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  1. Legend of love $200 DVD sold as "Low price" at Amazon It can be found for 19,99 in other online stores if you want to buy this DVD at a reasonable price.
  2. Now you can preorder "Aurore", the new ballet movie by Nils Tavernier (Etoiles). Here is a link to the DVD that will be released 15 nov 2006 Amazon.fr
  3. Bournonville & Monkey business is a documentary about The Royal Danish Ballet's tour in Brazil. "To this journey the choreographer Tim Rushton created the ballet "Monkey business", and the film follows the first meeting between the dancer Rose Gad and Tim Rushton to the staging of the ballet at Teatro Amazonas". Bournonville School DVDs: "The complete six Bournonville daily classes, based on the originals created by Hans Beck, performed on two DVDs by members of the Royal Danish Ballet, and accompanied by two hardback books containing the written classes and piano scores. (Please note t
  4. I speak danish, just ask me if there is something you don't understand. Maybe somebody can help me find a shop were I can buy the documentary about the Royal Danish Ballet "Bournonville & Monkey business"
  5. The tap dancing was a part of a very entertaining and funny dance battle between the three male dancers. I thought that dance battle was a hip hop thing?, but it was fantastic to see these great dancers try to outdo each other. Kobborg started off with a amazing solo number, David Makhateli and Steven Mc Rae was yawning and tried to look very unimpressed. Mc Rae answered with a fantastic tap number and he really got the audience with him , to Kobborgs annoyance . David Makhateli refused to participate in the battle but he was forced to dance by Kobborg and Mc Rae, and acting very un
  6. Yesterday members of the Royal Ballet performed in Sweden were I had the opportunity to take some pictures. The did a mixed program with pieces of Don Q, Romeo and Juliet, Sleeping beauty, Le Corsair and even some tap dancing!! Alina Cojocaru, Johan Kobborg, Venus Villa, David Makhateli and two dancers that I forgot the name of, will now be travelling to Japan to perform for a month and then they will be off to tour in the U.S. I hope you have a chance to see them. Don Q Juliet Sleeping Beauty Le Corsair Romeo and Juliet
  7. Well, it is a public garden in Sweden that is now taken over and run by the danish floral artist Tage Andersen. The performances are a part of this seasons program at the garden. Here is a website were you can find more info in english.
  8. Thomas Lund and members of the Royal Danish Ballet perform at Norrvikens Trädgårdar 13/8. Johan Kobborg and Alina Cojocaru and members of the English Royal Ballet perform 23/7. Pictures from last years performance. Thomas Lund and Caroline Cavallo in La Sylphide. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e239/bay...dersen20056.jpg Caroline Cavallo in The Dying Swan. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e239/bay...dersen20061.jpg
  9. It was a fantastic performance! It was 30 years since I saw The Lesson so I didn´t know what to expect and I had never seen Kobborg before, but he was absolutely fabulous and it seemed that the Queen, who attended the gala, also was exited with the performance. If you missed it you have another chance to see it next week. I am gonna watch my recording of it again tonight.
  10. If you like "The Lesson" or if you are a fan of Johan Kobborg you can watch Danish Television DR1 this evening when they send a live transmission from the opera house. Flemming Flind has himself instructed Kobborg and Gudrun Bojesen in this special performance of "The Lesson"
  11. The Fairy Doll from 1927. And one that I haven't seen before, Anna Pavlova in The Dying Swan from 1907
  12. I loved her too and hope that she like another Georgian junior skating champion Nina Ananiashvili take the decision to give up skating for ballet.
  13. There really is a video Joseph, I belive it was filmed in 1988.
  14. Well it´s a ballet theatre Most of the women are en pointe, but don´t expect to much of classical dancing.
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