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  1. All of Ica Classics dvd's are region code 0 (All region). http://www.prestoclassical.co.uk/r/ica%2Bclassics/ICAD5088
  2. You can pre-order now http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ashton-Stanley-Orchestra-Lanchberry-Classics/dp/B0096N6BFK/ref=sr_1_6?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1350635835&sr=1-6 David Blair have big trouble with the ribbon in the ribbon Pas de Deux and end up with the ribbon on his head
  3. Mine is Peter Martins "Barbie", mostly because my daughter forced me to dance it with her so many times. Martins Barbie and Balanchine's Nutcracker Grand Pas De Deux are the ones that still bring tears in my eyes Maria Kowroski did Barbies dancing
  4. I just saw the interview with Svetlana Zakharova and it didn't change my opinion about her , now time for a really talented dancer: Vyjanthimala in "Amrapali".
  5. What a beautiful performance Anna Bessonova and the Ukranian rhythmic team did , Anna is such an emotional dancer, gymnast.
  6. I believe that if you are looking for classical ballet you would be disappointed. There are not much dancing in "A folk tale", what I recall is some folk dance in act one, solo by Hilda (Silja Schanorff) in act two and a Pas de sept, with Johan Kobborg, in act three. But it is a very entertaining ballet and I really like all the mime, not to mention Sorella Englund and Michael Bastian as the trolls. Queen Margrethe II not only designed the costumes, she also did the wonderful sets. More about A folk tale HERE A short video HERE
  7. I am looking forward to see some great choreography by Wade Robson and Mandy Moore, and I wonder if Benji Schwimmer got another sister or cousin that show up for audition? Anyway this show is so much better than "Dancing with the stars".
  8. Here are some danish documentaries on video with Erik Bruhn, Flemming Flindt, Nicolaj Hubbe, Henning Kronstams Giselle, August Bournonville. I will certainly try to get hold on some of these. DFI-KATALOG
  9. "but Jon (the owner) is a dweeb, and won't even know which way to face in his seat." Which he proves today, by making a fool of himself and make his date embarrassed. http://www.uclick.com/client/pbi/ga/ Go swans!!!!! Why not bring one of these to the ballet C'mon wilis, go and get him!
  10. Of course I had to check this out, and made a download rental of act 1 and 2. It was a enjoyable production, thanks innopac!
  11. There is one story about YELENA ANDREIANOVA (1819 - 1857). "Yelena Andreianova was the lover and mistress of Alexander Guedenov, the director of the Imperial Theatres. Yelena graduated from the Imperial Theatre School in1837 and became the ballerina of the Maryinsky Ballet. Her political power in the company was uncontested because of her relationship with the director. Unfortunately with the visiting ballerinas from France caused her to lose many of her roles. She had been the first Russian ballerina to perform Giselle in Russia. Yelena had to watch from the wings while Marie Taglioni and Fa
  12. Legend of love $200 DVD sold as "Low price" at Amazon It can be found for 19,99 in other online stores if you want to buy this DVD at a reasonable price.
  13. Now you can preorder "Aurore", the new ballet movie by Nils Tavernier (Etoiles). Here is a link to the DVD that will be released 15 nov 2006 Amazon.fr
  14. Bournonville & Monkey business is a documentary about The Royal Danish Ballet's tour in Brazil. "To this journey the choreographer Tim Rushton created the ballet "Monkey business", and the film follows the first meeting between the dancer Rose Gad and Tim Rushton to the staging of the ballet at Teatro Amazonas". Bournonville School DVDs: "The complete six Bournonville daily classes, based on the originals created by Hans Beck, performed on two DVDs by members of the Royal Danish Ballet, and accompanied by two hardback books containing the written classes and piano scores. (Please note t
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