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Dead Rockers: Future Tribute Ideas

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As the boomers continue slouching toward Retirement and Beyond, it occurred to me that "Within You Without You" might only be the tip of the iceberg. Why stop at George Harrison? There are still many prominent rockers out there worthy of tributes from classical companies when they eventually buy the farm. For the benefit of enterprising artistic directors everywhere, may I suggest that Ballet Alerters begin the process by supplying them with a few prospective ballet titles, using song names or lyrics from the appropriate musician and the "[Title]: A Tribute to …..] format. I'm thinking along the following lines:

"Metal Machine Music: A Tribute to Lou Reed"

"'She's Under My Thumb'": A Tribute to Mick Jagger"

"Maybe I'm Amazed, Or Maybe I'm Not: A Tribute to Paul McCartney"

"He Was Only In It For the Money: A Tribute to Frank Zappa"

I'm sure you can do better than I can off the top of my head. Yes, I noodled with Paul's lyric just a bit. And Frank is already gone. Carry on.

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"Back in the USSR" Boris Eifman's tribute to the Beatles?

"Street Choir" a new Stroman ballet/singing tribute to Van the Man Morrison, rather than the too obvious "Moon Dance"? - oops, Van is not dead thankfully, he's in Ireland, I think.

(I like this as much as I like the "Which dead Russian composer are you?" thread.)

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"Cool Cat, Looking for a Kitty:" A Tribute to the Lovin' Spoonful

"The Gypsy Eyes of the Voodoo Chile:" A Slight Return to Jimi Hendrix

"Discipline/Indiscipline:" A Young Person's Guide to King Crimson

"Look at Me, I'm Wonderful:" The Bonzo Dog Band Revue

"Major Tom and Ziggy:" Who's David Bowie This Time?

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"Major Tom and Ziggy:" Who's David Bowie This Time?

On the Boards, a local contemporary performance venue, commissioned a work from several local choreographers last year to the music of David Bowie. While parts of it were interesting, it was, as a whole, just as chaotic as you are already imagining...

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Ooh, I'd forgotten about this thread :beg: I'll only post two, I promise!

"Toxic: The Britney Spears Ballet" (And you thought those bikini-top tutus in Le Corsaire were revealing...)

This next one would really be a popera instead of ballet, but I couldn't resist:

La Bohèmian Rhapsody: The Metropolitan Opera sings Queen

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