosky's ballet? Is it using music from Sylvia?
  5. What a nice piece of dance... lovely. The studio reminds me (somehow) of the one used for one of Cyd Charisse's dance, just forgot the name, duet in an absolutely beautiful draped dress with laced top, she enters in a green cape... Forgot the title!
  6. I recently saw on youtube with Noella Pontois and Denis Ganio and I was wondering which version it was... anyone know?
  7. For those who also saw the video production of 1970 with Terekhova, how does it compare?
  8. This does not directly answer the question, but it needs to be said. I think the most frustrating experience of watching and ballet film happens when close-ups are made, it prevents you from seeing the choreography, kind of like if you would be listening to an orchestra playing a symphony, and I cut all the instruments for you to hear the flute... whole bodies interpret dance pieces.
  9. I'm shocked and wished it was not true. Her death affects way too many people and puts a stop to her incredible talent for giving and teaching her knowledge, she certainly cannot be replaced. She has to have been the ballerina I enjoyed watching the most. I feel for all the people she left so tragically.
  10. What about a full Mamzelle Angot?
  11. Mel had an interesting answer to this question, which I asked last year: http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=27605
  12. I was wondering if in the last act's PDD, she did the "shoulder rolls" that Kitri does in Cuba? For me this is what made me twitch, but I do enjoy the Cuban balance.
  13. Cannot wait to read about it and am sure it was worth the extreme traveling experience!!!
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