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  1. Thanks for your replies! The relevant website of the Royal Danish Theatre: http://www.kglteater.dk/Service/Netbutik.aspx
  2. I am not sure whether anybody has raised this topic before. But I would like to ask something about the Bournonville School DVDs (including the text and piano score). I notice that this product can be purchased from the online shop of Dance Books. I also find that the merchandise can be ordered directly from the online shop of the Royal Danish Theatre. However, the website of the shop is in Danish only and I do not understand the language. It stated that international credit cards and shipping are accepted. I have sent e-mails to the staff asking how I can make my purchase. However, I did not get a satisfactory reply and the way to order the Bournonville School DVDs is still like a mystery…Has anyone ever purchased this item from the online shop of the Royal Danish Theatre? And are there other online shops selling this item apart from the two shops I have mentioned? I’ll be very grateful for your help!
  3. I’d like to ask something about the World Ballet Festival which will be held in Japan this July/August. Is it a festival organized by the Tokyo Ballet or what? I have visited the official webpage of the Tokyo Ballet but most of the pages of its English version are ‘under construction’. So are there any other ways to know about the details as well as casting of the festival? Moreover, in what ways can the tickets be ordered? And have they been sold out yet? Thanks for answering my questions!
  4. The people really ate popcorn? Is eating allowed in that theatre?
  5. Hi, everyone~ Recently I’ve found that there are several DVDs of Étoiles pour l’exemple. Is it a kind of documentary? I think that two of them are called Markova la légende - Serge Peretti le dernier italien and Yvette Chauvire pour l'exemple - Nina Vyroubova. Have anyone ever heard of these DVDs? Are they released recently? I’d like to know more about them… I can’t find them from Amazon.com… Also, is Étoiles pour l’exemple a collection of several DVDs? Sorry for so many questions... I’ll be appreciative of your help! :blush:
  6. Oh! Thanks for all the advice! Well, I don’t think that I can find the music composed by Deldevez…because I can’t even find Minkus’ music in some large stores here…
  7. Hi~ I have watched the DVD of Paris Opera Ballet’s Paquita for many times and I am fascinated by the music composed by Edouard-Marie-Ernest Deldevez. I’d like to buy a CD which includes Deldevez’s music of Paquita. I’ve searched for a long time but I can only find the CD in the following website, http://www.christopherseminars.com/french_paquita.htm. I’d like to know whether there are other online shops which sell this version of Paquita. Also, has anyone ever bought this CD? I’d be thankful for your reply!
  8. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the detailed information! I can’t believe the company will tour China!!!(it seems that POB dancers always perform in Japan…) But I’d be overjoyed if the company toured Hong Kong…it appears that POB does not perform in HK for a long time… Anyway, I’m really excited about the news!!! I wish that I could go to China as I have never watched a ballet of POB in a theatre. Merci!
  9. Hi~ Just now I visited the website of M.Legris and read the page of ‘Actualité’. As my French is poor…I’m afraid that I will mistake the information. So…I’d like to know whether POB will tour China in September. I’d be very appreciative of your reply. Thanks!
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